Kin 83: Blue Overtone Night on Electric Gamma 24

The  Affirmation for today is:  “I Empower in order to Dream.  Commanding Intuition, I seal the input of Abundance with the Overtone tone of Radiance.  I am guided by the Power of Magic.” 

From ‘The Dynamics of Time’  by Valum Votan, here is the Postulate for Overtone Night:  “3.5:  “Within the Galactic Brain is the radial matrix of Fourth-dimensional Time by which the forms of order common to all four quadrants of time and consciousness are projectedAll forms of order within the Galactic Brain are projections of radiative geometries.”  

Since we live in a holonomic creation,   Postulate 3.5 applies to all structures, including our brain, and each 24 hour day.  There are five parts to each Galactic Signature/Day.  The four quadrants are the 6 hour periods coded by the 4 Watches beginning with the Midnight to 6 a.m. period called the Analog (today that is 16.5, Overtone Warrior) and ending with the Occult, 6 p.m. to Midnight. (today:  18.9, Solar Mirror)  At the center is the ‘Heart’ of each day,  which radiates or overtones the 4 ‘quadrants’ composing the day. 

Dreamspell:  The Journey of Timeship Earth 2013”  defines the Fifth (Force or Tone) as the  ‘Matrix Overtone which holds the center; … Time as inter-dimensional radial matrix which sprockets the G-Force.”  We are rapidly transitioning from the third dimension into the 4th Dimension of Time.  An integral part of that evolution is for Humanity to realign ourselves with the harmonic 13 Moon Calendar and the 13:20 Synchronic Codes.

Day 24 of Moon 3  corresponds to the number for our Sun:  Star 24 in the Velatropa sector of our Galaxy, and the 3rd planet orbiting inside her Heliosphere:  Earth = 24.3.  Does anyone know which quadrant of the Galactic Brain we occupy?

GAMMA  PACIFIES, and the White Radial Plasma Type 3 gathers in our Third Eye Chakra. As we focus our attention on this Chakra, we recite:  “My Lineage is the Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  Gamma forms the 3rd part of the  Sensory Quantum for Yellow Week Four.  Today we also mentally construct the Front of the Cube.

On Day 24 in the Telektonon,  we focus on the number ‘4‘.   4 + 20 = 24, and 4 x 6 = 24.  In the Telektonon cosmology, this is the day that Bolon Ik telepathically transmits ‘her  telecosmic number power of Cosmic Form (4) to Pacal Votan as they begin their parallel 4 day walks back to their beginning and starting point for each Moon.  In 5 days, we will begin the 4th Moon of Cosmic Form. 

On this Overtone Night  falling on the  ‘Gamma  day’ of  Peace,  let’s Magically Radiate the Dream of Peace and  Abundance,  throughout the Cosmos!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Kin 83: Blue Overtone Night on Electric Gamma 24

  1. 24 interconnects 27 on the vertical interval … which has SOUL – quality as a focus on a moonbase rhythm – the galactic heart at navigation … affirmed by a soul that allows some guidance enduring the life sequence that makes us wonder …

    As a revelation from this Night’s Guidance it brings me to an interesting writing – in our timespace of interest and initiation – about Rudolf Steiner. I recommend the p’art on “the portal of initiation in the section on Art as Sprititual Activity” – page 238 (13). Sharing such “ancient writings” is about healing and interconnecting “the knights” as planetary – transgalactic – warriors.

    ~~~ on 24

    Interesting this Question for the Quadrant of the Galactic Brain we occupy.
    Maybe this also reflects the question whether we either always will occupy one quadrant or travel the Galactic Brains either by dreams or in a timespace-sequenced spin.

    2×4 gives 8 – a lemniscate form getting it horizontal as in GOODdaya, a daily greeting that includes the kweekspells intend.

    24 is about 2 whole cycles on ebb and flood, and each cycles has 4 phases : totally a day has 2×4=8 phases that influence all peoples emotional receipt from an earthly electrical weaver. The 4 are: ebb – low water – flood – high water . And the curious wonder why this happens twice each day because the moon just has “one cycle” across the planet VelaTropA 24.3 . Why is that?

    I got an attention on the V T A characters in the word VelaTropA in order to get triggering meaning where :

    V is about Victory and Peace at a Universal & Unique Pace

    T is about abundance, TriniTy & Wind : winding roads on the stairway to heaven

    A is often the sound we express to attune the heart, all hearts in a gathering building the sphere for a digestive & fruitful exchange.

    5 is the second best number in strenght – it centers 0-1-2-3-4-6-7-8 and serves nine. 0/zero is included here as the 1st condition to meet when getting cooperative : it is the greeting and meeting in the eye – portal for spiritual engagement.

    6 has a form that either leaves the center by earth and gets skyhigh or the other way around.

    9 has a form that either leaves the center skyhigh and gets into the earthcrystal – bodily spoken the hara – or the other way around.

    6 & 9 represent the double helix – the whole intelligence exchange from the knowledge booked in many forms by now and knowing the “clock interval”.

    ;-D in la’kech ala kin

  2. Card 24 tells

    “From here, step 24, Bolon Ik sends her telecosmic number power of cosmic form to Pacal Votan to help him complete his Earth Walk, card 5”

    While i, Bolon Ik spiced human & divine given being, am a man it seems not to fit to be hold for a woman, which often is the privilege to a physical woman. But then we learned to weave both Qualities as horizontal and vertical oriënted vectors that generate the diagonals as universal & general intelligent force as a whole human being.

    Step 24 seems to express the clock which is designed to promote the 12:60 manifestation which we know as the clock – a word that rhymes to “Lock” ; it even expresses “C” lock – as if the hidden code spells the eye to be locked …

    And this is GAMMA daya – 3rd day of the TELEKTONON week that spells GAMMA PACIFIES ~ and we also know the Pacific Ocean refers to the Silence to be experienced in such a vast natural area/sphere. GAMMA is the keeper of the Third Eye Chakra … and this is the key chakra which navigates all the other ones at the arrival station into the alternate navigation system for how to order all the traffic. This is given in a special core station to be breathed on when the time is there at that solar vessel.

    On 24 again …

    We are guided in the CARDs by the quarter formation 4×6 commands … but then BOLON IK helps to complete and offers 3×8 as another interpretation for 24 – twenty four. 8 = 2x2x2 = 2**3 (two powered by three!)

    Here the infinite number of 8 is 3 times circles on a “clock” , on a “watch” … a dreamwatchers “wrist”. Here the watch has 8 directions for the WIND … and it circles 3 times in 24 hours … . Here one might experience the factor 3 as a feminine weaver of time and its quality by Mother Earths Spin.

    When the new time cycle frequency is experience is adapted we could evaluate what happened to the timesphere as a memory traffic referential systemic. Later?

    For the moment i again related this 3×8 solution to number 27 , simply bacause that one is 3x(8+1) … and fuses at 3x(8+1)+1 which equals 3x(3×3)+1 as the ceremonial day for everlasting fire – intend & compassion & clearvoyance.

    “Superconscious Power of Prophesy”

    at your service , S’ace a.k.a. Bolon Ik Ix9 MULUC1- moon3 & 12

  3. at the edge of 25 (and 28 in kweek) i saw the c’lock bug from the solution …

    (great news!)

    lets us see for the digits …

    24 = 8 to 3 where 8 is 2x2x2=2**3 (trinity power invoked)

    while we are danced in a world where the clock cycles 2 times for 8 quarters each sliced in 3×5 minutes , 900 seconds …

    Then we see for another combination … the Wind Watch Omega Point where we divide 900 seconds in 2 Quarterhalves of 450 seconds – that can be sliced into 9×50 seconds or 5×90 seconds as measure.

    450 = numerical 9 and synchronizes the bigger memory picture at 27 … 9 , 3 and 1 where 5 is the number to center information and 9 the one that navigates on that information as energetic redux from a multiplex traffic.

    The kweekspell blog narrates further on the presence of number 25-28 and 29-32 on that watchdevice.

    ))) ~ gaMMaY ~ (((

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