Day 1 of 13 day World-Bridger Wavespell; Day 1of 16 day Cube Journey

Today we  begin a new  Wavespell, the 6th of 20 Wavespells  in the 260 day Dreamspell/Tzolkin, and we also are beginning a new  16 day Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey, which is contained in the middle of each 28 day Moon.

WHITE WORLD-BRIDGER WAVESPELL SIX is coded by Kin 66: Magnetic World-Bridger, whose Afffirmation is:  “I Unify in order to Equalize.  Attracting Opportunity, I seal the store of death with the Magnetic Tone of Purpose.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”   In C.H.C. Volume 5:  “Book of the Timespace”, this  is also written about Seal 6:  “I am the Hierophant, coded by the White Worldbridger, Six is my number, the root of the Cube.  I am the great equalizer, restoring balance to all worlds.  The sacred order of all dimensions illumines my being…”  

The Postulate for Magnetic Worldbridger is 6.1:  “A.D. 2013 is the actual point of synchronization of the heliocosm of  the local star (our sun and it’s planets) into Fifth Force chromatic functions.  This point, A.D. 2013, defines the limit of possible application of the Law of Time to attain maximum synchronization and restoration of the interplanetary tube system…”  This Postulate (from “The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time and the Evolution of Time as Consciousness”  by Valum Votan) describes the purpose of this blog.  The preceding cannot happen until we have triggered the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge, and that will be made possible by our daily telepathic connection with the 7 Radial Plasmas stored in the Octahedral crystal core in the Center of the Earth, and in our 7 chakras.

The G-Force for today,  Kin 66 is Self-Existing Warrior, which is  also written numerically as 16.4.  That number happens to best represent the 16 Day Warrior‘s Cube Journey we are beginnning today.  4 is the Cube of 16, and the Cube Journey is divided into 4 parts of 4 days each.  It feels perfect that the Electric Moon of Activation begins it’s interior 16 day Cube Journey on the same day we begin a new Wavespell which is coded by the Seal which is so related to the Cube!

This is Moon Day 7, which is always Day 1 of the Cube Journey.  As page 3 of the Telektonon Instruction Manual says:  Days 7-22 you have 16 days to practice your telepathic powers of awakened Intelligence and Prophecy.”  The G-Force for the Kin coding this Wavespell is Seal 16, which is the Warrior, which has the Power of Intelligence, so the first 13 days of this Cube Journey should be extra powerful.

Day 7 of each Moon correlates to Baktun7, which began in 747 B.C.  The Telektonon card for today states:  “Through the power of the 7 seals, Pacal Votan diverts  lost tribes of 144,000 into the Cube of Intelligence.” 

Cube One:  Memory  “By my Free Will power of Prophecy, I elect to be one of the 144,000–By my Superconscious Warrior Dragon memory power, I reclaim and redeem Baktun 7, and vow to release Earth from the prison of Babylon Planet.”  These are powerful words, and the human mind is so much more powerful than we realize.  Each day there will be more Kin adding their powerful intent to this sacred task.

SILIO 7 ends the Red Week One of each Moon.  With the action of DISCHARGE,  the White Silio Plasma concentrates in our HEART Chakra.  It also forms the last part of the Telepathic Quantum, completing the Week One Analog Red Telepathic Time Atom.  On the 7th day, we animate the Cube we have created by activating our Spirit within it, becoming the Heart of it.   Now magine yourself in the Heart of the Earth,inside her Octahedral Crystal Core.  Feeling these words as you place your hands upon your Heart Chakra, say:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”    From the Center of the Earth, Radiate Love, Wisdom and Healing in every direction, to all of Creation.

During this first week of the Electric Storm Moon, we Initiated Knowledge.  Today, we conclude Red Week one by  saying  to ourselves:  “I embody the  Enlightenment of Time.”  One way you can see the truth of that statement is by considering that we hold the Thirteen Tones of Creation in our bodies’ 13 articulations/major joints,  and  the Twenty Solar Seals are represented by (and specifically correlated to) each of our 20 fingers and toes.

Tomorrow, we begin Week Two of the Moon, on Day Two of the World-bridger Wavespell, and on Day Two of the Spirit Warrior’s Cube Journey.  That day will be Kin 67, which is the 7th Seal, Hand, and Tone Two, Lunar. 

Those 4 “Twos”  add up to 8,  and tomorrow will be  Electric Moon Day 8 🙂

3 thoughts on “Day 1 of 13 day World-Bridger Wavespell; Day 1of 16 day Cube Journey

  1. (“LIMI ends” has to be “SILIO ends” ?)


    “This is Moon Day 7, which is always Day 1 of the Cube Journey. As page 3 of the Telektonon Instruction Manual says: “Days 7-22 you have 16 days to practice your telepathic powers of awakened Intelligence and Prophecy.” The G-Force for the Kin coding this Wavespell is Seal 16, which is the Warrior, which has the Power of Intelligence, so the first 13 days of this Cube Journey should be extra powerful.”

    Question on this (i also have this game with pyramids, turtles and crystal below my window) : is day 7-22 (16 days/kin) also parallel to the 16 codons that are meditated on ; each catalyzing 4 Quarters a Year – total 64 as DNA strands?

    When this is true – what can be the meaning of the fact we are now in codon 13 and after that still 3 years to go ?

    Current we are in Codon 12 x 4 + 1 ( first Quarter of 13th – today having finished week 9 ) ; in my vision is the thought a birth-period is 9/12 of a year; so the cosmic (re)birth can be 3/4 of 16 is 12 codons and that makes this first Quarter of Codon 13 extra exciting and crucial for the focus we all “weavers” get …


    What is at this very moment happening with all warriors at our spells ?

    How to express the intend to the “noodigm” which governs the “paragrid” ?

    Each individual is as an empty cell and from that expresses the most elegant act into the core of the noosphere – where noodigm and paragrid cooperate “the living organ” ~ the unfolding “psimenu” full of options as abundance to select from by “humane articulation”. Output from this all might be a “Great Ping” ; which is a different approach to what is labelled as “Big Bang” – ergo the Ping is about the Melody phase in UniQversal begetting “our speciemen”.

    Have a nice daya ~ in Kweekspell it is SIRdaya and it honours Sirius either the DoubleStar or – as i recently was informed – the TripleStar (who can affirm). Here i – Bolon Ik Imprinted – promote the idea SIRdaya is also bringing forward any Warrior in Each SoulDeer intertransconnected (is “on NooDigm”). Its guiding yell is )))~Biovoid~((( – which is emptying all bodies pages into the opened “kweek” : day 7 of each moon is this year spelled as 1.*.2.1 where * is here Moon 3. Kweek (9 daya a week) is a Bolon Ik PSI which behaves as a field attractor 3 Kin ahead of the fusing destiny.

    A bodily motion that facilitates the yell )))~bioVoid~((( is : bringing the hands up as a cleansing gesture and then fold it with elegance downwards.

    Week .2. is labelled “Lifekweek” , which is parallel to the moontone SPECTRAL and it threads kin on a sequence as the colours of the Rainbow have their divine order.

  2. Thank you, S’ace, for pointing out the Limi/Silio error 🙂
    Days 7-22 also refer to the final 16-year cube, of which this is Year (Cube??) Thirteen. It ends 2 days before Galactic Synchronization July 26, 2013.
    The Codon for Week 10 is 3, so not sure what you mean by (12×4+1…though it adds up to the Codon correlated to my Kin#)
    TMQ has much to learn about the codons, so appreciates questions like yours which stimulate study.

  3. Hi Queen , thanks for responding in our study …

    on my pc runs a nive russian program ; ref. White-Wind at or WhiteWind at . it refers to 64 DNA codons ; those are meditated / practised in 64/4=16 years 4 a year; 1 per Quarter – 13 DNA meds by i-ching pattern.

    This is what i referred to … (sorry for … mixup)

    12×4 refers to all DNA-codons handled: sum 48 …
    On july 26 the 49th is current in the 10th week.

    Internet also gives a pdf with details on that.
    Here is an article.

    The point i had an intuïtive focus on was the possibility that this 13th codon carries much more wizardry than we ever might have prepared for … (isnt (48+1=) 49 a cube from 7×7 😉

    Is this a mini-prophesy pulsed by your very bright site that brings up nice connection materials that form a web where the “warriors bring there articulated talents in on a disciplined conduct which sparks the Bolon Ik Call made by Valum Votan & Crew” …

    namasté S”ace

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