Three Earthquakes on Moon 3, Day 11. All Three were initially reported as 7.9

Our Earth has been  traumatized by 3 massive Earthquakes, all occurring in less than 24 hours.  Hours after the 8.3 Earthquake and Tsunami in American Samoa,  Sumatra was rocked by a devastating 7.6 earthquake.  Roughly Antipode to these stricken areas, a  5.9 Earthquake struck Bolivia and Peru at 19.03 local time.  Interesting to note, is that each of these Earthquakes was initially reported as being a 7.9 magnitude event.   As Humanity inches closer to World War III, the past day shows that much more powerful forces are at work.  Does it take repeated catastrophe and a tragic toll in human lives and suffering  to halt a potentially more catastrophic event by the war-mongers?

The Affirmation for Kin 71 , Blue Rhythmic Monkey (11.6)  is: “I Organize in order to Play.  Balancing Illusion, I seal the process of Magic with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.  I am guided by my own power doubled.” 

The Kins that are coded by the 6th Rhythmic tone of Equality have a unique characteristic: Their Antipode and their G-Force are always  the same!   Today, Rhythmic Monkey’s Challenge Watch and G-Force are 1.6, Rhythmic Dragon.  This is special because Kin 201; Rhythmic Dragon, also codes the Moon in which the 12/21/2012 Solstice happens!

Radial Plasma Type 5,  Yellow ALPHA, has the action of RELEASE, and it concentrates in our Throat Chakra.  Place your hands on your throat and feel yourself say:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  We have just created the first part of White Week Two’s Telepathic Quantum.  Next, let’s mentally construct the Right side of the Cube.

On Moon Day 12, we are redeeming Baktun 12, which began in 1224 A.D., when the Third Babylon triumphed in the Vatican, and Pope Gregory XIII instituted the 12:60 calendar (1582), putting the 13 Moon Calendar in exile until now.  There is a reference on Telektonon card 12 to the “Woman clothed in the Sun“.  Cube 6;  Death:  “By my conscious Warrior World-Bridger death power, may what has been hidden now be revealed!”  “May the 13 Moon way Prevail!”  It’s an interesting synchronicity to have the 6th day of World-Bridger Wavespell 6 of the Dreamspell coincide with the Cube 6:  World-Bridger of the Telektonon, today. 

‘Number is the Language of Telepathy’.  Numbers don’t lie, and numbers are universal.  The repetition of 7.9 in the initial report of each Earthquake demands we focus on  that number.  7.9 is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 87; Blue Solar Hand.  The Postulate for 7.9 states:  “The inverse binary symmetry pattern of the 13:20 matrix, extended over four plates or time functions, establishes the psi bank as the holonomic registration of the Galactic Brain, fully encoded on a Planetary scale.  As a result, the psi bank contains the complete complex of time vector potential creating celestial harmonics, accessible through the Dreamspell Codes.”  The psi for yesterday, Moon 3, Day 11 is Lunar Dragon, Kin 41, known as the ‘Interval of God’! 

As noted yesterday, 7.9 can also be read as Kin 79:  Magnetic Storm, 19.1.  Kin 79 is very significant, as it’s number represents the difference between the 260 Kin Dreamspell and the 441 Cube Matrix.   As a result, Kin 79 is known as the Noosphere Constant.  Valum Votan and Stephanie South reveal more about the all-encompassing 441 Cube Matrix in ‘Vol. V:  Book of the Timespace’, and you  can read about  Valum Votan’s initial realization of it in his Rinri Report. .  In his latest Rinri Report, Valum Votan says this about the number 79:  “If the number 79 is the Noosphere Constant, and Pacal Votan is it’s prophet, then look at Verse 79 of the Telektonon Prophecy“Pacal Votan am I, Time’s Special Witness, messenger of Telektonon, instrument of the Seventh Angel, (and)  I declare again and again:  ‘All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.‘ ”  From the Telektonon of Pacal Votan, Section XII, “Time’s Special Witness,” Verse 79.  Revealed/released here on Electric Alpha 12. 

Today’s date:  1 +10=11, 2+9 =11.   11.11 is the exact moment that Earth aligns with the Heart of our Galaxy, on 12/21/2012.  11.11 is the Galactic Signature of Valum Votan, Closer of the Cycle ending that day. 11 holds the center of 21.  21×21=441.

May the tragic loss of life resulting from the Three Earthquakes initially reported as 7.9 Magnitude, be redeemed by humanity embracing the Noosphere Constant and Activating  the Noosphere.  According to Valum Votan:  “The advent of the Noosphere is the genuine positive meaning of 2012.”

7 thoughts on “Three Earthquakes on Moon 3, Day 11. All Three were initially reported as 7.9

  1. The article at first sight gives notion that the EarthQuakes are a form where the Earth Intelligence Speaks in its uniQue Rhythm …

    Grieving the loss of lifes will cherish all their souls on a path through the Cosmic Universes at Charge … “we shall overcome all days and all nights” … as “keys” unlocking the next phase in the history records , also labelled as “herstory” … similar as “heirstory”.

    At this phenomenon of earthquakes i personally am often reminded by a song of miss Tori Amos who even titles an album to “earthquakes”. Hmmm , i even was on a concert of her recently in A’dam (“first Man” reference?) just before the start of this Moon3 … “as an activ psi force”?


    71 leads to daya 15 in kweekmoon, it spells (12) “kindaya” also (11) and it is in LIFEkweek.


    let me channel “new zealand”, “north holland”

    aint we all “little earthquakes” every K…now and then …

    “give me myself again” sings Tori …
    ( “Thor , i” on ThursDay )

  2. Hi TMQ ~ the Quakenumbers inspired for an article … which gives space here to get some points out of the current narrative 😉

    You speak of a 666 synchronicity as sagacity … which is as stepping on the devils tail … and as one might know the devil is a developer(a) – just change the 2nd “e” into “i” ? where “i” is the 3rd female character in the 26 character west-european alphabet (as i see this).

    The 7.9 quote from Valum votan is hyperlanguage to be deep down dragged – ust as earhtquakes do just that and see for the NASA article on s*ace age 😉

    the road to nowhere as now~here and now~hear ?!


    ALPHA12 refers by 12 to both Crystal and Human (and Storm)

    Crystal has in it Cry … which points to Human Water : T’ears …

    A Human Being is as many creatures “a waterbag” loaded with over 60% H2O.

    ALPHA at arrival stage is located at the ROOT which is below the new SELI position ; and SELI is between the PELVIS as the ENERGY PROVIDER for thought ~ dreams & reasoning … . So to say the waterbattery is based by ALPHA and holded by the BASIN (pelvis <= think elvis).


    as the EXCALIBUR mutation committed


    And now Friday ThirTeen … in kweekspell “WINDDAYA”

    “Babylon Time Wars fulfills 666.

    Pacal Votan calls on Bolon Ik to fulfill her Pleadge”

  3. short correction on WINDDAYA “friday thir(S)teen” … in kweekspell “WINDDAYA”
    must be either or (!)

    pardon me …


    on female characters:

    they are very powerful in getting a sound opened … at every masculine (20 in number: 2×10)

    a and y are as well 1 and 6th as well both 1 (paradox looping/helix)

    e and u are 2 and 5(!) as well as both 2

    i and o are 3 and 6 as well as both 3 (i o’mega)

  4. Hi Ace;
    My first thought this morning was: It’s Friday the 13th-So, a nice surprise to read it coming from where it’s still Thursday the 12th.
    Your trains of thought are fascinating and provocative, though sometimes too mysterious even for me. But the Mirror always appreciates a reflection. (3×6=18)
    Does Ace stand for Advanced Composition Explorer?
    My original draft yesterday gave examples of ‘Earth’s intelligence speaking…’.
    Just one wee one now: American=50, Samoa=49. The earthquake/Tsunami happened there between the Greg. dates/posts that added up to 49 and 50. 49+50 = 99 (19.8) but also another way of referring to Kin 198. Better examples of ‘Earth’ communication to follow in later posts.
    Namaste, TMQ (20 13 Q=17=Earth=(Timeship Earth 2013) 🙂

  5. ace is just as a card however can be many meanings more …, dear Q ~ maybe QuetzalcoatL inspirathor – who can say and see in psi …

    in the game of 21 ~ black jack they say but then its also the 22 psi-ing number as we numericks know … the ace can be 11 and 1 too … which spells that 10 is a 0 … as nothingness and silence or space …

    and space still honours the ace in its vibration …

    then ace is also 1 3 5 which makes 9 …

    then 9 behaves as 0 in the game of 10 – the decimal system

    and there we are at kweek …

    where 27 is as 9 and 28 as 10 …

    a holy number in a mapping that holds the premise of that perfection

    namasté from Bolon Ik Mapping … Black J. Mystery Man

  6. Hello Roberto;
    Thanks for your feedback. We are striving for Unity and Evolution here. TMQ is mysteriously without phone service at the moment, and will respond when not at an internet cafe-soon she hopes! 🙂

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