8/13 in the Northern Hemisphere and 13/8 here

As this post begins, it is currently August 13th in both hemispheres of the Earth, and some fortunate souls are gazing at the annual Perseid meteor shower.

The numbers contained in today’s Gregorian date are related to several Queens.                                       Queen of Hearts,  Princess Diana,  passed away on 8/31.  She was so beloved around the world, that the research program in Princeton, New Jersey, registered the highest  global ’emotional reading’ ever, after herdeath.                     Another ‘Queen‘, by virtue of her  scholarly and spiritual achievements,  was Madame H. P. Blavatsky, who was born in the year 1831.  Among her many amazing feats was the  modern revealing of information regarding Pacal Votan.  He was entombed (inside a pyramid the size of the Great Pyramid at Giza) exactly 1260 years before the discovery of his tomb  in 1952, and 1320 years before the end of the cycle in 2012.    Such a well-timed message!          In his Book of Harmony, Pacal wrote:  …”Three perfect numbers unlock the solar mystery…”  Eight are the rays of light…Thirteen are the Tones of Galactic order… Twenty are the seals of becoming and return…”    

 Pacal Votan had his own Mystery Queen, who was his wife and spiritual equal.  They were each buried wearing a jade mask, signifying the highest spiritual acheivement.  While his famous tomb was the most elaborate, hers was totally unadorned, except for the numeral 8.  Her tomb was discovered  in 1994, in the  Temple adjacent to Pacal’s, Temple XIII, 13.  Found covered in cinnamon, she is known as The Red Queen.

Today is Day 19 of the Year and of Moon One.        Kin 22 is called Solar Wind, or 2.9.  Wind, Seal  2, represents Spirit and Communication.  The 9th Tone,  Solar,  pulses energy and intention.

Of the  260 days in the Tzolkin, 52 Kin are designated as Galactic Activation Portals.  Pictured in Green, they resemble the D.N.A. spiral.  Today is a G.A.P., which means there is a higher flow of galactic energies.

Each 28 day Moon contains an interior 16 day ‘Spiritual Journey’.  It begins on Day 7 of each Moon, so that means today, Moon Day 19,  is Day 13 of the Spiritual Journey.  

On a day bearing the 8 and 13  associated with these Queens,  and carrying the heightened energy of a Galactic Activation Portal  on Day 13 of the Spirit Journey,   it feels appropriate that the night is crowned with the vibrant, celestial  shower of meteors.

Blessings of Love and Harmony,                                                                                                                                                                                 

The Mystery Queen

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