2013 and The Mystery Queen

Wednesday,    August 12th, 2009    Red Galactic Dragon  (Kin 21)

The 7.1 earthquake in the land of her birth was the signal for The Mystery Queen to begin her unveiling.                         The huge earthquake in Tokyo occurred on August 10. 2009, on a day known as Blue Rhythmic Storm.

It was the latest in a series of powerful synchronicities and events that began nearly 5 years ago, leading her to this place, writing these words.  That saga is better appreciated after readers become more familiar with the Synchronic Codes of the 13 Moons and the 260 day Mayan Tzolkin.                                                                                                                            The Mystery Queen’s intent is to reveal information about the codes, and  tantalyzing bits of her story, on a daily basis.

2013      The Year:      Begins 26 years after the appearance of the Quetzalcoatl Super-Nova  1987A,                                   and the    Harmonic    Convergence later in 1987.

2013        The Number:  Contains the 20 Solar Seals and the 13 Cosmic Tones, which comprise the 260 day Tzolkin.  13:20 is the natural timing frequency of the Universe, synchronizing everything including biological cycles, our Moon and Planets, and even the Precession of the Equinox.

We will be learning a new language and timing frequency here, but one that will be more natural than the artifical 12:60 (12 irregular months and 60 minute hours) frequency that has almost destroyed our Earth.  Humans are the only species that has deviated from 13:20 frequency, but today we can join the millions of people around the planet who are learning/remembering this natural and imperative frequency.  Some cultures  still follow the cycles of the Moon and Stars, as our ancestors once did.  They based their calendars on the heliacal rising of Sirius, because it was the brightest star visible in both hemispheres.  Subsequently,  the 13 Moon Calendar begins on July 26th.       

 In the 13 Moon Calendar, today is  Day 18 of  Moon  One of the Self-Existing Seed Year.                                     Each day (known as a Kin), each 13 day Wavespell, each Moon of 28 days, and each Year of 364 days is coded by one of the 260 Kin (days) of the Tzolkin.                                                                                                                                                                              Today in the Tzolkin, it is  Kin 21.   Seal 1 (of the 20 Seals) is known as the Dragon.  Tone 8 (of the 13 Tones) is called Galactic.  So we call today Red Galactic Dragon, and we can also refer to it numerically as 1.8

Links and graphics of the 13 Moon Calendar and Mayan Tzolkin will be displayed here, soon.  Tomorrow you can learn which of the 260 kin days you were born on.  Your birthday won’t fall on that day again for another 52 years!             This is known as your  ‘Galactic Signature’ and will be a key to your place in all of this.

Kin 21 is the ‘G-Force’ of Valum Votan, who is recognized as The Closer of The Cycle ending Solstice 2012.  More widely known as Jose Arguelles, he was the initiator of the Harmonic Convergence, and is the author of  many   books containing vital knowledge about the  evolutionary shift  in consciousness  that awaits humanity in 2012-2013.

Through our dialog here, we will be  learning and exploring how to best prepare and coordinate for the times ahead.

May you be blessed with Harmony and Love,                                                                                                                                                  The  Mystery Queen

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