Galactic Skywalker at the Center of Moon 3 and it’s 16 Day Cube

The Affirmation for Kin 73:  Red Galactic Skywalker (13.8) is  “I Harmonize in order to Explore.  Modeling Wakefulness, I seal the output of Space with the Galactic tone of Integrity.  I am Guided by the power of Navigation.”  The G-Force for today is Blue Crystal Hand, which codes the December 21, 2012 Solstice.

The Tzolkin’s smallest cycle is a 4-day period called a Harmonic.  Galactic Skywalker is the first day of HARMONIC  19:  “Express Intelligence of Liberation”  That is a nice concept to contemplate!  The smallest cycle of the Solar Ring is a Chromatic of 5 days.  The number of today’s Kin is the same as the number of Chromatics in a year (73 x 5 = 365).

SILIO  14 is the last day of White Week Two, when we Refine Humility.  SILIO  DISCHARGES and it gathers in our Heart Chakra.  Focus on your Heart as you say:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”  The White Telepathic Time Atom is now complete. At the end of Week Two we can proclaim to ourselves:  “Now I embody the Prophetic Power of Time.”  Today, we also complete the Cube we have built, by becoming the Heart of it.

The first two sets of Quanta created in Week one and Week Two now become the Analog-Antipode Tetrahedra in the Earth’s Crystal Core.  Visualize being in the Heart of the Earth, and from there, Radiate Love, Wisdom and Healing to the Earth, and Humanity, and especially to those most affected by the Earth’s shattering Earthquakes this week.

Moon 3;  Day 14 is reminscent of the special number Pi:  3.14.  Pi was depicted in a beuatiful manner by a crop circle at the end of  Lunar Wizard Year.  314-260=54.  54 is the Kin number of Lunar Wizard.

On Telektonon Moon Day 14,  “Song of the 144,000 redeems the lost tribe White Crystal Wizard.”  Kin White Crystal Wizard is the First of the Seven Solar Witnesses, and the Seal for the Heart Oracle of the first Bolon Tiku,  ‘Single Luminous White “A”.’ 

CUBE EIGHT:  ART   “By my unconscious stored Star power of Art, may Prophecy target the Victory of the Righteous.  May the beast of Ignorance be slain.”  “May Free Will, Peace, Art and Harmony Prevail!”


3 thoughts on “Galactic Skywalker at the Center of Moon 3 and it’s 16 Day Cube

  1. wonderful to see the Pi factor POP UP and mushroom my mind for its very relevant synchronicity on this “URdaya” …

    something at my station senses as Teilhard de Chardin junior who died in 1955 ~ my birthyear from popeular calender addicted to a 0 which probably was 3 years after birth of that Guy called Jesus. Which also gets 2012 in 2009 by simply understanding that “mislead” which in fact gives leaders a psimenu power to navigated the masses following as “L’earning” sheep.

    i like to see 3.14… with …41.3 because of the saying :


    The switch from SELF to SELFIN charges both hemispheres in the skull in balanced orientation from any worldview observed.


    Then we might interpret 73 as the Coming Quetzalcoatl Rise, because it is the follower of 53 – REED1.

    And 73×260 = 52×365 ~ another synchronicity radiant … todaya “URdaya” / ))) ~ KALIKEY ~ ((( at chakra arrival position “7 as heaven”

    “14” indicates the Human Hand – see Michelangelo’s Fresco at a DôME …


    Halfway the 3rd Moon we’va achieved quite some spells … which calls for daya 15 – souldaya to give us a full moon …

    Namasté, have a nice weakenT

  2. apart from the magic square we have so-called kite squares …
    here the lines are not as rectangular but more as in a trapezium …

    while we mentiond the 2 galactic seals in the s-pi-nal column in this wave and 3rd moon it is good to see for the fourth one having here 073 charged …

    where this one is in the fifth column we have to check the 9th column here, the solar one. it gives dog8 ~ the heartpowered seal that here commands for galactic love actions – hugggs all the way … and thereby cleansing karmic overflows.


    i found out tomorrows kin heads for the lovers reunion from my sight … while she is 052 and i tremble 022: together 074 – solar wizard … we coöperate on that bridge as a flight …


  3. Dear Q, notice this on pi = 3,14159265…

    this gives some notions that can be effective in intelligent research and after that in effective usage for things that design intelligent … or things that already did construct things on intelligent design objects and scriptures as menu’s for “diplomants”.

    3 is the three , the boddhysatva object related to the buddha figure and masses of individuals having taken that as a belief system to anchor their life, thair doings, their teachingsw as an estafette through time and generations as a “sealed and holy guarantee” for ones souls to cover & uncover.

    14 is the human hand and it is sealed in its number 5 which is practiced as the human lead on the planet; in a pity they sometimes are used to group in a beneficiary silence for where it concerns relations and trade as a cover for exchanging property / goods / ideas. Often a pentagram and a Pentagon is reigning in this illusion fractal for public / planetary goods as a wealth and abundant world to share.
    As said before 14 can be seen as the open receiving hand left and the giving, transpassing estafette hand at the right seen from above … . The opposite – 41 – is the interval of God ; as i interpret this as the Hand of God in numbears.

    3.14 the common representation of pi can be seen as the representation for the unlimited character – 8 & lemniscate – of pi behind the DOT ; while we can see the Buddha factor as the dominant integer : 3 – the three as a living thing for a vertical figure on just 1 spot in a lifetime (although indeed trees can be replaced – for instance to beautify a total new spot with ancient living values).

    3.141 is the interpretation from kweekspell novice as a recent thing on earth. It is treebuted to the finding of a new chakra which happened on spectral wizard (2003-2004) this year (feb 2009).
    Its spell is 9 (3+1+4+1) and its is the fundamental “barcode” for a total new frequency for a week which was just based on 5+2=7 (facilitating “work” and “slavery” ). The new set-up is in fact a matter of practicing the dreamspell on the planet and therefor can be seen as the arrival sites view on the space and time we share, live and love and “stream on” all the time in a continuous illusion giving high normative at relational behavior.
    In fact we might even interpret it as the Tzolkin Colours and internal design (given by intelligent/noospheric relay).

    3 is as RED and initiates … space in a time, a moment as idea receiver
    . is as WHITE and is mysterious for its MEMORY learning curve
    1 is as BLUE and transforms once; when changed it did germ as a seed to grow
    4 is as YELLOW and it refined the community with a self-existing entity as “a newborn child”: how to give this one a place and free life to spark its talent?
    1 is as factor 9 the guarantee for a “whole design” which makes all people and all living phenomenons “a credit” , an honouring as respect, a value which defines all mosaic as intelligent mosaic :{ as kweekspell just guarantees that }:


    the last theory is even changing the saying “One Four ALL ; ALL for One” (14… ; …41) into (141… ; … 141): “One Four One ALL ; ALL One for One” … which may need some contemplation in sessions.

    Have a nice shift into the second half of the 3rd Moon in SEED self-existing moods 😉

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