Galactic Activation Portal: Red Crystal Earth on Catalytic Blue Kali

Kin 77:  Red Crystal Earth  describes the heart of our planet, which is an 8-sided resonant iron Crystal core.  It stores the Radial Plasmas which enter through her poles,  and it contains the Red, White, Blue and Yellow Telepathic Time Atoms.  We are telepathically interacting with the Radial Plasmas and Time Atoms on a daily and weekly basis, in preparation for triggering the Circum-polar Rainbow Bridge by the end of the cycle.

The Affirmation for Crystal Earth is:  “I Dedicate in order to Evolve.  Universalizing Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am guided by the power of Universal Water.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.” 

 Today, both a G.A.P. and a Crystal day, represents a wonderful opportunity to connect with the Noosphere, the Center of the Earth and with each other, both telepathically, and in Crystal Round Table gatherings. In addition,  today is  saturated with the transforming, catalytic energies associated with Blue, the color of today’s Plasma, Catalytic Blue Kali,  in the middle of the third Blue Week of Blue Electric Storm Moon.

Radial Plasma 4, Catalytic Blue KALI, ESTABLISHES, and it gathers in our Secret Sacral Chakra, located below our navel.  Focus there, visualizing the potent transformative Blue plasma there and in our Earth’s Crystal core, as you recite:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”   Kali establishes the link between the triangular Sensory Quantum we created during the first 3 days of this week, and the Telepthic Quantum we will create over the next three days.  On the 4th day of each week we also visualize the Back of the cube.

Moon Day 18 is coded by Plasma Seal Five:  Alpha, and today represents the 5th lost generation called White Electric Mirror (the Kin coding Supreme Golden Maiden’s Heart Oracle)  We visualize the universal telepathy of 13 Moons of Peace releasing Earth from the illusion of money, making humanity a Cosmic race once again!

Cube Twelve:  Free Will;  “By my continuing conscious human power of Free Will, may prophecy release Victory of the 13 Moons as the Power of Humanity to regenerate the Biosphere!”  “May Peace Prevail!”

On the topic of Peace , a loyal reader pointed out that  the  man who still epitomizes Peace, Mahatma Gandhi, was born 140 years ago this Moon, Day 13.  Born on October 2,  1869, his Galactic Signature is Kin 192:  Yellow Planetary Human, a Galactic Activation Portal.  It’s  qualities of Wisdom, Influence and Free Will certainly apply to Gandhi, who fought so valiantly and non-violently for Freedom.   Here is a quote from Mahatma (Great Soul) Gandhi to galvanize us to become true  ‘Planetary Human’s, connected with each other and with our beautiful planet Earth: 

A small body of determined Spirits,  fired by an unquenchable Faith in their Mission, can alter the course of History!”  🙂


3 thoughts on “Galactic Activation Portal: Red Crystal Earth on Catalytic Blue Kali

  1. Nice to have this honorable notion of Bapu – Father of People , Mahatma Gandhi – here 😉 i, S’ace, puse that with another “Planetary Human”: Drunvalo Melchizedek who gives a “lecture” on the Serpent of Light in a series of clips here. I recommend it because it gives a different angle on the same thing that is charged by the DreamSpell.

    What is the difference in the Methods of Bapu, Drunvalo & DreamSpell?

    And how do they , 3 different angles a angels fuse … us – potentially all people, the variety of all individuals that all matter in potential by talents given?

    This as a focus for today , that might pop up in either this week or this moon (s the 4th Yellow week); it ripens by timespan, friction and ignition by psi.

    ~~~ Crystal Earth & Earth Crystal

    Are they either the same or similar or totally different principles?

    Serendipitous Hint may be a remark i received yesterday: In a story line i put the Fire against Earth, Water & Air and qualified Fire as Masculine and the other ones as Feminine. He said to slightly change Earth and Water as Hydrogine.
    Direct Question might be whether Air is Hydrogine too and they together function as the Feminine, Fruit Carrier, Principle.

    Crystal Earth is a DreamSpell specific label which refers to a cell out of 260 that sprouts an affirmation and a place / spot in many weavings.

    Crystal Earth is a mysterious phenomenon that might be talked about in the clip i linked in above (!). The energetic function of that might be in all crystals we use as “stilled water” which is no water at all but then one could fantasize on it as if it is “communicating ice”. This all is sort of telepathically and elegant send in the DreamSpell Affirmation: “I Dedicate in order to Evolve. Universalizing Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Crystal tone of Cooperation. I am guided by the power of Universal Water. I am a Galactic Activation Portal. Enter me.”

    Maybe both the clip (Drunvalo and the Ancient/Indigious Maya/Hopi) and this Dreams fuse in a similar event at the edge of being Born!

    And some individuals might by having a frictional, creative, outstanding life been capable to understand this deep down personally in a mission for the Planet as a Whole. But then the Power at Charge in the World and Telepathic Allies could not (yet) articulate the Message(s) at charge at the Direct Relevant Moments. The Trust Base was “Special” and kept secret because of “personal doubts” at the Commanders Chamber. But then they will all fuse in the thought “we are still learning” … and learning fuses in all teachings experienced personally, bilateral and at collective stage(s) merging in better nearing for the Truth.

    To me, Benelux Host / Ambassador for Arun Gandhi in may 2009, those thoughts do merge Bapu in the similar mission where he Touches the Earth with his “Hand of Bapu”.

    This Day is 18 in RINRI/Dreamspell … KALI18 …; 21 in Kweek: … MoonDaya: which gives vertical psi as a spy to KALI18 – the Catalytic Agent (3) who is binding the sensoric realms (1) and the telepathical ones (2) …

    Where to put the 3 agents Drunvalo, ValumVotan and Bapu?

    One might exchange the first impression from my view …

    Bapu on 1; Drunvalo on 2; Valum Votan on 3 ?

    Namasté s’ace / Bolon Ik typo from Dreamspell’ed

  2. Again & again i will give my honor to the pulses of TMQ as a living planet at an edge of becoming … tomorrowww 😉

    (i am aware of the fact some people qualify my journalism as selfish ~ which judgements are not to be countered wisely but – this is where times / instruments at charge changed – each living creature is pulled, pushed, pulsed to stand up for the talents at temples well/origin; and then the fish’ers time is closing / pivoting into waterman – agRee!?)

    ~~~ focus on this fractal vibration illustrated by TMQ:

    Cube Twelve: Free Will; “By my continuing conscious human power of Free Will, may prophecy release Victory of the 13 Moons as the Power of Humanity to regenerate the Biosphere!” “May Peace Prevail!”

    Cube Twelve gives a number that still is in the 13:20 noodigm which forms new sidelines for referencing sovereigns as all people and individuals are given to love their lives and live their loves, so to say. Why is that ?

    Well, the whole day as date has 2×12 hours … ; having affirmed this just as a practical reference to synchronize dates and meeting experiences it sets free the movement to let go the 12:60 formula – popular mis’take to be forgiven at instance while either “wir haben es nicht gewüsst” or “fixed ignorance at the decisive moments dominating” …

    Setting Free the Biosphere is from K’now onwards starting every list by 0 … as a vow to be with all people and especially the inner child … the clear & open mind …

    In this way i see the gone (sick?) husband of the current Dutch Queen Beatrix – Claus von Amsberg – as a Great successor of the Legacy of Love from Bapu … while he simply states: “the benchmark for acting is at each source of acting” …

    So this gets all Dutch People at the Crown of settling the New Coming King Alexander and his beloved Queen in spé Maxima (of Argentine Origin).

    Let the Silver shine above the G’old-en Rules … Namasté S’ace – Y’ur Bolon Ik Spiced Factor

  3. great how the BLUEs’ reverberates in this BLUE week !

    “… catalytic energies associated with Blue, the color of today’s Plasma, Catalytic Blue Kali, in the middle of the third Blue Week of Blue Electric Storm Moon.”

    While Memory Lane came back at some / fast growing / stations charged by Earthly InterTransConnected Human “Fellowwwers of the Ring” we remember the saying / call out of one of these streamy days in BLUE: “Any readers who can shed light on the meaning of the last line of this Code Spell are encouraged to do so.”

    While we are in the third Week of Blue Electric Storm Moon we can realize the fact that the starter kin of this moon is also “BLUE STORM” , a bloody wind character with light and thunder … as we “Fear” and “Fairy” … and mostly narrate about later as a great adventure experienced.

    This is what BLue Does Achieve in many temples energized by a given thing …


    Here it might be relevant to point at the ))) ~ KALIKEY ~ ((( sound in the KWEEK rise , while that one is at the 7th chakra portal … the CROWN aka CReative Owner of the Origin Temple at Charge ~ i.e. at the service station where it relates to humanity as a whole living entity.

    See KALIKEY in the Trinity where also BIOVOID and SILIAUM are as catalyzing agents in a Trinity Formation … Each one sort of partakes in a KWEL formation which telepathically is charged by 1 sensory charge – 1 telepathic charge – catalyzing agent as charge keeper/executing officer . There is no scripture/recepy (not to be mixed up with receptivity) for this while it is up to the Agent to give Motion at the Choice in Free Will …

    So You All ~ show the encouraged ion S’

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