Blue Lunar Hand (7.2) , Electric Week 2, Cube Day 2

We are in a 13 day sequence where the number of the day’s Tone  matches the number of the Seal coding the Cube.

The Affirmation (or Code Spell) for today, Kin 67, Blue Lunar Hand:  “I Polarize in order to Know.  Stabilizing Healing, I seal the store of Accomplishment with the Lunar tone of Challenge.  I am guided by the power of Self-Generation.” 

Postulate 7.2:  “Celestial Harmonics represent a purposive order of meaning which can only be accessed by Vector Point Potentials emanating from a purposive point in space, the Evolving Body of Consciousness.”  Earth and  Humanity are that  Body,  meant to unite and evolve together  into a higher consciousness.

Here is an interesting synchronicity just observed:  The 7:7:7:7 card for Day 8 shows the following:  “UR EARTH 3;  Lunar Earth Heaven in the Cube”  One doesn’t need to understand the meaning of that statement yet, to appreciate  the synchronicity of  Lunar Earth occuring on the one day (out of 28) that refers to Lunar Earth. 

It also reminds The Mystery Queen of her first encounter with Lunar Earth.  On March 6th, 2006 she was reading the newly published “Mystery of the Stone”.  On page 34 was a description of the ‘terrain’ of Middle Time, and a reference to finding the  Bolon Tiku  (“Single Luminous White  A”)  for 2004, the first year (coded by Crystal Storm) of the Mystery of the Stone.  The Heart Oracle for the first Bolon Tiku is  the Crystal Wizard (14.12).  The Occult for 14.12 is 7.2, Lunar Earth. In the text were these words:  “…the majestic Mt. Earth, showing at her core the sacred Blue Lunar Hand Earth, the Heart oracle’s hidden constant.  When you find the Oracle for Blue Lunar Hand on it’s day, then you have gained passage to the next ring…”  Though still not clear on the meaning of that statement, reading those words on the day of Blue Lunar Earth is a small example  of   synchronicities  that begin to happen as one embraces the harmonious path of Thirteen Moons.  Today’s Lunar Earth synchronicity is another example.

During White Week Two which begins today,we  “Refine Humility” and build the Antipode TelepathicTime Atom.   Radial Plasma Type 1:  Primary Yellow DALI gathers in our Crown Chakra.  Focus your attention on your crown as you say:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Next, build the first side of the Cube, the Top.

On Electric  (3rd) Moon Day 8, we telepathically redeem Baktun 8, which began in 353 B.C.  During this 144,000 day era, Jesus Christ, The Anointed One appeared to spread his message of Peace and Love, and the  Buddha’s uplifting teachings were spread.  Cube Two:  Spirit;  “By my superconscious  Wind Spirit Warrior power, I redeem the Annointed One as myself-May the Wizards of Peace Prevail!” 

The Mayans say:  “In La ‘Kesh“, which means “I am another Yourself”   Another way to express that we all have the Divine spark and are the same in the ways that matter is  the “Namaste” greeting:  “The Divine in myself recognizes the Divine in you”.  These are reminders to acknowledge   ‘the Annointed One’  in ourselves. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Blue Lunar Hand (7.2) , Electric Week 2, Cube Day 2

  1. “UR EARTH 3; Lunar Earth Heaven in the Cube” is a message to which said : “One doesn’t need to understand the meaning of that statement yet, to appreciate” onto the departure of a flight which is prepared by the gathering & preparation game by Padmasambahva’s Affirmations in a formation of 7.

    In kweekspell the Lessons are Learned and 7 is the number of centered universes known as 7 bodily chakra’s. Here it might help to understand why chakra 7 is outside the bodily vessel: the crown preserves the bodily frequency (know a structure destroyes itself when it is beamed by its own frequency – too long ; )

    So in kweekspell – the flight at destiny arrival – 2 + 1 focuspoints are added that facilitate many more from that understanding. In kin-references labels are given to those 3 points: sirdaya , souldaya & daya of moon experience. Sirdaya is 1/9; Souldaya is 9/9 and “dôme” is 28 = 0 (synchronisation on this moon level of 27 kin).

    Today – kin067 , 8/28 — kweekspell is – standard 3 kin ahead – at, (2.2:) “lifekweek.sundaya” and lifekweek is a spell guided by SPECTRAL “mood for a kweek: , which signals it has a visable “logic” order in sight: here body chakra’s are lined up from root to crown in a vertical upward direction and it is all finished by 9 which enters the hara – as an akashic recorded unique frequency central in the body.

    Day 2 is affirmed by the sound which identifies the chakra at arrival from this approach (spectral <- life-perception): )))~ALPHOEN~((( ~ for wizards it can be followed by IX": )))~ALLPHOENIX~((( – one can imagine why that is …


    Kweekspell has a quite easily cube that facilitates vertical travelling. This is described on more detail. Here we stick to the grouping of 2-5-8 : SUN – NESS – UR (dayanames given in kweek-setup).

    When 2 is current … then put that in the center and number 8-2-5 ; see the nice descripton of this topic on Lunar Hand again – and notice “the wires”.

    Now again invite the mind to receive this line …
    “UR EARTH 3; Lunar Earth Heaven in the Cube”

    in La’kesh ala Kin ( and see how close “kesh” is to “cash” – johnny – man in black 🙂

  2. “UR EARTH 3; Lunar Earth Heaven in the Cube”

    is to me the ultimate code that preserves number 3 …

    then see how this is in the Gregorian Date 27/9 this very date …

    3x3x3 / 3×3 is also a spell for kweeksetup (9 daya a week);
    and that “9” is including number 7 as the internal human being/vessel.
    The two added reference points as a focus are :
    1. the kundalini and earth crystal traveller by “hara” (the other one; the contact)
    2. the akashic records from meditative surrender to cosmos ( in kweek this is 3xbiovoid and 1 )))~~kamuth~((( which gets all souls on the precise grid )

    In Padmasambhava’s Prayers this day is Departing from SELI which resides at the ROOT. Then imagine what is the flight and what zan be ts destiny?

    🙂 have a nice day…A

    • Hello, Just came across this while ‘cleaning up my mailbox’ Thanks for this message-glad you resonate with the blog 🙂 TMQ

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