Solar Dragon (1.9) in Week Nine.

Red Solar Dragon takes us to the top of the 4th Column of the Tzolkin, on the 58th day of the Self-Existing Seed Year.  Kin 61:  Red Solar Dragon’s Code Spell is:  “I Pulse in order to Nurture.  Realizing Being, I seal the input of Birth with the Solar tone of Intention.  I am guided by the power of Navigation.”   Since today is the ‘International Day of Peace’, let’s focus our Intention upon PEACE.

The first week of each Moon is Red Week One, when we Initiate.  Week One correlates to the Moon’s first phase, from new Moon to half Moon.   During Red Week One we telepathically construce the Red Analog Telepathic Time Atom.  From page 59 of  “Book of the Timespace“:  “The emphasis on the quality of the week, then, is a four-phase cycle of 28 days or four 7-day weeks, hence  “Lunar Month“.  These cycles relate back to a Cosmic order of the four stages of evolution.” 

The two Solstices and two Equinoxes divide each year into 4 quarters or stages, analogous to the waxing and waning Moon cycles.  Today  is the last day before the Equinox, when the day and night are each 12 hours.  The Autumn Equinox in The Northern Hemisphere would correspond to the half  Moon which is waning, while the Southern Equinox with waxing, longer days relate to the half Moon that leads to incrementally fuller Moons.

The second day of the week  always relates to Radial Plasma Type 2:  Red SELI, which FLOWS, and concentrates in our ROOT Chakra.  Focus your attention there as you say:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  Now, build the BOTTOM of the Cube, below you.

Telektonon Day 2 encapsulates Baktun 2, the 144,000 days beginning in 2718  B.C., when the Rise of First Babylon occurred.  According to  Volume V:  “Babylon is the restless desire of Spirit to explore matter.”  The “prophecy power of 7  (is) placed in the unconscious as revelation of measure”  states the Telektonon card for Day 2. 

Let’s Pulse our Intention for Universal Peace throughout our World and beyond 🙂

P.S.   TMQ  just noticed that for some reason, yesterday’s date is diplayed here.  It’s a twin image:  20/09  2009.  This serves to remind one that 2009 is 41 x 49!

3 thoughts on “Solar Dragon (1.9) in Week Nine.

  1. GoodDaya dear TMQ!

    you are informed here on the fact we are on a High Court Path …
    just see the 28 Telektonon Cards and there spell …

    They exactly vibrate these numbers and characters as 1,2,3 … 28 on Deer Moon 3 and so they deiver the characters Sunday – Saturday in the line we are used to and programmed in … once …

    So this – also – is why i think it is good to have attention to these 28 days …
    Apart from me commenting yr site here ~ it senses great to have you on my blog too …

    Every now and then a clue / add / laugh can be shared on both sites and sides too.

    KeyWord for the day – to me, having consulted card 2 – is Fu Hi, China .

    Why ? Well as the card says it is about a telepathic union with Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik (the 3 of them as a trinity-spell) !

    We ~ skilled and trained in the prophesy ~ have to be “en Garde” …

    Oka to be sceptic but then smell the bigger options as Great Ping Opportunity!

    Namasté S’ace

  2. dear TMQ … i have a remark on the mirror …

    20 09 | 20 09

    does not give a mirror, although i see what you mean …

    to me this gives a PAIR … as “lovers can be moving in pairs”

    think this is the message of Cosmic History Chronicle IV/VII


    in this sphere of the mirror i created the word “bivid” (pivoting “divid”) …

    when the V (peacesymbol) is used as mirror then the b converts to d and vice versa.

    I agree BIVID doesnot mirror … but to me it somehow communicates “WATER” …
    Well BD can stand for 21 – 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen in a ratio …

    then i have a surprise for you and Y’our readers on “Let’s Pulse our Intention for Universal Peace throughout our World and beyond :)” …

    in january 2007 i was asked to join the WUPED / cms / lucknow / india , which is about advisor for world unity & peace education …

    in that year i invited VV to visit that school in december … and i think he telepathically did … ;-)*(-:

  3. 3rd comment 🙂

    “page 59 of ”Book of the Timespace“: “The emphasis on the quality of the week, then, is a four-phase cycle of 28 days or four 7-day weeks, hence ”Lunar Month“. These cycles relate back to a Cosmic order of the four stages of evolution.””

    1st: 59 is a moontonepair while 7 is its attuning midway (as column 7 in tzolkin magic caspet); it resonates both overtone and solar intention … for this very day-energy that prepares tomorrow (here equinox)

    2nd: one can see the four-phase cycle frequency as a 7777 aligned box – as a departure base to get into a flight … which has another figure at its disposal which is attracted by the one “focus” and that is/can be noted as 9991 … Here 27 is in line with the Roerich Peace Symbol as digital expression which fires phase 4 … the destiny in unity …

    3rd: ~~~

    ;-{ … }-:

    bon voyage

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