41 is the G-Force on this Catalytic KALI 4

We have reached the central pivotal Fourth day of the first Week of the Second Moon.  4 is the smallest of the Key numbers underlying the 28 (4×7) day Moons, and it also forms the 20 (4×5).  The 13 (13x28 +one Day-out-of-Time=One 365 Solar Year) and  (13×20= One 260 day Galactic Spin) connects the two.  4 x 13 = 52, and 52 years (called one Galactic Round) is how often the Solar Day you are born on coincides with your Galactic Signature.

 KALI “ESTABLISHES” the Catalytic Agent that binds the Sensory Quanta created by the first three Plasmas, with the Telepathic Quanta made with the last three Plasmas.  KALI gathers in our Secret (Svadhistana) Chakra located between our navel and our Root Chakra.  Place your hand there and recite Self-Declaration Four:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  The light-heat refers to tummo, a self-generated electricity.  Next, build/visualize the Back of the Cube behind you.

Today is Kin 35:  Blue Solar Eagle (15.9)   It’s Code Spell is:  “I Pulse in order to Create.  Realizing Mind,  I seal the output of Vision with the Solar Tone of Intention.  I am guided by the Power of Magic.”   

The G-Force of Blue Solar Eagle is Kin 41, known as Lunar Dragon or 1.2.  Since we are in the Lunar Moon, and 41  is a special number, now seems like a good time to demonstrate the method of determining the G-Force of any Galactic Signature.  We reduce each of the 5 parts of the Kin, which together are called it’s Destiny Oracle, to the number coding the Seal and Tone..  The Kin overlaying the whole 24 hour day is in the center:  15.9.  It’s Analog (relating to the first quarter of the Day/Moon/Year) is 4.9.  The Day’s seal and Analog always add up to 19)   Today’s Guide is 11.9, and the Antipode is 5.9. (Antipode Seal is always 10 kin away from the Day’s Seal).  All parts of the Day’s Oracle have the same tone (in this case, 9) except for the last quarter, the Occult.  It’s Tone will always equal 14 when added to the day’s Tone, and it’s Seal added to the day will equal 21.  9+ 5 = 14, so the Occult Tone is 5, and it’s Seal is 6, in other words, today’s Occult quarter (6 p.m. to Midnight) is 6.5.  Next, we add the five Seal numbers, and reduce by factors of 20.  15+4+11+5+6=41 (That is a unique synchronicity!  This is the first time The Mystery Queen has observed the Sum of the day’s 5 Seals equaling the Kin number of the G-Force 🙂   From 41, we subtract 40 (2×20), and end up with 1, the Seal for Dragon.  Next, we add up the 5 Tones:  9+9+9+9+ 5 = 41!  🙂    Since there are 13 Tones, we reduce by the nearest factor of 13, in this case, 39 (3×13).  41-39 = 2, for the Lunar Tone.

Lunar Dragon, 1.2 is Kin 41 and Valum Votan writes that the  number 41 is  the ‘Interval of God.”  (See Rinri Newsletter III 5.1 at  lawoftime.org).  He also notes that this Gregorian year, 2009 is 41 x 49! 

The excitement at realizing that the five Seals of today’s Kin add up to 41, and the five Tones also add up to 41, and that the result of reducing them by factors of 20 and 13 respectively adds up to 1.2 or  Kin 41, is a perfect example of  a  synchronicity of both numbers and timing,   which is generating Tummo in The Mystery Queen

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