Lunar Wizard: Magic Turtle Day; Day 23: Lover’s Reunion

The tone of today’s Kin matches the Lunar Tone of this Moon, making this a ‘Magic Turtle Day’.  M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, and T is the 20th letter, so one could also think of this as a 13:20 day 🙂  Today is magical in a few ways.  White Lunar Wizard coded the year from July 26th 2007 to July 24th, 2008.  That year was nestled between 2 Days-out-of-Time: Red Magnetic Skywalker, which codes this Wavespell, and White Lunar Mirror, which codes this Moon!  

Lunar Wizard is guided by a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Lunar World-Bridger, and the G-Force for today is another P.V:  16.7, Yellow Resonant Warrior.  Today’s Code Spell is:  “I Polarize in order to Enchant.  Stabilizing Receptivity, I seal the output of Timelessness with the Lunar tone of Challenge.  I am guided by the power of Death.”   

The Postulate for today states:  14.2:  “Synchronization of the interplanetary flux tube system, AD 2013, marks the advent of “Solar Consciousness”, the stabilization of the super conscious hyperorganic evolution of the terrestrial planet art spore within the whole heliocosm.” 

This Postulate explains part of the reason for the subtitle on this blog.  It also (synchronistically) relates to the Telektonon card for Day 23, when we telepathically add energy to this task.  “2013:  Earth-Uranus Time Tunnels Complete.  Galactic Synchronization:  Emerge from the Warrior’s Labyrinth to celebrate the reunion” of the Masculine and Feminine Agents!  “Fulfill the sounding of the Galactic Chord of the Fifth Force.  Experience the Evolutionary Illumination of Kinich Ahau (our Sun) and the 26,000 year renewal of the Galactic Life Cycle.  Tower of Power.  Enjoy Heaven on Earth!” 

Day 23 is  the Tower day at the end of the 16 day Spirit Warriors Cube Journey.  The news today shows a ‘Tower of Power’ which happened in Washington D.C. and across America, when millions of Americans synchronized to meet and  show their strong desire for Freedom, and their displeasure with recent government policies.

SELI 23 has the action of FLOW, and that Plasma gathers in our ROOT Chakra.  Put your focus there as you say:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  Next, create the Bottom of the Cube beneath you.

27 years ago today, the Queen of Grace and Beauty  died at the ago of 52.  Princess Grace was a  Red Resonant Skywalker (Kin 33; 13.7) who died during her Resonant Skywalker year, on Blue Magnetic Storm (Kin 79; 19.1)   Her life held key numbers of the 13:20 codes.  She is 13th on the list of Greatest Female Stars of All Time.  A surprising but revealing quote from her:  “Emancipation of women has made them lose their Mystery“.  It’s interesting that at age 26, she traded her freedom for a royal marriage and became a mystery, until her tragic death 26 years later.  In 2013, she would have been in her Cosmic Skywalker year, 13.13.   May this  enchanting Queen rest in Peace.

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