Galactic Sun: Pacal Votan’s Galactic Birthday begins the Third Moon

Blue Electric Storm codes the Third Moon of Activation.  This Moon we ask:  “How can I best serve?”  The Code Spell for this Moon(Kin 159, 19.3) is:  “I Activate in order to Catalyze.  Bonding energy, I seal the matrix of Self-Generation with the Electric tone of Service.  I am guided by the power of Abundance”.  Electric Storm also coded the year that just ended.  It’s Postulate:  19.3 states:  “God is the sure truth of the omnidirectional perfection of radial order throughout all phases of the galactic brain in all of it’s parallel universe possibilities and permutations.”

Pacal Votan Clear Sign;  Kin 60:  Yellow Galactic Sun is the Galactic Signature of Pacal Votan, who is the source of most  of the knowledge we require for making the unprecedented shift in 2012-2013.  The person who decoded this vital information, and is still bringing in new information is Valum Votan.  Three Galactic spins ago on August 1, 2007,  (first day of the first 16 day Cube journey of the new Lunar Wizard Year) a most amazing crop circle appeared in England.  This crop circle on Galactic Sun was analyzed by mathematicians who refer to it as ‘Metatron’s Cube”.  Here,  Valum Votan wrote convincingly that  “This crop circle  is a demonstration that the power of  the new time of the Galactic Dreamspell is confirmed and supported by higher dimensional wizards”.

The Code Spell for Galactic Sun is:  “I Harmonize in order to Enlighten.  Modeling life, I seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the Galactic tone of Integrity.  I am Guided by the power of Flowering.”  Pacal Votan reigned during the height of the Mayan flowering in Palenque.  The Postulate for this PV states:  (2)0.8:  “The 13:20 frequency of time maintains the order of bodies in motion as the universal order of bodies in synchronic relation to each other.  This synchronic order of the Universe is absolute, the Supreme principle governing all relationships of bodies in space to each other, whether in motion or stable.  Because this order is conscious and mentally perceivable, it is also the determining mental and telepathic order of the Universe.”

Electric Moon Day One begins in the ‘Accomplishment Tower’ (known in the 7:7:7:7 as UR EARTH 1), and on this day we telepathically  redeem the first 144,000 days of Baktun One.  This was the beginning of the 5,125 galactic beam we are moving out of in 2012.

Radial Plasma Type 1, DALI TARGETS and it concentrates in our CROWN Chakra.  Focus on the Yellow plasma in your crown as you say:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  In this first Red Week One, we are mentally creating the Red Time Atom.  Envision it’s first plane as the TOP of the Cube, above your head.

The Mystery Queen has only read the first few chapters of  Book of the Timespace, Volume V of Valum Votan and Stephanie South’s 7 volume series of Cosmic History Chronicles, but  she already  urges you to read it, even if you’ve not read  the prior volumes.  It is sub-titled:  “Time and Society:  Envisioning the New Earth’.  (From page 43:) “We are shifting into a new evolutionary stage-the Noosphere-also known as the Second Creation.  As this occurs, there is a break in the magnetic field, creating a pause-a shift-that then resumes in another frequency.”       Instead of focusing on the catalytic physical changes, we are urged to “cultivate faith, flexibility and supreme trust in the Plan of the Creator”.  We are so blessed to have the Closer of the Cycle, Valum Votan, bringing in divine guidance for the unprecedented shift for which we are now preparing.   Together, we will create HEAVEN on EARTH!

10 thoughts on “Galactic Sun: Pacal Votan’s Galactic Birthday begins the Third Moon

  1. WellWellWell … there is no doubt in what was said by Padmasambhava in the time he lived in “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness. I Feel the Heat.”

    As i said before i, s’ace, went through those lessons and angles to “create aNother world” as the many partaking those meditations … and then suddenly another approach of the PLASMA SEALS given pivoted the PLASMA Centers to be attached to those profound SEALS.

    So “DALI TARGETS and it concentrates in our CROWN Chakra”
    ~~~ but what is DALI?

    DALI is – as i found this – YOUR VOICE!

    So this is why the cubic twin of the spheric DALI is DALIMÈR … and it is associated/located to the THROAT chakra. It is as a sprinkler of self that promotes the idea to be in line with the cosmos by the DALI meditation, so to say.

    SEE deep in the DALI SEAL and see how the articulation is represented by the horizontale and the vertical(ender) = aka tzolkin as we practice.

    Then “MÈR” is a hub to the OCEANs while it is GERMAN and FRENCH for SEA.

    The voice as the sea of life ; isn’t this what we articulate here?

    Then this wonderful mystical queen brought me a signal from a 1999-crop, simply because a search/an investigation vibrated this outcome

    (((huggy))) s’ace

  2. seeing the cropcircle august 1, 2007 provides us with this info:

    18 cubes inside the 4 circled field … each one sliced into 3 equal parts
    (also giving the illusion it is a 3 dimensional cube) give a total of 54 parts.

    Here is 27 at stage while a twin/loverpair of 27 makes 54 …


    Then we count each circle and we sum them to 36 each ring; 4 rings make 144 which number is familiar in 144.000 monk-keys etc.

    Mark 36 + 18 = 54 too …


    From the kweekspell theory a DôME is a synchronisation for 2 Moons or see this daya as a bridge intertransconnecting passed timespan and the empty field as a timespan potential to play it kin~ethical. Her a DôME facilitates 2×27 daya makes 54 … (how simple is this, a child illustrates it in a whippy!)


    thanks for all the wizards inspiration, eh … aspiration! Y’urs’ace

  3. (“while all good things come in three formations and in formations of three variances”)

    i allow myself to add this 3rd comment in a serial ~ while the heat from the “fathers voice” is breathing that- i guess.

    i indeed read all the books until now and still have to start 5/7 – the ALPHA sealed book in the series. And i seem to have born on a friday with ALPHA signatûr …

    “Is the reading also to be transferred to the noosphere and can i just take it out from there at instance” i asked myself …

    well being in a stadium of shifting i may check it up by reading the book ~ but alas life goes on and as a psi-menu pioneer one may get in front to all the ones that write and read this controls … 😉 (can you take this with a smile, ma mystery Q. ?)


    let me finish this and share the idea of the equinox in some hours – about 27? – and have some fun in “Teuge” where kins meet with a potluck.

    from kweekspell this daya is labelled as : 3 days ahead of DreamSpell which may imply 3 year in front of 2012 which makes it 2009 as crucial. also vibrates pi: 3.14 and 1.ness … (next daya is nessdaya)

    in words it spells … the 4th tone of the doremi-octave which works as a portal into another dimension …

    in this lovekweek FA~daya is accompanied by the SOUND “GAMMAY” and cherishes the 3rd eye chakra … ( GAMMA is also 3rd EYE located; the only one which sticks to its place when we shift from spheric plasma seals to cubic plasma seals )


  4. I do take your posts with a 🙂 along with doses of open-minded curiosity, some scepticism, and lots of gratitude! It is wonderful to hear from a Kin who has done so much exploration of the Law of Time, has read Volumes Dali through Kali of Cosmic History Chronicles, and is so familiar with crop circles. Thanks for sharing your unique ideas. Your creativity is marvelous, and I’m still digesting it, but Thirteen still reigns Supreme. What I like best about the 9 is it’s Antipode: Nineteen. TMQ looks forward to your ideas about the Equinox. Here, it will be the Spring 🙂 Equinox occurring at 21:18-great numbers!
    Enjoy Teuge.

  5. Curious what gives you the scepticism , dear TMQ; what i like about this abbreviation is that it is not just MQ but TMQ ; is this while T is either character 20 from the beginning (A=1) or because it is 7 from the end (Z=1)?

    I ask this because in my “decodex” A-M=1-13 and Z-N=1-13 … (see how Z and N are the same shape however either 90 or 270 degrees rotated <= crucial in valuating processes with depth)

    Then about the equinox : My Mothers birth day is 9/21!
    And i am born about 9 months later …

    So here we get into Dragon 9 and 9 is the holy number for the decimal system (10base=dogbase=lovebase) as 19 is for the vigesemal (20 base=lifebase).

    This curiosity of you, dear TMQ, brings me the clue why the kweek setup is labelled as lovekweek and life kweek!

    Thganks a Lot! See how yr response immediately generates a self~generated piece of in-formation=intelligence="void"?

    So there the 3rd weeks lebel pops up – or are you sceptic ? do you have an even better label ? i like to hear your vision on that from the equinoxes med. / insightout vibration from your station ~ aka bodily laboratory …

    Back home in Bakkum ~ travelling to Berlin on Wind10 ~ Planetary : Manifesting Spirit(?)


  6. Hmmm … after some minutes i allowed myself another look at this TMQ and MQ “spell”:

    according the “bivid decodex” i use ; changing characters to numbers and vice versa with an option (a number can be 2 charaters; a character is just 1 number; or mixing systems it can give 2 options)

    bivid-decodex gives on MQ=13+10=23 (22 is its holy number!)
    on TMQ it gives 23+7=30 (3×10 : trinity and perfection in dec. system)

    the origin system A-Z=1-26 gives resp. 13+17=30 on MQ and 50 on TMQ
    where 49 is the holy number in 50base as numerical system


    on 23 i oracle the insight it is the 1st Night in the Seed Wave … and it is the 20th step in thie year. It is thereby the challenging Night having Night3 as the DooT – july25 mass meditationday.


    is there a clue you can see popping up from this juggling, dear Q?

    ;-)) with joY, s’ace – a bivid closing down the “divid”-al aeons
    :{ taking up the roles of Moon1 Wizard1 Wind9 & -lc- SUN12 }:

  7. It is a very exciting time to be aware, my balance seems to be afloat. I have put together several draftings of the Cube/Circle it is helpful for thous how want to experiance Votan by visual means. The core of these drafting is from trasing petroghyph from Black Mesa N.M. all is number ,all is god
    enjoy, see you at the center

  8. Hi Roberto;
    Thanks for your comments.
    I enjoyed your sites and visions 🙂
    It was interesting to read of the ancient structure at the Hagan site, oriented to the the Summer and Winter Solstice.
    Ten years ago I began reading of the Anasazi-related discovery in New Mexico, attributed to the time-traveling Wingmakers. Immersing myself in their material eventually led me to this path.
    Will be watching the progress on your Utopian community. Your comments came the day I was reading about Utopias in CHC vol. 5.
    In La ‘Kesh, The Mystery Queen

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