Blue 11 Night, Blue 3 Storm Moon, Blue Kali 4

Kin 63:  Blue Spectral Night falls on the Catalytic center of Week One, the week which happpens to correlate to DNA Codon # ‘63: Accomplished’. 

 And, 163 years ago today, the planet Neptune was discovered.  Until reading the Telektonon (“Bode’s Law confirms Telektonon”), The Mystery Queen thought of Neptune as the 8th planet out from the Sun.  When Johann Bode (perfect synchronicity that his Galactic Signature is Solar World-Bridger!) realized that mathematical ratios indicated a tenth planet, astonomers found that the Asteroid Belt was located in the orbit of the ‘missing planet’.  According to the Law of Time, the Asteroid Belt is what remains of the Utopian life-bearing planet known as Maldek.  It was the Fifth planet from the Sun, between Mars and Jupiter, which means today is the anniversary of the discovery of  V 24.9:  (Vela Tropa sector of Milky Way Galaxy, Star 24 (our Sun); 9 th Planet out (Uranus).  (We inhabit V 24.3)

The Affirmation for Spectral Night (3.11)  is:  “I Dissolve in order to Dream.  Releasing Intuition, I seal the output of Abundance, with the Spectral tone of Liberation.  I am Guided by my own power doubled.”

Speaking of Liberation, at this moment, many people are making a stand for Freedom and economic Justice (abundance for all) in Pittsburgh, where the G-20 Nations who control 90% of the Earth’s resources are gathering.  Let’s add our powerful intent to the valiant efforts being waged across our planet  to establish Liberation and Abundance for all.  Then, we will know Peace.

  CATALYTIC BLUE:  Radial Plasma Type 4; KALI has the power to ESTABLISH.  Kali, the only Blue Plasma, gathers in our ‘Secret Center’ Chakra.  Place your attention below your navel as you fervently recite:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  We have now manifested the catalytic link between the Sensory quantum we ‘built’ in the first 3 days of this week, and the Telepathic link we will create in the last 3 days of this week.  Next, we visualize the BACK  of the Cube behind us.

In the Telektonon practice, the 4th day of each Moon is related to Baktun 4, which began in 1930 B.C.   By focusing on the power of the Fifth Force, the “power of 7 becomes continuing conscious power of 28 (4 x 7)-28 complete on Earth.” 

Here is a  synchronicity which makes it easier to focus on  28:  The Bode number for Maldek is 28!  From page 50 of the Telektonon Instruction manual:  “Maldek    28    = lost planet, lost chord, cosmic form 4 x mystic 7.  Redeemed by 28-day Thirteen Moon Calendar.” 🙂


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