The Second Moon of Self-Existing Seed Year is coded by Kin 158:  White Lunar Mirror (18.2)  The Code Spell for this Lunar Moon states:  “I Polarize in order to Reflect.  Stabilizing order, I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Lunar tone of Challenge.  I am Guided by the Power of Heart:”  A headline this morning actually mentioned the Mirror, which is Seal Code 18:  “Largest Lake on Saturn’s Moon Titan as Smooth as a Mirror.” , according to a report in New Scientist.

Today is Kin 32: Yellow Rhythmic Human (12.6).  Seal 12, Human is about Influence, Wisdom and Free Will.  Rhythmic Tone 6 is about Balance, Organizing and Equality. Those seem like great qualities for beginning our first 28 Day Moon Journey together:)

DALI One (Sunday) is the first day of everyMoon, and initiates Red Week One, when we telepathically construct one seven-part Red Telepathic Time Atom.     DALI TARGETS  Thermic Force.   Focus on your CROWN Chakra (or place your palm or a depiction of the Dali Seal on your Crown)  While doing so, recite:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.    I Feel the Heat.”  Now, mentally construct the TOP of the Cube, above your head.  This is the first plane or side of this week’s Time Atom.  On day 6, LIMI, we will construct the 6th side, forming the Cube.  The Seventh part of the Time Atom  is us, inside the Cube on the Seventh (Silio) day of each Week. 

The Power of Week One is KNOWLEDGE.   Besides 28 Day Moons and 13 Day Wavespells, the year is also divided into VINALS of 20 days.  These Meditations are intriguing  to contemplate.  The Vinal for the first 20 days of each year states:  “The One Who Knows”  We are currently in the second Vinal which began on August 15th, Spectral Seed.  A new Vinal always falls on the Seal that matches the Year’s Seal, which is Seed for this year. Vinal 2 is “Listens in Silence.”

The 28 Day Journey each Moon begins in the Spirit Tower, coded by  Seal 7 which also codes the current Wavespell:  The Hand, representing Accomplishment.  Tomorrow (according to the Telektonon prophecy from Pacal Votan’s Tomb) we begin the 5-day Earth Walk.    The Mystery Queen hopes you enjoy our Lunar Mirror Moon Journey.

One thought on “LUNAR Mirror MOON: DALI One

  1. Good morning Mystery Queen!
    This is a good daily meditation to do, and although I do not as yet understand many concepts, it’s very interesting. I especially like the syncronisity of various messages.
    blessings to you, Dianne

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