DALI 22; 22 Years since the Harmonic Convergence on 8/16/1987

Every Week, Moon and Year begins with DALI:  Radial Plasma Type 1.         Dali also begins the 7 day practice (7:7:7:7) which we are meant to do until the Day-out-of-Time, 2013.  Each Week, by telepathically connecting with each of the 7 Plasmas, we build a cube, which leads to 4 cubes or Time Cells being deposited (discharged) to the Center of the Earth.  We will learn more about those when we discuss the Rainbow Bridge.  For now, we will concentrate on building one Cube per week, through use of the Daily Affirmations and by connecting the Radial Plasma to the appropriate Chakra.

Every Dali, we begin with the ‘top’:  The Crown Chakra, and the top of the Cube.  Dali’s action is to TARGET, and it’s color is  Primary Yellow.  Now is a good time to close your eyes for a moment, and imagine this sacred and warm Yellow fluid gathering in your Crown Chakra.  Recite the phrase “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat”.  Afterwards, imagine or see a flat square roof over your head, representing the top of a cube which, by day 6 of each week, will surround you.  This practice is from Valum Votan’s  “7:7:7:7:  Telektonon Revelation” and is meant to ‘activate the  Plasmas in your Chakra system, connecting you with the Center of the Earth.”  It is helpful to see the symbol for each Plasma, and until they are available here, you can find them on the internet.

Day 22 of every Moon is also the 16th and final day of the 16 Day  Spirit Warrior’s Journey.  It is also the beginning of Week 4 of the Moon.  The number 22 is Valum Votan’s special number, and  synchronistically, his Galactic Signature(11.11) adds up to 22, and the letter V is the 22nd letter of our alphabet.  It feels special to note that number today, on the 22nd Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence initiated by Valum Votan.

Today, Kin 25, is Red Crystal Serpent (5.12).  Crystal Days, the 12th day of each 13 Day Wavespell, are designated as the optimal time for Kin to come together.         The Crystal Tone denotes   Dedication, Universalizing and Cooperation.  We are meant to connect, at least telepathically, on this day.  Many Kin around the globe conduct Crystal Round Tables on this day.  Is there a Crystal Gathering of Kin  in your area?  It is a good day to take time to meditate on Kin around the world, and begin building (first through visualization) the telepathic web that will soon connect us all, known as the Noosphere.      The Serpent,5th of the 20 Seals, represent Survival, Instinct and Life Force.

May we all connect in the Noosphere.

One thought on “DALI 22; 22 Years since the Harmonic Convergence on 8/16/1987

  1. As i’m now in a current intelligent act on Sirdaya ; it gives me -kin22- the thought this page describes the destiny narrative for that is “en garde” for the input-store-process-output phases within the “27 daya” that bring up the 28th – the zero as 4.0 in kweekspell


    As a coincidence i see the article speaks on kin25 on moonday 22. This is similar numbers where moonday 22 in dreamspell is moondaya 25 in kweekspell (a “triple” dreampionears add~on charged pivote).

    i like to see 22 as two lover-swans … as the limi-seal expresses this “arrived in the heart”: )))~LIMIMAH~((( is its yell.

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