Spectral Warrior on Day 3 of Week 3 of Moon 3

The Affirmation/Code Spell for today, Kin 76:  Yellow Spectral Warrior is:  “I Dissolve in order to Question.  Releasing Fearlessness, I seal the output of Intelligence with the Spectral Tone of Liberation.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”  Seal 16 is designated as the Pathfinder archetype, in “Book of the Timespace”.  Valum Votan and Stephanie South (whose combined signatures equal Magnetic Warrior) write of Seal 16:  “…I see ways not yet seen by others.  My fearless spirit clears obstacles along the way, so that others may follow paths of increasing intelligence…”

 The last line of today’s Postulate (16.11) is “…The zero-point of all radial measure and mass is defined by and as God.”  When we add 16.5 to the Kin coding this Moon (19.3) and this year (4.4), the result is a Galactic Activation Portal:  Blue Overtone Storm (19.5)  It’s Postulate states:  “The perfection of order of God is synchronically maintained by the universally ceaseless ratio of time, 13:20, and it’s functioning as the equation T(E)=Art, for which reason God is referred to as the Supreme Artist, the Architect of the Universe in all of its dimensional levels and orders of world systems.”

GAMMA  17   PACIFIES and concentrates in our Third Eye Chakra.  When we focus on our Third Eye and say Self-Declaration Three:  “My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.”,  we are referring to the inherent perfection and innate self-liberation of one’s being in the here-and-now,  moment to moment.  “I Attain the Power of Peace.”  On Day 3 of each week, we mentally construct  the Front of the Cube.

Moon Day 17 is coded by Seal Four, and Kin 199:  Self-Existing Storm.  The 4th Lost generation is Red Lunar Earth, which also codes the Heart Oracle of the Bolon Tiku of the 4th Year of the Mystery of the Stone, which was Lunar Wizard Year.  On this day we envision that “13 Moons Peace restores  the sacred vision of Heaven as the new social form”. 

Cube Eleven:  Magic;   “By my conscious Monkey power of Magic, may prophecy establish Victory of the 13 Moons as the righteous way of Heaven on Earth.”  “May Peace Prevail on Earth!”

May the themes recurring today, Peace and Divine Perfection, permeate your awareness and experiences. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Spectral Warrior on Day 3 of Week 3 of Moon 3

  1. next to this Spectral Warrior i offer here a/the meaning offered b the life of “Mahatma”: Gandhi, who was born on 4 days ago in this very Moon – which is vectorial always the same in 13Moon where Time “does not exist” however it is charged to articulate our vocabulary in understanding our Human Depths.
    And so we link this Visionary by Act to both the Spell of his Birthday as well to the Spell of the Eagle on this very Warrior Energetic Reconsideration …

    Mark: KIN192 is in the magic square of kin 72 – Resonant Human

    Yellow Planetary Human
    Yellow Southern Castle of Giving
    Earth family- Core Clan- Truth
    Galactic Activation Portal

    I perfect in order to influence
    Producing wisdom
    I seal the process of free will
    With the planetary tone of manifestation
    I am guided by the power of universal fire
    I am a galactic activation portal enter me

    bind that with this one and the one spelled in the article …
    by then we have 3 perfect affirmations on “the Legacy of Love”

    Blue Planetary Eagle
    White Northern Castle of Crossing
    Earth family- Polar Clan- Sky

    I perfect in order to create
    Producing mind
    I seal the output of vision
    With the planetary tone of manifestation
    I am guided by the power of abundance
    I am a polar kin I extend the blue galactic spectrum

    By this oracle spell two planetary forces are telepathically sent and thereby affirmed in this 3rd Moon, at this Dreamspell 3x3x3 …

    Where the affirmation of the Day is merged in that combination we have another 3, which makes the 3x3x3x3 equation a mysterious product from this very site at all readers sights and creative insights.

    81 is charged … = 3**4


    When we see the moontone cards in the TELEKTONON games cardset, then we know that MoonTones are Merged by a bar of 4 … which makes tone 11 go with 7 and 3 – they are connected by the spell. Other connections are also active as 1 – 6 – 11 where the bar of 5 reigns : they all have similar partners in the oracle set (analogue, antipode, occult, guide) ; the guide of this set of 1-6-11 (18) is always the same KIN.

    :{ note 81 is the shadow for 18 }:

    Similar bonds are noticed in the SEALSET where the whole TZOLKIN delivers a “minimum” / densed bond to clarify cooperation in a 13 to 20 matrix / carrying many tables to communicate with precision and implicit clarification out of “the Mist”.

    In this regard, from the Kweekspell Insights so far at the Arrival Station, the Pionearing Team Beams some foundings to the Departure Tower where Commanders “Plan”. There is a bar of 3 in the Seals that “skip” the Yellow Seal in this Red Kweek Year (which is Dragon One). Each Yellow Seal is a SyncDaya, so to say. In the outcome this setup functions similar as usual bar of 4 which aligns at colours. The extra attention goes for number 9 where in a series of 12 123567 91011 are synchronized by 4 8 12 into 13 (wave sync at red colour) , where we focus the wave. Think on a beading with coloured beads … and focus on the Red Serpent as the number 1 of this serie of 12/13 at charge. Here suddenly the leader of the current wave is acting as the chalenger of serpent (1 kin before worldbridger: this waves namegiver is thé warrior).

    Al this makes the White Mirror 13 in a few days the carrier of the Challenging Storm to come … A Sunflare charged from classic dreamspell affirmation(s). (9) ~ sundaya in kweekspell ))) ~ L I M I M A H ~ (((
    AH erlebnis fähig ~ as the germans say

    In elemental kweek it spells (12) in voidweek (centre 3 here)

    Do we have a choice in an energetic ursoup which navigates all ?

    LIMIMAH also refers to “mimes” and to the third tone in DOREMI… (the 5th/Beethoven) ; where as 5 is the information gathering centre from the 8 other numbers (0-8) and its is handed over to the pionears preparing “a death” as uniQue opportunity …

    En G’arde

  2. just a slight mislead was in last comment …

    “In elemental kweek it spells (12) in voidweek (centre 3 here)”

    then it has to be correctly stated by :

    “In elemental kweek it spells (10) in voidkweek (centre 3 here)”

    then a mislead may also have been a misslead which can be a Good Lead.

    I take this on as a GoodLead which affirms the relation vertical(endric) between 3.2 and 1.2 … where 3.2 points at daya 8 in the kweek: urdaya.
    DreamSpellWise this day of Warrior then InterTransConnects to Wind ~ Selfexisting and StormWaveSeal number 4 – the spiritual essence of breath: the soundexpressing pneumatic potential of Human Being and other Species Breathing Air in and out at a standard proced’ur=process d’ur and d’or 😉

    ~~~ addon triggered by this mislead

    given the 2 spells for the kweek in 4 and in 5 formation …
    it is similar as the 20 sunseal setup which has 4 to 5 seals (4+5=9).

    The standard formation with 4 numbers and 3 dots hides the elemental setup in 5 numbers. Eg. (9) :: (10)

    .2 in the first formation spells : daya 2 of 9 (the kweek)

    .2 in the 2nd formation spells : daya 2 of 3 (the kwel) in kwel 1 (voidkwel)

    Similar as the kweeknames the kwel has 3 phases that are labelled in order to communicate its function. The setup here has the same labels although they are vice versa. This means kweek has love~life~void and kwel has void~life~love …

    As Bolon Ik Phoen’ix9 i promote the idea love is the only void’s offspring and -vice versa- love’s offspring is (a) void in relational life (2hands; 2 feet; left hand right foot + reight hand left foot makes walking at ease)

    Having this formation within the entity we know as “the week” accomplishes the DreamSpell+ in elegance.

    All religions merge at instance ~ then whistle a song, a sound universe …


  3. GAMMA 17 PACIFIES at the departure station RINRI / DreamSpell / DNA64 / 28Plasmas / … (permutation)

    it prepares the return of Pacal Votan as Captain of the FLight catalyzed by his Urane Lover …

    who suggests to see 64 as 63+1=7 to 9 + 1 and
    28 as 27+1=3 to 9 + 1 …
    as catalysis for getting 9 fired as L’ordener of Time, Law of Time Ignition

    ~~~ the KweekQuelle …

    spells the 2nd daya in 3rd kweek, VoidKweek, as the SUNdaya which is aligned to the BlindMansWay to travel Chakra’s as a Universal Alternative.

    starts in the centre of that 7 inner mobile spots which is LIMIMAH, the cubic outcome from the LIMI spheric seal at the SolarPlexusDeparture … which lands in the Heart: ))) ~ L I M I M A H ~ (((

    the GAMMA vibration takes this vision in order to manifestate it at the flight when token as a current …

    Where “Bolon Ik” once stated “we are coordinating the 64 DNA with the 28 plasma energy types” it just pivoted during the flight into “we are coordinating the 63 (+1) DNA with the 27 (+1) plasma energy types” which seems to vibrate Moses 2 Stones … where 1 has 7 rules and the other one just 3 , total 10 commandments from a mountain …

    The general number binding those 3 and 7 is here 9 (simply while 3to9=27 and 7to9=63) … and +1 is both any new day and anyone who matters in the whole , U?

    The first nine communcated by the Tzolkin is 260+1=261=+1=Dragon One … the starter kin for the kweek navigated by Bolon Ik … where lunar wind and electric night communicate its spell simply by challenging spirit (communicate!) and abundant intuition (dream!) … that all confirmed in Seed 4 : Self Generative by Inherited Potential in a Kinethic Stream as Ursoup Manifesting Intelligence …


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