6.7: White Resonant World-Bridger; Kin 46

Today is the first day of the Third Blue Week of the Lunar Mirror Moon, and it is also the first day of a week-long Advanced Earth Wizard’s Conference convened by Valum Votan in Italy.  Because it is so important (it is focused on imparting knowledge required for ejecting the Rainbow Bridge by 2012), the numbers associated with each day of that conference will be displayed here. Perhaps before the week ends, the meaning of the ‘Power Numbers’ will become more clear.   

Power Number, Day, Kin, Thematic for Today;  142857;  Lunar 15; Kin 46,  7 World-Bridger:   “Magnetic Power of 7:  Recovering the Interval of Lost  Time in Eternity.  Living cosmology of Time.

7 Galactic Spins (of 260 days) or 5 Gregorian years (minus 5 days) ago, the Resonant World-Bridger activated The Mystery Queen in a dramatic life-changing way. That event will be described in 5 days,  on the 8th anniversary of the Earth-changing event of 9/11, which is the 5 year anniversary of her 7 World-Bridger event.  

It is interesting to note this synchronicity now.  Sep. 11, 2004:  Kin 6.7  happened in Moon Lunar Skywalker (13.2) during the Crystal Storm year (19.12).  19.12+ 13.2 + 6.7 = 38.21.  When we subtract 20.13 from that sum, the result is 18.8:  Galactic Mirror; which is the Galactic Signature of The Mystery Queen.  What a perfectly timed activation!

The Code Spell for Resonant World-Bridger is:  “I Channel in order to Equalize.  Inspiring Opportunity, I seal the store of Death with the Resonant tone of Attunement. I am guided by the power of Endlessness.”

It’s Postulate is:  “6.7:  The Dreamspell, Journey of Timeship Earth 2013, is the sum repository of the knowledge of the Law of Time as a complete set of codes demonstrating radial mathematics of the Fourth Dimension.  Both the Thirteen Moon Calendar and the Telektonon are derivatives of, and embedded within, the Dreamspell codes.”

Dali 15.  DALI TARGETS, and it gathers in our CROWN Chakra.  Place your attention there and recite:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Mentally construct the TOP of the Cube which will become the Blue Time Atom.

Moon Day 15 is Cube Nine:  Purification.  Declare:  “By my unconscious Moon power of Purification, may Prophecy flow the Victory of the Righteous!  May our Earth be forever cleansed.”

On the midpoint of the Yellow Sun Wavespell, the day’s quote from Mother Teresa:  “Sweetest Lord, make me appreciative of the dignity of my high vocation. Don’t permit me to give in to unkindness or impatience.”

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