Planetary Eagle (15.10) on Electric Seli 16; Cube 10

The Affirmation for today, Kin 75: Blue Planetary Eagle  states:  “I Perfect in order to Create.  Producing mind, I seal the output of Vision with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.  I am guided by the power of Abundance.  I am a polar kin.  I extend the Blue Galactic Spectrum.”  Any readers who can shed light on the meaning of the last line of this Code Spell are encouraged to do so. 

Blue Planetary Eagle is the last ‘Blue Kin’ of  Wavespell 6, and it occurs during the Third ‘Blue’ Week of a Moon coded by Blue Electric Storm.  ‘Book of the Timespace’  has new information on each of the Seals, describing their Archetypes;  some of the lines that Valum Votan and Stephanie South write about Seal 15 seem particularly appropriate to Planetary Eagle, 10th day of the World-Bridger Wavespell.  It’s Archetype is called ‘The Seer’;  “By the Power of Vision, I slip easily through the dimensions and foretell the coming of the shifting times.  Through parallel universes I fly, on a single Zuvuya track.  Vision is the source of my intelligence that sustains the Planetary whole.” 

SELI, Radial Plasma Type 2, has the action of FLOW, and it gathers in our Root Chakra.  Focus your attention on the Red Plasma there, as you say:   “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  Today we mentally construct the Base of the Cube.

Moon Day 16 relates to Seal Three (White Electric Wizard) and to Yellow Magnetic Warrior which codes the Heart Oracle of the 3rd Bolon Tiku.  Cube days 8-14 each correlate to the 7 year’s of the Mystery of the Stone, which are the 8th to 14th years of the final 16 Year Cube Journey ending in 2013.

Cube Ten:  Love,   “May the return of the Sacred Warrior bring Peace, Truth and Love to this afflicted Earth!”   The Tenth Seal is coded by the Dog, whose archetype is ‘The Compassionate One’.  “Love is my law.  I Radiate Goodwill to all beings in all kingdoms.  All heartpatience and kindness, this is the deepest all-pervading universal wisdom”

On the day coded by Seal 10, Overtone Dog,  in Week 10 of this Self-Existing Seed Year, ‘The Earth Shook’ with 3 devastating earthquakes, followed by other strong earthquakes and floods during the past week.  Survivors of fallen cities, Tsunamis and floods are still being resued.  On this Cube day coded by 10,  let’s send  extra Love and Compassion from our Hearts,  to the survivor’s of these devastating  tragedies.


5 thoughts on “Planetary Eagle (15.10) on Electric Seli 16; Cube 10

  1. the words “zuvuya track” triggered in me the urge to share with TMQ et all the page of dusan satory which gives such elementary images in its table …

    It sort of gives a clue what happens when a genious figure “rules by giving words” such as happens in entry 13 at cell 5:

    Twelve and the One
    The One which moves through All
    Microcosm, Macrocosm
    In this way, we Illuminate

    … quoting José Arguelles

    At another cell in this line we see some names of human beings “said to have reached that point for showing their state for being human”:

    CINEMA : tykwer, vinterberg, cronenberg
    WESTERN ARTS : motherwell, basquiat, maciunas, haring, judd, still, brancusi
    WESTERN MUSIC : john cage, cantrell, verdi, reich, sun ra, björk, bartók SCIENCE : einstein, lacan, tart, kurzweil, jung, boole, frege, hofstadter WESTERN PHILOSOPHY : illich, david lewis, conant

    can this be a relevant table to check up every now and then …, TMQ?

    ~~~ let me offer a suggestion …?

    Two groups of five
    Awareness’ join
    Acting as one
    In this way, we Cocreate

    inspires tone 10 …

    Well, enough said here …

    Thanks for your inspiration by bringing some clues and clue-mushrooming facts together , dear QueenY! Y’ûr S’ace on the morning of the first daya in kweek3 of moon3 ~ the VOIDkweek of DEERmoon in DRAGONyear: Sìrdaya meditatied with the vibration of ))) ~ biovoid ~ (((

  2. (see website on “mutations and adds” on previous comment)

    We, readers, are encouraged on “Extending the Blue Galactic Spectrum”. So, this is in my updated given in “muluck3” on the KweekSpell blog. This is how we coöpy <= cooperate ( not corporate! 😉 )
    The most easy answer i can give, as a reader, we extended the bodily vessel by integrating both earth and heaven : so the 7 chakra centres were extended into 9 ; and another perception takes the 7 as one – 1 – and there we are intertransconnected to the TRINITY EARTH ~ HUMAN ~ HEAVEN …

    Where HUMAN is as "the spirit force" in anything alive and given form on the planet (as we here allunderstand; ain't it!).


    16 MON DAY 16
    CUBE = TEN
    Unconscious Plane of Willl

    KIN094 – Electric Wizard AD1995-96
    Third Prophecy – Seal Three
    { symbol GAMMA <= function CHANGE / PERCEPTION / SEE DEEP / Intuïtion }

    13 Moons Peace fills the Cups … with Self Knowledge
    Cube Ten : Love (see character L similar as GAMMA symbol)

    "Pick Up the thread of Bolon Ik's 3rd WEaving, …"

    “May the return of the Sacred Warrior bring Peace, Truth and Love …!”

    ~~~ Week Three : Proclaim Victory of Prophesy

    In my cover of the card i picked up some words to keep the common focus straight from cleansed karmic/hidden programs … sort of sticking to the unconscious Plane of Will : GoodWill MoodWill WoodWill FoodWill ~ HoodWill

    Bolon Ik / Ix9 / Muluc1 guided and given timespace from Long Count Crystal Sun

  3. a synchronicity happens by number 10 and this very 1st daya of kweek 3 in deer moon – 3 – …

    this is only valid when we take 9 as the measure for a week … and on a similar way having 9 as the measure for accouning numbers where 10 is the first number for the 2nd serie of 9 (parallel to 2nd creation? as a thought …) which counts up till 18 (Shadowed by “81”)

    then this very day 16 is daya 19 in kweek, while kweek is defined as 3 days (estafette-bars?) before DreamSpell MapPings.

    And there 19 is the first daya of the third serie of 9 which counts up till 27 (shadowed by 72; which is the number of hours in exact 3 days/daya).

    SÌR is the honoring presence for SIRIUS in the kweeklabels given … and it is the “zero” daya where it calls for an empty cell by meditating the sound ))) ~ b i o v o i d ~((( … as a perfect mirror by shapes (here characters).

    ( express the v with as much elegance as you can produce )


    1 and 0 are at the very base for this type of exchanges … simply while the digitalized world is base on yes and no, mostly got by 1 and 0 on an electrical impulse …

    the electrical impulse is for all in the element of water … a cosmic given thing to this planet as a whole … in another whole …

    By chance i got this movie on water and a scientific narrative. Well, what is the reason science is always getting deeper in a thing and “never spells the outcome clear”?

    (work, time, “power”, houses, mice & men)

    but then what is the “Gandhi Family” world heading for by non-violence – also in scripts and articles exchanged ?

    Here the White Dog is relying on the power of the Heart Intelligence.
    An offspring for the Eagle to Envision Wires as Strings of Numbers.


  4. then how do we travel from worldview/departure station RINRI/Dreamspell into G(alactic)-view/arrival station KWEEK/Dreamspell with skilled crew and “proving” reliability at the screen where the passengers have gotten comforted in their chairs at some quality thought state in a map that gives the crystal clear measure unities?

    what, simply said by trusting what is at charge in this context, is the schedule of the sky(is-the-limit)liner BOLONiK delivering – right now?

    This is the 3rd kweek , so it is on the blindmans track labelled voidkweek.
    When the departure station is SELI and the arrival station is SELINOO then what is the blindmans road?

    Realize that SELI is at chakra 1 – the root – and SELINOO is at chakra 2 – the sacral – …

    We got into ROOT from the HEART (4) then it travels to the THROAT (to give a fertile YELL) to get down again above the ROOT into the SACRAL area … which is also the area for WATER ~ the PELVIS ~ the energy / information redux … and vice versa (!) …

    And from that we travel to PORTAL 6 : GAMMA / GAMMAY …

    But then the DEPARTUR station first has to accomplish all similation procedures and has to fill the skylinerjet to show off the trust’s spark for existence … however the worldbridger seal spells death as a perfect state for giving opportunity … for a “chance” and a “change” …


  5. an easy resonance … on O-vert-One Dog …

    when 14 has a God’s Guidance by 41 …

    then DOG has the similar by GOD …

    powered by the Heart

    Arriving at Solar Plexus with all Universes aligned!

    ‘) vert may indicate:
    V’earthicalendar Recharged by DreamSpell & P.A.N. Allies at Pace

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