Yellow Solar Star: 8.9 on 9/8

The 3rd day of the 3rd week is also Day 3 of the Bio-Solar Telepathic Training Program currently being conducted by Valum Votan on behalf of our Earth’s evolution.  428571;  Lunar 17  Day 3:  Kin 48:  9 Star.  Electro-Telepathic Elements, Structures, and Modes of Communication.  Pulsing the Power of Art

 Two perfect examples of today’s Theme are two crop circles that this writer learned of today.  The World’s largest crop circle occurred in southern Holland, on August 6th, (Kin15;  Blue Lunar Eagle).  It was a huge (450×530 meters!) and beautiful depiction of a human butterfly.  The double wings were each constructed of 9 + 10 circles, for a total of 4 x 19 circles. 

More recently, the largest crop circle ever made in Maize (a difficult crop to work with) appeared in England on August 29th (Kin 38:  White Crystal Mirror).  There will be soon be photos of these posted here, but it is interesting to note this synchronicity.  The Dutch circle appeared on Moon 1 Day 12. The English one happened in the  first week of Moon 18.2 and in the first Watch  of  Kin 18.12, which is 1.12.  Because maize is so difficult to manipulate, a major English newspaper ran an article describing the dozen crop cicles that appeared this season, speculating that the circle-makers were ‘proving’ that the circles are not man-made.

On Gamma 17, we create the Front of the Cube, and the last part of the Blue Sensory Quantum.  The GAMMA Plasma PACIFIES and it gathers in our THIRD EYE Chakra.  Put all of your intention between your eyes as you say:  “My lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”

Day 17 is Cube Eleven:  Magic“By my unconscious Monkey power of Magic, may Prophecy establish Victory of the 13 Moons as the Righteous way of Heaven on Earth.”  “May Peace Prevail!”

Mother Teresa’s quote for day 9 of Wavespell 4 is:  “Do not wait for leaders.  Do it alone, person to person.”

4 thoughts on “Yellow Solar Star: 8.9 on 9/8

  1. Crop circles are fascinating and very beautiful. I have studied them intensely. The design that went down on maize at Knighton Hill, Oxfordshire UK on 8/29 is real. However, the “human butterfly” is not a real crop circle but a man made design. The design is named ‘Atlas’ took 9 months to plan and was made by 60 humans working as a team. The team has publicly announced it as their work both on their XL D-sign website and under World Rumors at Crop Circle Connector. Study the close up photos of the crop lay in the Atlas butterfly. You will easily be able to see that it is nothing like the intricacy of real crop patterns. The Atlas is not woven but smashed.

    • Hello 2012 Chick; Thanks for your reply. Nice to hear from an avid (and very knowledgable) fan of crop circles. Your comment led to some synchronicities in today’s post. I’ll look at your site about 2012.I’m curious aboutyour galactic signature, where you are on the planet, and how you found my fledgling site. I’m glad you did, though I’m not telling anyone it’s address until I’ve worked out some technical and visual challenges-which will be in the next week.

      Thanks again for your comment. Peaceand Light, TMQ

      • Your site may be new, but Google sees all. Just subscribe to Google Alerts on crop circles and you’ll find other out of the way webpages on the subject. I don’t have a galactic signature. My interest in crop circle patterns comes from wanting to discover the true meaning of the messages. They mean far more than the folks from the fringe give them credence for.

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