G.A.P. Self-Existing Moon on Electric Gamma 10

Today’s Affirmation for Kin 69, Red Self-Existing Moon is:  “I Define in order to Purify.  Measuring flow, I seal the process of Universal Water with the Self-Existing tone of Form.  I am Guided by the power of Life Force.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”  

The 5-part Oracle for today’s Kin reveals some interesting components.  The Analog for 9.4 is a P.V., 10.4: Self-Existing Dog.  The Challenge/Antipode for today is 19.4, Blue Self-Existing Storm.  Besides being the 6th Solar Witness, 19.4  codes the Heart Oracle for this year’s Bolon Tiku, ‘Awesome Vast Blue Sky’.  When the 5 parts of the day’s Oracle are added to reveal it’s G-Force, that yields 15.13:  Blue Cosmic Eagle which is the Second Solar Witness.  Cosmic Eagle coded the Second Bolon Tiku for the Second year of the Mystery of the Stone:  “Red Lightening Child Great Emptiness”.  These significant parts, all combining on a Galactic Activation Portal, make  Self-Existing Moon a powerful day. 

Additionally, today’s Kin number;  69 reminds one of Rhythmic Moon 6/ Day 9.  When that 13 Moon day occurs in 2012, it will be Blue Crystal Hand (7.12) which codes the unprecedented Solstice on December 21, 2012.  Synchronistically, when 18.8 (Galactic Mirror, Signature of The Mystery Queen) is added to 9.4, it equals 7.12, Crystal Hand.  When the G-Force of 9.4, (15.13) is added to the G-Force of 18.8 (12.12) it also equals 7.12, Blue Crystal Hand!  Also, Kin 69 is 3 x 23 (Day 23 is called the ‘Lover’s Reunion).  2 x 69=138, the Kin number of White Galactic Mirror.  Posulate 19.13:  “All is number. God is a number.  God is in all.”  Besides being the Language of Telepathy, numbers are so enjoyable! 

One more numerical synchronicity for today:  The date, 9/29/2009,  adds up to 49 (7×7, or a Bardo) (9+29+2+9).  This post is the 49th in 49 days.  2009 = 21 x 49. 🙂

GAMMA, Radial Plasma Type 3, PACIFIES, and it gathers in our Third Eye Chakra.Focus on the sacred White plasma in your Third Eye as you recite:  “My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  This statement also means we have combined the first 3 Radial Plasmas to create the White Sensory Quantum of Week Two.  Synchronisitcally, today’s 7:7:7:7 card is the one showing KIN 39 on it’s front.  The Postulate highlighted above is that of Kin 39 (19.13)   Today we build the FRONT of the Cube.

On Moon Day 10, we reclaim Baktun 10, which began in 435 A.D.  This was the great era of Mayan time science on Earth.  In Palenque,  Pacal Votan established his fabulous tomb with it’s vital messages for  Humanity during the final 60 years before 2012.  He also left the Telektonon Prophecy which is the same as the “Angel with Rolled Script”.  During Baktun10, Muhammed received the Qur’an, and the Vatican received the Babylonian Legacy.  We are reminded, on this Gamma day of Pacification, that our mission is to unite all, before the Closing of the Cycle.

Cube Four:  Flowering:   “May the Enlightening Solar Power of Maya flower as the fulfillment of Prophecy for all!” 🙂


3 thoughts on “G.A.P. Self-Existing Moon on Electric Gamma 10

  1. Ha ~ being born in a DreamSpellYear spiced MULUC1 : Moon Magnetic , i sense it is in the similar vertical array as Moon4 …

    this is promoted by the idea of having horizontal ranges with their chain-gains as well as vertical ranges with their chain-gains as memory stimulators nurturing bodies and minds and (noö!)spheres.

    and giving the vertical memory stick the unit/measure from the trinity makes it number 3 😉 so here MULUC1 – 4 – 7 – … go together … in my mindset laboratory … (and feels like having a license to use my skills).

    Simply said, MOON1 and MOON4 are sisters where MOON1 and 2 are brothers … but then vice versa mapping can be allowed where it applies.

    ~~~ the Babylonian Legacy

    is actually not addressing the city of Babylon – i found out …

    it is about the Bible: the Biblion Legacy … and i simply address the happening in Alexandria many years ago where Books and “a multiplex culture” were destroyed by … ( history may either tell or deliberately forget/suspend/dieout … )

    And Legacy should be written as Legacey … which makes it visable the “ace” is a playful “key” that can be 1 or 11; and 1 and 11 are not in a vertical range giving the sequence 1-4-7-10-13 … (where is that clue?)

    i’ll dream the topics food that nurtures my mind from newborn cells …

    ;-)) so let me ~BolonIkSealed~rep’eat:

    “May the Enlightening Solar Power of Maya flower as the fulfillment of Prophecy for all!”

  2. comment 2 on mayadaya also 31 = 27+4 / 28+3

    well , 31 marks the difference of 3 in 31 minus 28 (kweekspell psi number = 3)

    In kweekspell this daya has the label “FAdaya” which arrives in SELINOO … spot : the PELVIS where the sacral chakra is streaming its spheres with WATER – HOH as its ELECTRIFYING FUEL. FA is the 4th sound in the DO~RE~MI octave … (see CHC-IV) : it stimulates transpassing a phase …

    FA is in the vertical serial SIR – FA – WIND … the nurturing spirit as Abundant Gift ;-))

  3. (sorry my 2nd comment was not fully published – maybe by Gods Hand InterVeninG 🙂 : i dropped it on my bloggy

    3rd Comment (how inspired can one be?)

    Let me first share the insight with my Queen that Mirror is the Guide for Wind9 … Not sure whether it is 8 ; i think it is Mirror 5 – but then 5 and 8 are in the similar vertical memory lane … 2-5-8-11 ; according kweekspell T’ûrBoWWW 😉


    Then the RED colour of the day is about the middle seal out of 5 : dragon – serpent – moon – skywalker – earth : it is the red centerpoint concerning INITIATION of KNOWLEDGE / all “NOW” lay lines; agree?

    The card even notes: “days 2-5 EA’rth Walk – Receive TeleCosMic Numbear powers sent by Bolon Ik”

    So , dear “prudance”, did you follow all the lessons, did you prepare the shift moment, how many daya do you give yourself and will you send this number ? Can you put the t’urBowww on your vessel when the EmergenSee moment arises to all of us as organic cells also known as human bodies?

    What does the coming full moon communicate …

    Tone :: = 4 = refering to the magic square in the tzolkin “all the time” guiding all 260 cells as kin itself being the current “522” = total of 4 kinnumbers as frequency …; can be read as 5×22 where 22 is the number preceding 23: “lover’s reunion” … Then see for each hand or foot and reflect on God’s Hand … (english 4-1 is as FOR ONE 🙂 “U” )

    Card TuesDay 10 aligns with 1 4 7 10 13 … 16 (DNA codons) … using the measure (4th tones action) of 3 – tree – three – trinity(time)

    “Angel with Rolled Script” is that similar as “get the Angle into the Script to Unroll” ?

    And then on top of the card it spells: “great era of Maya Time Science on Earth departs” …

    Do you recognize this , dear TMQ, it spells : “departs” … so what is the flight and what is its arrival … ; what does that spell from your homeworks? i am very curious … ~ they say the synchronisation point is at the edGe of BeComing…InG

    }: namasté :{

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