Kali 11 on 39th day of Self-Existing Seed Year

The numbers in the title reminded The Mystery Queen of a crop circle that appeared 20 miles from her home on June 17, 2004.   (Until links and photos are up on this blog, you can see it by searching “Solano County crop circles”)  “A 300 foot 11-Circle “pictogram” with a ‘185 ft. long tail’ made up of 28 evenly-spaced 6’6″ diameter circles which extend to two high-tension electric transmission towers…” 

The original report stated it was composed of 39 circles (11+28=39), so 39 (3x13) and 28 (moons of 6&1/2 ft.) were clues that this crop circle was related to the Thirteen Moon Calendar.  The date is also significant.  It was Crystal Sun: 20.12!   That was 11 days after the Transit of Venus,  22 days before the end of the Mystery Queen’s Galactic Mirror year, and 39 days before the beginning of Crystal Storm (19.12)year.  That was a mirror of the 13 Moon date it appeared:  Moon 12, Day 19

90% of the world’s crop circles appear in England.  A month after moving to Benicia in 2003, the Mystery Queen was thrilled to read that the largest crop circle in North America had appeared 20 miles from her new home.  When visiting it the next morning, the crop circle researcher Steve Moreno said that the crop circle was authentic, and that several others had appeared in neighboring fields.  More about the 39 circle pictogram of june 17, 2004 will be revealed later this week.

Kin 42:  White Electric Wind‘s Code Spell:  “I Activate in order to Communicate.  Bonding breath, I seal the Input of Spirit, with the Electric Tone of Service.  I am guided by the power of Death.”

Catalytic Kali establishes the bond between the Sensory Quantum created with the first three Plasmas and the Telepathic Quantum we begin creating tomorrow.  Focusing on the Kali plasma gathered in your Secret Center(Svadhistana) Chakra, state:  “My name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”

Moon Day 11 is Cube Five:  Sex:  Use your Spirit Warrior  serpent sex power to reclaim Baktun 11 which began in 830 A.D., and during which the Sacred was overcome by war.  “”Guided by Prophecy, may the aggressive life-force of war be transended and overcome by sexual life-force.  May peace and love Prevail for all!”

Mother Teresa’s quote for Day 3 of the Magnetic Sun Wavespell:  “Joy is a net of Love, by which you can catch Souls.”


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