Blue Resonant Storm on Lunar Mirror Moon Day 28

Volume V:  ‘Book of the Timespace’, the latest in Valum Votan and Stephanie South’s 7 book series called ‘Cosmic History Chronicles’ arrived yesterday 🙂  This quote from page 14 describes the goal of this blog and it’s accompanying website:  “The shift in timespace comes about once the Earth and it’s solar system are synchronized within the larger Galactic community.  This is the point of Galactic Synchronization of (and on) Galactic Seed, July 26th, 2013.”

Kin 59,  Resonant Storm, which codes today, also codes the  year  containing the end of the Cycle on   December  21, 2012  and which ends on July 24, 2013.  The Code Spell for today and for that most important year is:  “I Channel in order to Catalyze.  Inspiring Energy, I seal the Matrix of Self-Generation with the Resonant tone of Attunement.  I am guided by the power of Magic.” 

The Postulate for Resonant Storm, 19.7 states:  “The discovery of the Law of Time distinguishes between the cosmic unconscious domain of potentiality and the cosmic conscious Dominion of Time.  With the discovery of the Law of Time, the Divine plan becomes cosmically conscious, (and)  the Synchronic order, articulated by celestial harmonics, is now evident and mathematically coherent at every moment.”

Radial Plasma Type 7:  SILIO  DISCHARGES and it gathers in our HEART Chakra.  Place your full attention on your Heart as you declare:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the mental Electron at the Center of the Earth.”  The 4th and final Cube of this Moon was completed yesterday.  Now, we infuse this telepathic creation with our Spirit, as we place ourselves inside it, and then go to the Heart of the Earth.  The 7:7:7:7 Instruction Manual tells us to:  “Meditate the Octahedron Crystal in the Center of the Earth, moved by the four Time Atoms.  This is the completion of the whole physics of time, charged by your sacred power…to heal and move the Earth to the New Time.”  Each Moon we add to the power of the telepathically created Time Atoms,  one for each  week of the Moon.  As always on the 7th day of the week, we RADIATE LOVE, WISDOM and HEALING to all of Creation.

On the 28th day of each Moon (and as often as possible)  we complete the Rainbow Bridge Meditation, in preparation for the Rainbow Bridge we will manifest together in 2012.  Our collective daily telepathic entrainment with the Radial Plasmas will enable us to move them from the Earth’s core, through the poles (where we now see them as the Aurora Borealis) until they connect with each other, encircling our Earth with the spectacular and long-prophesied Rainbow Bridge.  The Rainbow Bridge Meditation is availabe on the website, among others, and will soon be here on this blog.

On the 28th day of the second Moon, we awaken the second articulation (Right Knee) of this year’s Lord of TimeAwesome Vast Blue Sky.  It is all in your intent, but for example, one might imagine an electrical charge from us and the Sun activating that joint on this massive benevolent being.  His Heart Oracle is coded by Seal Code 19:  Storm, so there is the added power of activating it on a catalytic Storm day which is in resonance with it’s Heart.

On Telektonon Day 28, we rejoice that through our daily telepathic efforts, the Tower of Babel (which served to divide Humanity) is now  redeemed as Spirit, and that we have successfully redeemed and re-connected all the planets.

There are Global meditations and celebrations on the Day-out-of-Time between the 13Moon years.  There is also an hour between the 28-Day Moons when Kin around the planet will  pause to meditate and observe the transition from the Lunar Mirror Moon to Moon 3, which is coded by the Blue Electric Storm.  That hour begins at 11:30 p.m. Saturday New York time.  Let’s connect during that special hour to empower the second activation of this year’s Lord of Time and to begin the next Moon together in a synchronized meditative state.  See you then 🙂


3 thoughts on “Blue Resonant Storm on Lunar Mirror Moon Day 28

  1. while this is KIN059 it also is day 56 in the Year marked by Kin004 SelfExistingSeed …

    let us review a spontane text that came in my/our sight (guided by sharing crops and kinnumbears)?

    “Here’s something I’ve always found intriguing. The word ENLIGHTENMENT is the only word in the English language in which the word EIGHTEEN appears with all the letters in the right order:

    E nl IGHTE nm EN t

    As some of you know, I’m particularly interested in gematrian numbers that reduce to the single digit value of 9. The numbers we’ve already seen here (261 and 18 and 108) are examples. The following phrases are in that catagory and are related to the theme of this discussion:

    THE BEES ARE THE KEY = 162 = 9
    JESUS CHRIST + ISIS = 207 = 9
    270 – 207 = 63 = DIVINE = ELEVEN
    JESUS = 74 = QUEEN BEE (7+4=11)
    ISIS = 56 = LIGHT (5+6=11)

    so this includes ISIS 56 and it fuses exactly today with the selfgenerating power of ResonantStorm … which empowers the “void” … the “openmind” sphere from the spine …

    56 = 11 ? and 11 indicates either 2 towers or 2 wo/man communicating through a timeless channel of pure instance …

    as 59 indicates 14 and that is in 4 expressions of each human being: 2 hands and 2 feet … a thumb and 4 fingers … bodylanguage provided from all the weavings (!)

    lets share this syncs in a big, no a huge laughter … dreaming on & offwards …
    😉 s’ace ~ MooN Magnetic Toggled by VV & the catalysing Bolon Ik Lloydine …

  2. while “PAN~DoRaMa’s” box opens ~ many revelations come out as if a sprinkler cannot be shut down and keeps on watering the “roof” , so to say …

    so here we are again on a fusing thought …

    “Radial Plasma Type 7: LIMI DISCHARGES and it gathers in our HEART Chakra. Place your full attention on your Heart as you declare: “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha. I Discharge the mental Electron at the Center of the Earth.” ”

    In the new 2009 dispensation for the Kweek 9 daya were given “a baptized name” meditated from our alternative worldview, so to say. Example is the first daya that was labelled “Sìrdaya” … as a wink to the doublestar Sirius and the English Title “Sir” : be a GentleWoMan …

    The 9 daya needed a sound in 3 different settings thereby affirming the various perceptions to take for an object , all 3 bring forward a crystal observation. The 10th daya is always daya 28, the last for a 13Moon, the zero catalizer bringing forward the next Moon. This daya we might vibrate with “Daya of Moon expierience” – shortly DôME (incl. the humoristic “Do Me” … “a favour”

    Now for LIMI … the origin spheric approach may lead to the cubic vibration in “LIMIMAH” … where it is given a new CHAKRA POSITION on number 4 – the HEARTH. Here the LIMI SEAL is observed and it gave the conclusion it indicates
    “2 people walking in line guided by a wave” … which is about the HEART connection physical being on/touching the planet.

    The SOUND “MAH” vibrates to the HEART in “AAAH” vibration ; which is “DO” in the octave …

    The DO can be vibrated as Dó and as Doo as in Noo which differs from Noö …

    More Deeper Observation to the SOUND “Limimah” vibrates to me as “LeeMeeMah” and it travels twice through the 7th CHAKRA before landing in the HEARTH … (do you like this travelling?)

    so far …

  3. let me hint to another, alternative, approach to “this year’s Lord of Time” …

    4 words investigates by bolon ik , urane radiation belt , grounds:

    This … is about T – the void , the choice , the preparation for a decision , the alignment with the spine , the vertical kundalini line … and than it is about “his” and “tory” … to be transformed into its better vibration …; which can you offer?

    Year … is not a HOOD for time; but it is an administration ground for having synchronizations by calculating humans / humane forces. Me approach would be to note this track/entity by Y’ear … : A simple solution to get focus on the Ear and on EA, the Ancient God of WIND (mayan IK, dutch word for “I” … me, myself)

    Lord … is about the Character “L” and about “ordinateur” ~ “ordener” and “navigathor” – so to say. And character “L” is not just for having a force angle of 90 degrees , it is also its opposite challenge: 270 degrees biting the tail of the dragon as Quetzalcoatl “did do”. And that is about the Ordener who fits 3×90 degrees into a whole of 270 … simple just that – the road that abroads.

    Time … again brings forward character “T” as the CHOICE to make …; i & me … needs no further comment …

    let me confirm this “co*mental ion” with this line …
    “This is the point of Galactic Synchronization of (and on) Galactic Seed, July 26th, 2013”

    either 7+26+20+13 gives 66 or 7+26+6 gives 39 …

    66 spells 6 to 11 and 39 is similar to 90/270 in ratio …


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