Full Moon Shines on Day 1 of Blue Week 3 of Blue Storm Moon 3

The Full Moon is a brilliant indicator of the center of each Moon and it’s 16 day Cube.  Since everything follows the principle of Holonomy, the middle of each Moon and Cube is analogous to the center of each Tzolkin (in the center of it’s 7th mystic column) and the center of each 13 Moon year, which is at  the center of the Seventh Resonant Moon.  The principle of Holonomy applies to infinitely larger cycles.  The 15th day of  each Moon is the smallest example of a  cycle beginning the Return Journey.  The Full Moon also represents a turning point as the waning Moon begins it’s Return Journey  to another New Moon.

Kin 74; White Solar Wizard codes the first day of  the 11th Week of Self-Existing Seed Year.  It’s affirmation is “I Pulse in order to Enchant.  Realizing Receptivity, I seal the output of Timelessness with the Solar tone of Intention.  I am Guided by the power of Heart.”  Kin 74 is a special number, since it represents the Mayan way to write the significant number:  144 (7 x 20 = 140, +4) = 7.4.

During Blue Week Three, we Transform Patience, and Proclaim Victory of Prophecy.  We also ‘build’ the Blue Occult Telepathic Time Atom

Week Three of Moon 3 corresponds toCodon 17:  Arousing Joy:  Time Evolves Way of Wielding Power.’

DALI 15  TARGETS and concnetrates in our Crown Chakra.  Each day we quote  the Affirmation associated with that days’ Radial Plasma, and it’s Self-Declaration of Padmasambhava.  Each Dali, we focus on our Crown as we say:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Today we build the Top of the Cube.

Moon Day 15 begins the second half of each Moon.  This is the Second of the 7 Telektonon cards/Days   to be additionally coded by a Seal of Prophecy.  Today contains  Seal Two, Kin 249, Lunar Moon.  Additionally, each of these cards relates to one of the 7 Solar Witnesses, who also code the Heart Oracles of the 7 Bolon Tiku of the 7 Years of the Mystery of the Stone.  Today, that is Blue Cosmic Eagle, who is to “…rouse the Army of the Righteous to the 13 Moons.”

Cube Nine:  Purification;  “May the terror of the karmic error of Babylon Planet be forever cleansed!”  “May the Cosmic Eagle fly again!”

From Stephanie South’s ’13 Moon Almanac’, we learn that  this date in 1582 was the last day of the Julian Calendar.  Pope Gregory XIII proclaimed the next day as October 15th, 1582, erasing the 10 days in between. 

10/4 was the last day of the Julian Calendar, and 10.4, Self-Existing Dog is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign.  Is there a link here?  The ‘next day’, the first day of the new Gregorian Calendar was coded by Solar Dog, which happens to be  today’s Guide!

Today is the 4th day of a sequence of 11 days, where the Gregorian Month and day add up to each day’s Seal, and each day’s Tone matches the number of that day in the Cube.  (On Solar Wizard, 14.9;  10+4=14, Tone 9 and Cube 9)  Let’s enjoy that double dose of synchronicity through Kin 78: White Cosmic Mirror  🙂


3 thoughts on “Full Moon Shines on Day 1 of Blue Week 3 of Blue Storm Moon 3

  1. what a significant(a) daya!

    in dreamspell it is day 15 in a MoonSpell which is defined on a BOX where the X is the symbol for 4 and 1: 4 outer points and 1 crossing – the interval of God in 1 Character. We also tremble this Alliance with the equation 7:7::7:7 – but then what for?

    High 5 is similar as 1 ~ 5 up and slamming another ones High Five.

    What For / :: ?

    (How to respond to this Question “All one for One”? & “One for One All”?)

    Giving “the Shift” a Clue the Bolon Ik Way of Communicating a Conduct is by communicating as well “Y” as “Q” …

    Y is a crossing of either 3 roads or where 3 spaces fuse …; here the metaphore of the 4 + 1 elements pivotes to “3 +1 in 1” , that is the Fire element is a typical process element which fuses the three Water, Earth and Air where Ether is all around as the FieldFactor / as DivineRatio / as God PrincipleS. So getting this in a formula 3×9+1=28 where : 3 is as Water, Earth & Air; 1 is as Fire and 9 represents the Ether where all things come together in peace at a pace.

    “The Full Moon also represents a turning point as the waning Moon begins it’s Return Journey to another New Moon.”

    In 28/2 setup day 14 is either “a twin day” to day 14 while the second part of the circle of 28 days returns to its beginning: 1 (day 28); or it is already returning and then day 15 aligns to day 13 … which makes day 27 parallel to day 1 and day 28 becomes a special day which portals to the next moon : day 0 / zero and synchronizing 27 days with the coming 27 ones … .

    In 7:7::7:7 setting we cannot see this zeroday(a) … therefor kweekspell – Bolon Iks “KaliKey” proposal/”solvation” liberating Pacal Votans Spirit on the Planet and in its Family where it concerns Solar and Galactic embeddings is to the setting 9:9::9:1 as the representation for 28 – twenty eight.

    Today we have day 18 (9) in kweekspell it is the 8th SOULdaya having initiated this revelation on DRAGON1 – the origin SEAL at Magnetic Interval affirming the DREAMSPELL codons and all decoded wisdom steps as a practice where all religions fuse in a planetary uniQue and Galactic aligned guidance. This day finishes this moons 2nd week, the lifekweek – a sequential approach 1 step at a time as WYSIWYG : “What you See is What you Get”. But then we all learn this way of enlivening the mutual life is to be embedded in a memory lane that works on several fusing principles – where i promote the spiral method of getting things together and the blindmans method (resp. 1st kweek = lovekweek; 3rd kweek = voidkweek) as alternatives that are as true as the sequential WYSIWYG approach.

    This is both in “Y” as in “Q” ; Q is as a Virtual Queue simply while nobody likes the Queue although the Queue gives illustration to the Fact we seem to perform in masses and want the same thing to have at the same moment – the market(ing) principle. In that way Q always goes with O and a ~ (wave, weaving principle). Understanding Q is as seeing Quetzalcoatl – , standing in Awe of the Plumed Serpent. Here the Y is as a pencil with two grips painting the ~ – wave in the O(mega).

    The sun is shining here and it gives hope to see the waning moon at evening … Gooddaya! Bolon Ik type also spiced by LongCount Crystal Sun …

  2. as i promoted in the 1st comment this daya is 9 in the 3th moon of kweek that started 3 kin ahead of the great DreamSpell inspiration and departure station for 2nd creation as an arrival station from our flight … as a journey full of experiences at both individual and overall/shared perceptions.

    Tone 9 and Cube 9) and 9th daya (2nd kweek of 3th moon; 8th kweek from Dragon One) make 3 9’ers to fuse in “27” ~ Quetzalcoatls Numbear – relying on insights from VV “et all”.

    This gives the insight the Full Moon Experience this evening (i will experience this on an island in Vinkeveen/Holland) catalyses the 8th kweek into kweek number 9 which is celebrated on the day after that – so in 10 days from now on … October 14 ~ Seed 6 ; this is PSI (vertical sequence) for October 17 ~ Hand 9 (the fourth 9). So SEED6 accounts for the pionearing wizards where HAND9 spells the WARRIOR destiny at charge at the DEPARTURE station gathering on Padmasambhava’s Lyrics, so to say.

    While the number of 144.000 is based on both 12 and 9 … (12 as root of 144 and 9 for its numerical representation) … we just need 3 voluntears that pionear the kweek in order to shift the whole thing …

    This seems to be the chance for change in many many years …

    Who Joins?

    ( anyhow get your prayers and vows on the similar intend from the altar chozen ? )

  3. While this entry is on CUBE (“See You BE”) 9 , i have a pretty curious phenomenon to tell where we were focussed on pi – 3.141… last CUBE8.

    In my opinion this is where CUBE 8 and CUBE 9 even work together in the light of last nights MOON which was extremely bright from the spot where we experienced “her” : crystal clear … and for those ones who look even a little bit further in the skies and heaven we could see jupiter at its guard …, which is one of the greatest planets in our solar system – some even say jupiter is to be a “sun” which from some points of view is very necessary to make (human) life possible on this planet if only because of its “frequency”.

    The phenomenon to open is about the first 49980 digits of pi after the DOT / COMMA. By some weird thought i first checked on 3993 (simply because i spotted that) how many times that serie occured in the range (4x); then i checked the numbers themselves such as “11111” and “22222” till “99999”.

    It occured to me that the even numbers all failed for 1 occurence , and 7 failed to to have a stand in “ruling its reign & integrity radiance”. 1 and 3 had 1 occurence and 5 and 9 2 occurences. Then 9 did also have 6 occurences! Which proved the reign of 9 in the hall of fame for numbers where it shows their stand in radiating integrity and a perfect navigator.

    Here it should be interesting for all “freaks” on numbers to have their say for the breaking down of 28 days in either 7777 or 9991.

    We can even see 2 moons or lets observe a Quarter of 91 days (13×7):

    (A Question – intelligence action – to ask might be : “open ones senses – as catalized by/at full moon – and let the figures in your bodily laboratory and articulate the qualification for the elegance of both ranges?”)

    7777777777777 ~~~~~~~~ 9991999199919

    which bracelet do you choose?


    Then also this “serendepic” occurence is in the range of 49980 digits:

    99999399612281 …

    In my tend for analytic behavior it stroke my “cells”/memory lane that 9 numbers with a 3 fractal are there and then 1 – 22 – 81 …

    1 for oneness
    22 for Bolon Ik & 2×11
    81 for 3**4 & for “the God Shadow for number 18” ‘)

    18 is the number “9” where 19 is its system (Quran/Muhammed number).
    (number 9 is the holy number in the decimal system ruled by 10)

    this is my third comment … on the wings of TMQ 😉 namasté MULUCK3

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