White Cosmic Mirror (18.13) on Moon Day 19, Cube 13: PROPHECY

 The 13 tones of the 13 Galactic Signatures on the tomb of Pacal Votan (P.V. Clear Signs) all add up to 78, the Kin number of White Cosmic Mirror.   Synchronistically, 78 is a fractal of the 780 day Mars synodic cycle, and Day 19 (according to ‘Telektonon’ and the ‘7:7:7:7’) is related to Mars. Minutes ago, two earthquakes struck Vanatua near Australia, and one was measured as a 7.8, a smaller fractal of today’s Kin 78.  This serves to remind us that the Earth’s Heartbeat (known as Schumann’s Resonances) is  7.8  Hz.

The Affirmation/Code Spell for Kin 78, White Cosmic Mirror states:  “I Endure in order to reflect.  Transcending Order, I seal the matrix of Endlessness with the Cosmic tone of Presence.  I am Guided by the power of Spirit.” 

The placement of Cosmic Mirror on Day 19, Cube 13 was underscored this morning by a Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake in the Celebes Sea off of the Phillipines. The initials of C. and S. (3 and 19) correspond to the Kin number coding this Moon:   19.3, Electric Storm.  The  significance of 6.7,  which coded the day of The Mystery Queen’s activation,  will be shared when she reveals more about  the three 6.7 Earthquakes that happened in the last quarter  (Occult Watch) of last year, which was also coded by  Blue Electric Storm.  The 6.7 earthquake this morning occurred at 14.41 past the hour.  Those numbers encapsulate the 441 (Cube Matrix), the 144, and 41, the number known as the ‘Interval of God’.  Fortunately, this earthquake did not cause casualties, and on Day 19, Cube 13 it reminds us of Postulate 19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

Electric (3)  ALPHA (19)  also ‘mirrors‘ the Kin coding this Mo0n.  ALPHA RELEASES, and this Chromatic Yellow Plasma gathers in our Throat Chakra.  Focus your attention there, as you state:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”   Today, we build the Right side of the Cube. (Like Alpha, our planet seems to be ‘releasing‘ lots of energy today in these earthquakes.) 

Moon Day 19 is related to Seal Six, and is coded by Kin 149:  Red Rhythmic Moon. (The combined Galactic Signatures of Valum Votan (11) and The Mystery Queen (138) equals Kin 149.)  The Telektonon card for today mentions “Victory of the White Horse”, and the huge White Horse embedded in a hillside in England has attracted many crop circles to  it’s vicinity!  Today we envision the 13 Moons Peace way of universal telepathy becoming the path of biospheric restoration.

Cube Thirteen:  Prophecy;   “By my continuing conscious Skywalker power of Prophecy, may Prophecy purify victory of the 13 Moon’s Way as the Triumph of the Religion of Truth.”  “May Peace regenerate the Biosphere!” 

The White World-Bridger Wavespell ends tonight.  Wavespell Six was filled with turbulence in the form of earthquakes, storms and floods.  There were also various  unique synchronities during this 13 day Wavespell.  For example, this is the last day where the Gregorian day and month will add up to the day’s Seal, and the day’s Tone will match the Day of the Cube.  At Midnight, we begin Wavespell 7, which is coded by Blue Magnetic Storm, on Day 20 of Blue Electric Storm  Moon.

Until then, let’s appreciate the many synchronicities associated with this Cosmic Mirror day  🙂

3 thoughts on “White Cosmic Mirror (18.13) on Moon Day 19, Cube 13: PROPHECY

  1. Mirroring the Moon code is a property that spins from the bivid-decodex , which is simply A-M=Z-N=1-13 … this makes Moon in numbers 13 12 12 13

    The middle part of the numeric revelation speaks for the number of hours a day …

    The outer part speaks for 2 half moon cycles between new moon and full moon accounting those days as day out of moon … so here 26 is actually lived by us as 28 … And 26 is in a dominant alphabet on the planet simply while that has a stable frequency at 26 – which is an intelligent force elegantly expressing itself.

    When one observe N & Z the torso is in that transformation … but then is it just comfortly 90 degrees or working harder 270 degrees or even minus 270 degrees … and how is this in a partnearship adventure experiencing spirals ad colors / rainbows?

    White Sunseals can have MIRROR as the GUIDE at various MoonTones …
    Given Bolon Ik it spells MIRROR as a SWORD with 2 sharp sides “cutting spiritual materialism” … exactly what is needed right now in this very MooN … Excalib’uR

    Although the Mirror of Tone 9 spells 5 : one bar in mayan notation …
    The notation from 13 gives a bar doubled and the electric force to that …
    So given this formulation 5 (centre point for gathering) is doubled in 13 and the service is guaranteed by THREE – “the boddhisatva tree” also labelled as the TriNiTy … see how 14the character is in that words centre!
    (then even i and T are at both sides; R is the eye and Y the Questioning Action by Intelligent Radiance <= "mirror mirror on the wall, who …")


    note the Dreamspell Day 19 and its "psimenu-force" KweekSpell 22 …
    (Mohammed/Quran and Bolon Ik/Q'urõn? 😉 )
    together : 41 ~ as the shadow for 14 … the human hand … s that cling to~gather

    namasté ~ beget the crystal clear thoughts delivered by KiN077 ! at Presence Seal of the WorldBridger Wave … (Arun Gandhi -Bapu's 5th GrandChild- is a Worldbridger! and wrote "Legacy of Love")

    Y'ur agent on FAdaya / in DeeR MooN

  2. Having mentioned this bivid-decodex it sort of is in Line with the Vitruvian Man made explicit and universal as a decode for the human body and cosmic ratio by Leonardo da Vinci. Maybe not neat to illustrate this ratio in a “ego-document” but then times did change and actually it is modest to show awareness on a journalistic shift that just happened by shifting paradigms in communication modes that just flow as they do …

    To illustrate this presence of the bivid-decodex mirroring mechanism in the Alphabet itself … we see for ALPHA … , just give a character its numeric value from the decoding system at charge – AZ=ZN=1-13:

    ALPHA = 1 12 11 8 1 makes the sum of 33 which is 20+13

    and of course it -33- is also 22 +11 , 28 + 5, etc.

    So we see you can merge a characterstring into a number – a vibration … the way back creates multiple outcomes … this is similar as someone having an idea , sends it to the world and then … (we all here recognize this, dont we) : cacophony and Babelonic Mesh Spreads … while the listener(s) were not in an integer contact preserving the frequency and its context / sphere / “purepose”

    Rule here is : “a frequency can never betray itself , it always finds its way out on the planet as a whole”

    This is a deep down fact that communicates the change from a planet on Polar Consciousness into Unity Consciousness – as affirmed in the Drunvalo Tapes (see day18 comments / link)

    Mirroring Bapu ~ Drunvalo ~ Valum and all 4th muscetears aligned as open mind … makes one cry in streamy human water which is as a mirror that shows a rainbow from the heart …

    see that stream as from a great laugh … :-)))

  3. as a kweek reference – a mirror – one can observe this cube … similar to rubics cube but then no colors – simply 9 numbers in various formations …

    a sure thing for each cube is it total number which never changes: 45

    and we know this number for it spells the number of sunseals: 4 to 5 : 20

    By having this number multiplied by 13 … we created the 7th column in TZOLKIN carpet as a mirror holding the numbers in a balance and affirming the magic squares … (nice characters in a sequence S Q R and S again)

    4 and 5 also vibrate 9 (sum) and 1(gap) …

    The we also know gap from GAP … Galactic Activation Portal … is as Oneness …

    As this day 19 has a gap of 1 with its kin number 18 … and kin number 18 bridges by 1 to both the Earth and the Storm inspecting the sunseals on their number in a Queue … This i – personally – classify as a horizontal method of ordering what is see ; which differs from the vertical method which varies its distance and in the cubes9 picture given above it fixes its bar to the number 3 … all vertical lanes have a distance from the central number to the numbers above and below at measure 3 …

    This opens a clear mind on all things that might entangle minds in a friction on a sudden thing that happens – which seems to get fire on emotions … and mesh.

    in peace at a pace of 1 and 3 … “d’Artagnan”
    (and 9 and 27 😉 )

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