MAGNETIC SILIO 21: Spectral Seed

Each day of the week is related to one of seven Radial Plasmas,  (the electrical fluids of the Cosmos) and to one of our Chakras (the seven principal points of energy in our body).               The Seventh Day of Each Week (Saturday) is called SILIO.   As the last day of the third week of the Magnetic Moon, today is Magnetic Silio 21.    The Silio plasma  charge is gathered in the HEART  center, and accounts for a mental electron charge telepathically in resonance with the center of the Earth.   Plasmas function as a type of telepathic message unit.  Next Moon we will begin working with these Plasmas on a daily basis.

Exactly one Moon from today will be the 5 year anniversary of The Mystery Queen’s startling activation/awakening to the Synchronic Order.  She was born on a Silio:  Have you  discovered your Radial Plasma at the site suggested in yesterday’s post?  You can return to the site and see the Kin your last birthday fell upon, to see particular influences for this year.

As we move into the last week of this Moon, let’s  review our position in relation to the 13 Moon Calendar and the 260 day Tzolkin, which, since Valum Votan’s refinement, is more precisely called The Dreamspell.  He also created the Spell and Postulate for each of the 260 Kin of The Dreamspell.

Since  the  Seed codes  this Year and this day, here is the Code Spell for this Yellow Self-Existing Seed Year:

“I define in order to target…Measuring awareness,   I seal the input of flowering,  with the self-existing tone of form.           I am guided by the power of universal fire.”

The Magnetic Tone coding this Moon has the Power to Unify, and the Action of Attracting.  Each First Moon of the Year, we ask   “What is our Purpose?”   The purpose of this blog is to attract and unify, and we will be unifying for the highest purpose,  a necessary one for Earth and our spiritual evolution. 

Yellow Spectral Seed is Kin 24, 4.11.  It is interesting to note that our Sun is designated Velatropa 24, named after the far-flung sector of the galaxy we inhabit.     The  function of the Spectral (11th) Tone  is Liberation. 

May you be blessed with Love,  Harmony, and Liberation.                        The Mystery Queen


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