Magnetic Hand Wavespell; A Magic Turtle Day

Today is called  is  a Magic Turtle Day because  the Moon and the Day are  the same  Tone .    The Magnetic Tone invites us to set our purpose, and today’s Postulate 7.1,  describes a primary purpose of this blog:    “The Synchronic order of the Universe, regulated by the universally common 13:20 timing frequency is organized as systems of Celestial Harmonics.  The coordination of Celestial Harmonics is only practicable with the correct tools, the Thirteen Moon Calendar, the Telektonon and the Dreamspell.”      

It is interesting to note that this Magnetic Earth Moon (17.1)  is the Antipode of 7.1 which codes  Wavespell   Three. Blue Magnetic Hand (Kin 27) has the following Code Spell:            “I unify in order to know,  Attracting healing,  I seal the store of Accomplishment, with the Magnetic Tone of Purpose.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Today is Magnetic Moon Gamma 24.  GAMMA is Radial Plasma Type 3.  This Primary White Plasma PACIFIES.   Imagine it in your THIRD EYE Chakra, as you recite:  “My lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  On Gamma, the third day of the Week, we build the FRONT of the cube.

The “first three Radial Plasmas constitute one ‘Primary Base Sensory  Quantum“.   These concepts will become clearer as we progress.  The important thing is to be sincere in our intent, and to know that there is a science behind this.  Telepathic connections with objects, fluids, etc. are confirmed by quantum physicists who note that the interaction or presence of the scientist affects the results. 

Back to the Magic Turtle Day:  Turtles were revered by several ancient cultures and are now special to Kin following the Thirteen Moon Calendar.  It is said that it was so important for humans to reconnect to  the natural cycles of 13 and 28, that  the Turtle was created to show the 13 tones on it’s back.  The 13 large scales arranged circularly have endured since the first turtles appeared 22 million years ago!  (that date is according to Wikipedia).  Perhaps this is why the Turtle is the Totem for the 13th Cosmic Moon. (June 27 to July 24)

Enjoy your Magic Turtle Day.     Blessing of Joy and Love,  The Mystery Queen

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