Kin 80: Yellow Lunar Sun on Electric Silio 21

 On Lunar Sun, both the Sun and the Moon are in the news, each in a way related to the Plasmas we work with in the ‘7:7:7:7′  practice.  Today, in a bid by ‘Astro-particle Physicists’ to inform the public about cosmic particles, a giant cosmic-ray detector has been mounted on Paris’s tallest building.  For the next week,  each night, the cosmic-ray detector will display a ‘cosmic opera’ as it reacts by lighting up each time it detects muons (sub-atomic particles) coming from the Sun (or beyond).  

Also today is the (good) news that the ‘bombing of the Moon yesterday produced unspectacular results.  While most of the public is disappointed, scientists are  happy because their bizarre ‘experiment’ (relatively cheap at $79 million and performed on Kin 79 🙂 ) revealed ‘chemical signatures in the light waves’.  Both of these events serve to confirm the Plasma Universe Model of creation, as described in the ‘7:7:7:7  Telektonon Revelation’ by Valum Votan.

Lunar Sun’s Affirmation states:  “I Polarize in order to Enlighten.  Stabilizing Life, I seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the Lunar tone of Challenge.  I am Guided by the Power of Free Will.”

SILIO 21 is Radial Plasma Type 7, and this White Plasma has the action of DISCHARGE.  It gathers in our Heart Chakra. Place your hands on your Heart as you say:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”   On the 7th day of each week, we put ourselves/spirit Inside the Cube we telepathically created during the first 6 days.  Now, let’s go to the Center of the Earth, where the Red White and Blue Telepathic Time Atoms we created this Moon are stored, along with the 7 Radial Plasmas.  From the Heart of the Earth, and from our own Hearts, let’s Radiate Love, Wisdom and Healing to our Earth and all of her inhabitants, and beyond to all of Creation.   Blue Week Three,  correlates to the ‘Power of Cosmic Death’, and it ‘bestows the power of the Second Creation of Earth, Immortality of the Soul’

Moon Day 21 correlates to the current period of time, 2000-2011, during which we envision/manifest the Establishment of the noosphere as the Kingdom of heaven on Earth, with Humanity attaining full 4th-dimensional self-understanding, in part through our return to nature.

Cube Day Fifteen:  Vision;  “By my telepathic conscious Eagle power of Vision, may the 13 moons Peace Way restore the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as the promised Second Creation Peace!”

Today’s Gregorian date of 10/10  was seared into the memory of The Mystery Queen five years ago, on Blue Planetary Eagle (15.10).  The day before, on  Saturday,  during the 9 hour solo drive from Las Vegas to her home, she noticed over a dozen 9s and 13s, (mainly on route numbers and mileage signs).  She took it as a signal to begin writing, as the computer message of 9/11 (see post written on Sep.11, 2009) had instructed.  She began writing that night, and continued writing the next morning. 

She left her home on Sunday afternoon, returning at 9:15.  When she walked into her living room, her computer screen was displaying hundreds of lines of text, in the same font,  beginning after the last word she had written earlier that day.   The first 40 or so lines repeated:  9:11 P.M. 10/10/2004; followed without a space by 40 or so lines saying 9:12 P.M. 10/10/2004, followed by the same amount of lines for 9:13 P.M. 10/10/2004 and 9:14 P.M. 10/10/2004. The Mystery Queen concluded that the lines of text were left by the same entities who left the enigmantic message on that same computer 29 days earlier.  She interpreted it as confirmation that she was meant to write about what began happening when she discovered the ‘Truth’ of the  13 Moon Calendar and the 13:20 Codes. 

 The two  unusual messages on her computer (on 9/11/2004 and 10/10/2004) are the only events shared in these blogs that cannot be proven.  Everything else to be shared here, such as crop circles, numbers, celestial and terrestrial events can be verified and will serve to add credibility to the messages.  They were powerful enough to suddenly propel The Mystery Queen on her unfolding mission to the other side of the world, and to  begin  writing  publicly through this blog.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Kin 80: Yellow Lunar Sun on Electric Silio 21

  1. When i aM right a Great Walk in the Mission for 100 years NonViolence / 140 Years Mahatma Gandhi Birthday / 40 Year Eternal Life Years from 1 Man will happen and last on January 2, 2010 ~ Yellow Galactic Seed in Self Existing Seed Year as a Current … – Kin164

    This is in Line with the Greater Mission at charge and charged by attention and intend from a vast growing crowd determined to beautify our common language in speak and embrace many relationsships in the spirit of Bapu’s Legacy to All Minds that Matter …

    Indeed at any Departure Station surrendering for the Walk Y’ur Talk Mission each one might affirm this “Lotus” – nick for Padmasambhava – Mantra: “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha. I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”


    At the Arrival station the whole living world may be changed to another reality … . As a pionear(inG-in Galactic Mission) i pledge you to understand this “provocation” that in non-violent terms is just a vow Quest:

    LIMI and SILIO change position: LIMI becomes/is the symbol for the Heart:

    simply see the syMbol and realize how 2 humans as lovers are always on a walk by a wave , a string , a mystery intend vow ; and each one of us can have many relationships that are Maintained and Mentally Discharged in Contacxt with the Centre of the Earth – our beloved Blue Planet. Here it is a given thing that those last 7 days guided by TMQ’s acting are in the Light of the Blue Galactic Spectrum which is responded by all Water Molecules … where Many of them are in all living creatures as Man carries over 60% in its Temple of the Element as the Elemental Grail … G-rail : Galactic Railway Bridging what is in fact an iMManent Given Thing of Beauty ~ “the other one” …

    ~~~ P=16 and M=13, add up to 29

    … and they also hide 3 as their bounding & bouncing bar : 16-13

    remember the 16 DNA codons in 64 Quarters …

    we are about to end up the 1st Codon of the 13th Year …!
    Next Day we start the 12th week of 13 in a Quarter …
    Here the 1st -RED- week of the 4th Moon digests the 3rd and 4th Moon in a Gulf which also includes the accomplishment of the StorM WaveSpell at MonKey13: october 21 bridges this very day 21 : 13Moon21 : Silio21

    Have a Good Walk Talk!

  2. hmmm this P.M. puzzles me and it is charged by number 29 …

    number 29 always is connected to the leapday number in february – the timekeeper (11)

    then 11 is a hidden figure in capital M … and it hides V for Victory …

    See the Telektonon cards for the 4th week : Victory … guided by baPu Mahatma 😉 with quite some creative iMaginations Gathered …

    P for the Magic / Mysterious Pi ~ that Mathematically Protects the Circles Infinite Perfection …

    PM for Peoples Minds … Unifying from Polar Consciousness into the Grail of Unified Consciousness where the Peoples Memory Lane Glorifies each temple at Vast Pace and Peace Alliances …

    Curious what PM’s are Posted and Cherishing the Elegant Postings … here and everywhere – all around the globe – our beloved pulsing planet Earth – Velatropa 24.3


    • Greetings S’ace,

      How interesting to learn today that Pres. Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize, while your World-Bridger friends’s grandfather, did not. TMQ is glad you encountered CHC Vol.V. Your comment expressing puzzlement aboutthe p.m. led toher learning a little more aboutit. We are dividing the 24 hour day into 4 watches/quarters beginning at Midnight.The Latins divide it into 2 12 hour periods. Noon is the meridiem, so a.m is ante meridiem (before noon). P.M. is Post Meridiem. Thank you, for your daily contributions of serendipidity, mysteryand enlightenment. And yes, the Mystery Weaver welcomes pictures. Her next technological challenge is making that happen here. Namaste

      • there is another phenomenon on P and M that stroke my mind:
        in bivid decodex P is 11 and M 13 : 24 together

        24 26 28 and 27 speak from the fingers and toes:

        24 is 2 x 12 bones in the fingers (thumb is no finger has 2 bones)

        feet have 9 bones in the fingertoes … (3)
        a foot has 2 thumbs of 2 bones
        in total as foot has 13 bones : 9 + 4: 13
        26 is the number of bones in feet

        28 is 4 bones more from 24 because of the thumbs adding 2×2 (bolon ik factor)

        Then what is 27?
        27 is the dynamic – as 1 wing of a bird (birth?)
        When you walk right hand and left foot go together and vice versa left hand and right foot : as wings with both 27 bones out of the palm of the hands/feet

        To me they fit very good on this day 80 … Lunar Sun – but then why in words?

        80 vibrates the infinite lemniscate and is part of the figue 81 that is speaking for itself as 80+1 where it expresses the new day/human as +1 . Here i offer the number 28 as 27+1 formula …

        21 is heading for 27 as an accomplishment of a WING … and then day 28 is the bird as birth that binds it to the other wing : 2 moons fly tohgether by the expression of day 28 as a 0 : the 7th column attuning the left 6 and the right six into 260 tzolkin cells.

        Here comes the Sun …


  3. On Prizes …

    “How interesting to learn today that Pres. Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize, while your World-Bridger friends’s grandfather, did not.”

    Does this speak for the President, the man Obama, the committee gathering for an apointment?

    Maybe the best appointment was to let the price go for a year or address it to the first earthquake victims above 7.9 on the planet ~ then the people see how some of the whole are suffering for the planets sickness and at instance natural healing expressions … ( did you see Drunvalo’s Messages? )

    Politics is about leading the people from a states empire … what the Nobel Committee has to do is built up Knowledge … they are no Olympic Committee handing over medals to winners in a sportgame …

    But then – in another dimension where we speak – the people still walk the planet for bapu … ‘s acts and show offs as you and me.

    Maybe to me the Tahirih Medal Counts as a gift from behind the Central Sun given and brought to me by the Designer Herself.


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