Magic Turtle Day: Electric Dragon Day in Electric Storm Moon

Red Electric Dragon, Kin 81 (9×9)  is notable for several reasons.  Today is the ‘Solar-Galactic Return’ for Valum Votan, meaning that his Solar birthday was 260 days ago.     The 5 part oracle for Kin 81 (1.3)  includes a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  11.3, Electric Monkey is the Challenge.  The Analog is 18.3, Electric Mirror, which codes the Heart Oracle of the most recent Bolon Tiku to be awakened:  Supreme Golden Maiden.  The Guide is 5.3, Electric Serpent which is the galactic signature of Stephanie South.  Valum Votan will be experiencing the energy of the Electric Dragon until his next birthday on Resonant Moon Day 15 which is also the beginning of the second half of Self-Existing Seed year.

The Affirmation for Red Electric Dragon is“I Activate in order to Nurture.  Bonding Being, I seal the input of Birth with the Electric tone of Service.  I am Guided by the Power of life Force.”  The  Postulate for 1.3 states:  “The frequency of time,  13:20, remains constant throughout all phases of the evolutionary spectrum, maintaining synchronic order through all phases simultaneously.”

Moon Day 22 begins the Fourth Yellow Week, when we build the Telepathic Yellow Time Atom.  DALI is the Radial Plasma Type 1, which TARGETS.   Focus on your Crown Chakra where Yellow Dali concentrates, and say the sacred affirmation for Day 1 of each week:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Today we build the first side of this Moon’s 4th and final Cube by visualizing the Top of the Cube.

Telektonon Day 22 correlates to 2012, when we envision the Warrior’s Cube of Intelligence Complete.  Pacal Votan’s power of 13 Baktuns is fulfilled by the power of the 9 Lords of Time.  The telepathic redemption of the lost planets becomes the source of never-ending Victory! 

Cube Sixteen:  Intelligence is the final day of our 16 day Cube Journey, telepathically undertaken every 28 days, partly to reinforce the 16 Year Cube Journey that ends in 2012.  “By my instinctual conscious Warrior power of Intelligence, may I bring all of humanity to the New Jerusalem of Universal Life.”  “By the Power of the Cube, may Peace Prevail!”

May this Magic Turtle Day at the end of Moon Three’s Cube Journey bring you  Peace and Joy!  🙂

4 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Day: Electric Dragon Day in Electric Storm Moon

  1. While KweekSpell is 3 days/kin a’head and a’lead of the DreamSpell Memory Stick at many many (more) Temples Awakening we might be aware of a double cube situation at charge:

    Kweekspell is oriënting Moondaya 25 – which is cube 5×5 …
    This while DreamSpell / Telekton’on is on 16 , cube 4×4 …
    This sort of means to be on a 20×20 cube as well …,
    which may point towards 2 bodies accomplished their healing spins.
    (a body is a whole permutation of all seals: 4×5=20)
    From the DNA perspective of 4x4x4=64 …; each single individual might at moments come through at any cell at intervals : first moments but then getting adapted towards the “arrival” stations conditions longer periods of full bliss can be experienced. Here both the numbers of 64×2/128 and 64×4/256 are portals into the full 260×260 relationship : as a catamaran & “libelle” (an insect with 4 wings)

    nb: note a LibeLLe has 3 x L – symbol of change and a GAMMA sign – in its notation as weLL in its SOUND. When we see L as a representation for QuetzaLcoatL and 270 degrees we see 3×27=81 mushroom the whole universal body in a 9 – as the most densed number (re)presentation.

    ~~~ DALI is as a plus and a circle on the 1st day of PADMA’s dep~art~ur …

    Kweekspell notes as – WINDdaya /
    So see how WINDdaya fits very well on this 22th day in DREAMspell setup. That is where KweekSpell and Dreamspell interfer and communicate their Quanta and at instance order that what has to be solved by mysterious forces fusing galaxies. This precise according the Telektonon Visions commanding Bolon Ik and Pacal Votan spirituals to cooperate the interventions.

    IMIX is also an IX symbol token simply from its LABEL which shows IX …

    IM may stand for I’M – I AM – and also for other popups at any station as “In Memorial” and “Intergalactic Mobile” and such – with the smiles winking 😉 😉

  2. “Telektonon Day 22 correlates to 2012”
    can also be written as
    “Telektonon Day 22 correlates to 2013”
    while december 2012 is in moon 6 regarding the popeular Gregorian Number 2013 which pops up at Januar and counts for its current earthcycle pointing to the Birth Of Jesus Christ.

    Here we can better observe number 20 and 13 where 20 is “hiding” number 21 , its century number. Next century number will be 22.

    13 is similar to notation 1.3 which gets a focus on Electric Dragon … which drags and carries a unique spirit at command – every one counts into the whole (maybe conditioned by its self~generated internal order).

    While from a Stormwave perception all 13 Seals here mat(t)erialize i point at seal 5.7 which is the attuning force at charge: Resonant Serpent – Kin085 (13).

    Seeing a deeper LifeForce is activating it (at number 26 = 25+1) on multiplex stations weaving LOVE ~ LIFE ~ VOID kweeks into its synchronizing KIN. In kweekspell this KIN arizes in 3 KIN at 25+3=28, Glorydaya and Daya of Moon Experience Pionearing the DreamSpellPilots.

    In La’kech ala Kin

  3. “Red Electric Dragon, Kin 81 (9×9) is notable for several reasons.”

    makes me think to number 91 : a quarter of 364 … the marker for seasons as reasons reigned by solstices and equinoxes …

    91 is 10 x 9 + 1

    the perfection of 10 is about the shared 20 that vow and fuse in 10: 20/2=10
    and 9 is about the timefractal based on 3:
    the inner 3 is within 9 as 3×3 and the outer 3 is merging 3 9’ers in 27 … 28 is numerically 10, the fusing 10 and 0/zero that makes 2 moons cooperate as the wings of a bird – take the albatros … who travels the planet on the winds of winddaya (this kweekspell marker for daya 7)

    7 is a fractal of the jewish star , just 1 angle as an angel …

    “Drag on” is as a command to a carrier … ; who might question what is to be dragged from where to what destiny … ; who is interested in all those adventures at the end … ; who has time left / interest to exchange with what origin as a company communicating “what” as a tradewind blowing its weather … electrifying “waterbags” full of bones that make a sound.

    may it be that 7:7::7:7 has pivoted into 9:9::9:1 at the arrival station where the newborn baby is delivered and nurtured by the 9-vibrated food.

    nurture and turtle fuse on “ur” and “tur” where Tur is a german word for Door , or maybe Portal … . Can you imagine the destiny was never that close because the idea for understanding just came in as catalyser enduring the whole flight from a 3 to 7 kin timespan that at 16 – moonsday 22 fuses in surrendering.

    3foldbow ))) (((

    New Jerusalem as the crown of divine intelligence worn by every human?

    “by the power of the triangles that cube octogonal, may peace prevail at attuned paces”

  4. that cube octogonal might be able to share by this image

    then TMQ give a signal when the pages allow pictures …
    i think it is good advice to make that seeing the pictures an option for the viewer … when this is a option from technological boxes ruling the pocket 😉


    yesterday i was signalled by this number 080 …
    i think it takes 2 to tango when communicating …
    in rinri we take North and South poles of the human being in the dialogue at the temples vessel as a reference board … so it is the body catalyser reverberating all orients electrical stimulated experiences as temporarily images building sentences, paragraphs and articles as wholes … (arousing)

    that relationship is a mirror which brings 2 x 260 / 13 is 40 cells as 20 twins merging …

    the lovers side and fusing insight delivers another 40 making it 80 at a width and again 20 = 4×5 (9) at the unities board as a playable key-board for the unity – 1 – … 0 ~ zero attuned gaps : as galactic activated portals …

    this is bridGinG (19 … ) 22 via 25 into 28 ~ glorydaya (coordinating vessel by pilots naviGation)

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