Catastrophic 8.3 Earthquake on Catalytic Kali 11.

48 minutes into the Second Watch (Guide:  Mirror) of Overtone Dog, a huge earthquake struck American Samoa.  Originally reported as a 7.9, it has been upgraded to 8.3, amid reports of death and destruction.  It struck at a depth of 20.5 miles.  The Antipode for today is 20.5 (Overtone Sun) which also codes the Seventh Solar Witness and the Bolon Tiku for the final year of the Mystery of the Stone:  “Single Wing RedFire”.  That is next year, Overtone Moon (9.5), which happens to be the Analog for today.  Additionally, the G-Force for today is 8.3:  Electric Star!

The many sychronicities between this major Earthquake, and the Kin on which it occurred,  warrant close examination of Kin 70:  White Overtone Dog.  The code spell for today is:  “I Empower in order to Love.  Commanding Loyalty, I seal the process of Heart with the Overtone tone of Radiance.  I am guided by the power of Endlessness.”

Today’s Postulate from ‘The Dynamics of Time’ states, in part:  10.5:  “Fourth-dimensional spin is counter-clockwise.  Third-dimensional spin is clockwise.  In pulsar geometry, celestial harmonics are the coordination of time vector potentialities over a limited duration in which the geometry is pulsed ‘backward’ or counter-clockwise through time.  Telepathically, ….a mentally induced spin is generated, neutralizing or even erasing the corrupt or negative order.”  This postulate seems to  explain some of the science behind the Telektonon daily practice of  ‘redeeming the Baktuns of History’

Synchronistically, the Postulate for today’s G-Force explains the deviation that occurred during those Baktuns when Humanity lost their connection with nature and the 13:20 timing frequency:  8.3:   “Deviation from the norm implies separation within the operating apparatus and operating procedures of the deviant organism, and between the organism and the biosphere itself.”

Today, the foundation of the ‘Biosphere’ gave a powerful and perfectly timed reminder of herself!    When we reverse the spin (letters) of Seal 10; the Dog, it becomes God.  Since the earthquake was originally reported as a 7.9, and the initials of American Samoa are 1 and 19, let’s also see the Postulate for Kin 79, (The Noosphere Constant) 19.1There is but one God, and one God alone to be acknowledged and reverenced.”   This synchronizes beautifully  with   Stephanie South’s  ‘13 Moon Almanac’  entry for today; 10.5, Overtone Dog:   “Note the following verse from the Quran (10.5) “He is the One who rendered the Sun radiant, and the Moon a light, and he designed it’s phases that you may learn to count the years and to calculate.  God did not create all this, except for a specific purpose.  He explains the revelations for people who know.” ”  

Electric Catalytic KALI 11  ESTABLISHES , and the Catalytic Blue Radial Plasma gathers in our Secret Center Chakra, below our navel.  Let’s focus there, and say:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  Today, we mentally create the Back of the Cube.

On this Electric Moon Day 11, we telepathically redeem   Baktun 11 which began in 830 A.D.   During Baktun 11, Pacal Votan returns to the Earth Core to supervise “Book of Clear Records”.  Quetzalcoatl closes the first millenium with the Prophecy of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells, which concluded with the 1987 Quetzalcoatl Super-Nova and the Harmonic Convergence initiated by Valum Votan.  The Holy Wars exile Christ, and Muhammed appears as the Witness of Truth.  

Cube Five:  Sex  “By my continuing conscious Warrior Serpent Sex power, guided by the power of Prophecy, may the aggressive force of war be transcended and overcome by sexual-life force.”  “May Peace and Love Prevail for all!”

On the day coding this powerful earthquake; Overtone (Radiance) Dog (Love), let’s Radiate the Power of Love 🙂

(P.S.  It appears that since going on Daylight Savings Time here in New Zealand , these blogs need to be posted after 13:00 in order to have the proper date.  This was posted on 9/30/2009, contrary to the date shown above.)

3 thoughts on “Catastrophic 8.3 Earthquake on Catalytic Kali 11.

  1. how funny that the catastrophe goes with the apostrophe … ‘)

    and a bow to that?

    11 … is that in H … isnt it time

    and then isnt the fire just that to step in with/out hesitate …

    dear “saltY doggY …

    there isnt Y as V but then uplifteD 🙂 departing From Throat delivers an arrival at Root … Who you reallY are … aint it just that co*Version in UniQversion …


  2. aint talking on an issue promoting that? SamoAh

    is God referring to a plural or singular phenomenon , dear topicmaster?

    anyhow GooD to have insight on L:

    “Deviation from the norm implies separation within the operating apparatus and operating procedures of the deviant organism, and between the organism and the biosphere itself.” organism is a keyword aint it … japan … making a noise to escape?

    (sense i have to co*TemPlate this is a med…sleep & a rose)

  3. not sure about the Samoa date and seal to align …

    reading the TMQ i reason MOON4 as the seal matching the American Timezône which differs from the NewZealandian … but then “the eye of the beholder” decides what is to be mixed in a narrative …

    i did see that MooN4 is actually the 10th GAP ‘) kin in the sequence of 52 / 260 in the tzolkin matrix … and the 10th goes with the 11th, 43rd , 42nd in a magic square ; in kin : 69 72 192 189 (sum 522 <- square constant).

    the end of the 28 deer days – this 3rd moon serial – is HAND9 : 60-87 holds 28 kin in this current.

    think of 9 as a MOBILizer …; so to say DREAM it and APPLY it in all ACTs …

    In GAPS we still have 3 to go in the ongoing current … 072 077 085 and the passed ones are also still active: 064 & 069 … In a sort of favourite oracle mapping we may see for there summed vibration as a frequency: 367

    (yesterday -MOON4- we summed 29 9 20 09 into 67)
    so we have 3 as the trinity factor ans 13 as 6+7 vibrational key/factor.

    anyhow it aligns to 107 as a tzolkin kin subtracting 260 from it …

    it is very close to 364/365/366 as if it spells "the new daya" as a "newyearsday" (a whole yearcycle + 1)

    Another system may slice it by 2 or 5 … 2 when it is interpreted as a TWIN and 5 while it is formed by 5 kin numbers giving a sum. In last case it gives 73 with a rest or 2/5 … And 73 indeed is the number matching 52 years for 73 Tzolkin Cycles. This can inspire dreams in a dense force such as causing an earthquake by coïncidence / pitf'all. How do you – reader – take this "on"?

    This day is 11th out of 28 … in Kweek it is – 14th daya (9+5) : nessdaya )))"n'essentiall"((( i offer as a sound …


    ') GAP is Galactic Activation Portal / Publisher ")
    ") KIN022 is a GAP kin (me) & KIN138 (TMQ) is a KIN in the spine/mirroring column of the Tzolkin – as Galactic Force it goes with Serpent 8 -125- … the Life Force Seal '")
    '") the serendip trinity 022 138 125 sum to 285 – kin025 : Crystal Clear Life Force (serpent seal)
    "") serendip is "as the Hand of God"

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