Yellow Rhythmic Seed in 12th Yellow Week of Yellow 4 Seed Year

Today marks the 5th Vinal Meditation of Self-Existing Seed Year.  “That Reaches the Foundations”  follows the first 4 Vinals:  “The One who knows”  “Listens in Silence”  “In order to Integrate the Universe”  “Based on Knowledge”…”That reaches the Foundations“.

The Code Spell/Affirmation for Kin 84, Rhythmic Seed is:  “I Organize in order to Target.  Balancing Awareness, I seal the input of Flowering with the Rhythmic tone of Equality.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

When the Seal and Tone numbers for today, (4.6)   are added to the Moon (19.3) and Year (4.4), it equals 7.13, or Kin 247;  Blue  Cosmic Hand.  This Cosmic Kin (13 x 19 = 247) was  cosmically placed on Day 13 of Moon 13 ( July 9th, 2009)  That was also the last day of  The Mystery Queen’s Cosmic Night year, and 13 days before the end of the Tzolkin.  

As Valum Votan wrote in his most recent Rinri Report,   Blue Cosmic Hand on Cosmic Moon Day 13 of Electric Storm Year signalled the final 1260 days before the end of 12:60 civilization on December 21, 2012.  “We may announce that on this day, we have entered the prophetic 1260 days of the Book of Revelation.”  The beautiful timing of this message (13 weeks and 5 days ago)of the Cosmic Hand also serves to underscore the Dreamspell as the ‘Divine timekeeper/Synchronometer’  during these last  41 Moons and 11 days.  Time is increasingly precious and we will begin exploring deeper levels of the Law of Time during  Moon Four, as preparation for navigating the Unprecedented Shift that is rapidly approaching.

Catalytic Blue KALI 25  ESTABLISHes the link between the Sensory Quantum we built during the first 3 days of Yellow Week Three, and the Telepathic quantum we will build the next three days of this week.  Kali concentrates in our Secret Center (Svadhistana) Chakra.  Focus your attention on the Catalytic Blue Plasma below your navel, as you recite the Fourth Sacred Affirmation:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  Today we mentally construct the Back of the Cube. 

OnDay 25 (5 x 5) in the Telektonon Cosmology, Bolon Ik receives the power of the Fifth Force.  She  “learns to bow in submission to God, the Universal Principle of Divine Creation“.  Today, let’s join her in sending the telecosmic number power of 5, the Fifth Force-the center which animates all thingsto Pacal Votan.

The three days ending at midnight are all coded with the Psi of Electric Monkey (Kin 221; 11.3), which is a Galactic Activation Portal, and a Pacal Votan Clear Sign.  The next three days (the last 3 days of Electric Storm Moon) are coded with the Psi of Planetary Mirror (Kin 218;  18.10).  Planetary Mirror, also a Galactic Activation Portal,  coded the perfectly timed day that Pacal Votan’s tomb was opened on June 15, 1952.   This feels like an especially good time to be focusing on Pacal Votan, the source  of   the prophetic material that was left for humanity to discover exactly 1260 years after his famously inscribed tomb was dedicated in 692 A.D., which was 1320 years before the End of the Cycle in 2012.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Yellow Rhythmic Seed in 12th Yellow Week of Yellow 4 Seed Year

  1. “Today we mentally construct the Back of the Cube.”
    fits in the previous SEED – Crystal Seed 064 – edition of this sites mission where we focus the banner: “Exploring the 13:20 codes so we may prepare for 2013 Synchronization”.

    To be on a mission is about expression its credo day-by-day and focus that within each energy variation that sprouts a vector from the seed by earth crystal awakening: DNA coded magic, so to say.

    While we see the obvious 5 to 5 formula out of 25, the kweekspell formation teaches another method for having this number “talking to you”. Here kweekspell speaks about the +1 factor which is explicit expressed in its base formula: 3 x (3×3) + 1 aka 3×9+1 … = 27+1 = 28 which is occuring for the 3rd time in its being on this planet: Daya of Moon Experience aka Glorydaya.

    Then 25 is also 3×8+1 = 25 ; or 3×2**3+1 = 25 where the 2 stars express a true relationship for Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik!

    2 stars are expressed again from the alternative formula – that is how we evolve in accepting a slightly complex formula as a better way to express our values. Maybe 25 was only affirming the pentagram double – which is also in the affirmation for tone 6 (as in 1 and 11):

    “I am guided by my own power doubled”

    When we see the alternative formula 3×2**3+1 = 25
    then we see that the power of 2 – the challenge – is Tripled 😉
    And being Tripled is within “T” which is both Deer and Wind from Mayan interpretation – which doubles the power of WIND – SEAL 2 – where Deer is 3 …

    Hmmm ~ this has to be made aware in the genius couple writing CHC, do you agree TMQ?

    Then 3 is also a double figure in the formula, once as a base and once as a power : which makes 3 here as a Divine Interval. And that occurs actually every 3th daya regarding its more general formula – sent by Bolon Ik as prophesied – :
    3xY+1 where Y is an integer from the range 0 – 9.
    It gives: 1 4 7 10 13 16 19 22 25 28 as the spiritual guiding serial through every moon where 1 is the opening seal and 28 its portal – as a G.A.P. – Galactic Activation Portal from the Blue Galactic Spectrum (planet Earth – VelaTropa 24.3)

    Please All Readers Here , will you express with me the SOUND that guides each DôME day?

    ))) ~ K A M U T H ~ (((

    Having accomplished the flight from Departure to Arrival …
    then i promote the TouchDown at that alternative way of formulating 25 in:

    ))) ~ K A M U T H Y ~ (((

    That is how pivoted vessel “water” their Being Born Again as a baptizer !

    Rhythm is the tone that affirms the essence of Equality }}*|*{{

  2. Thanks TMQ for “Day 13 of Moon 13 ( July 9th, 2009)”

    it made me realize a notation for Quarters, Week & Day …

    Q4.12.4 speaks on day 4 in week 12 of Quarter 4 …
    and this day is Gregorian known as Quatorze Juiliet in France because of the BastiLLe , a liberation from a prison memorial!

    And this coïncidence is here at charge ToDay:
    today is Q1.12.4 KALIK – catalytic agent day for historic centuries

    When we count this day of 1789, july 14 in years and weeks … then we discover 2 centuries, 20 years and 13 weeks exactly … pfff

    How about that , dear TMQ, on the day we found this Bolon Ik formula as an offer to Pacal Votan and his disciples Valum Votan and Red Queen. May it be that you Mystery Queen are the Catalytic Human igniting the Red Queen; so what can be my Humble Part in a Rôle?

    KALIK is pivoted to the ))) ~ KALIKEY ~ ((( sound in kweekspell which shows affirmation on moondaya:2 – 17 – 26 where the breaking numbers are 15 and 9 (resp 17-2 and 26-17): 3 to 5 and 3 to 3 …

    Vive La France, Vive La republique, Liberty … :-))

  3. After a feedback C’ur-ve from the Quarter Notation Sharing we might compare 2 Realms for notation:

    *.13.18 notates TzolKin Label for a Day-out-of-Time and Moon13 and day 18 – KALI which makes MIRROR2 the SOUL spirit for last years STORM3.

    This year KIN004 is ensouled by KIN003 – Kin 3 Tone 3 (3×3=9) in a 20-09 Gregorian year which encapsulates even 3 9’ers in summary 9+9+9=27 and in product much more: 9x9x9=729 sliced into the TzolKin itself that becomes 729 minus 520 makes 209: MOON1 – AHA!

    MOON1 is DreamSpell YearKIN for current BOLON IK – me, myself i

    And then its “feminine” soul gound and spirit for existence aka legacy is Universal Water at Magnetic Interval.


    Q4.12.4 = 158.13.18 = Quatorze Juilliet 2009 = 14 july 1789 = BasTiLLe
    (158 is “the 9” in the 159 map as systemic)

    To make the last notion clear in the formulae we may better write
    Q4.12.4 = 158+1.13.18 where the mapping as a higher realm is illustrated by the +1 notation – a Bolon Ik legacy from the 7th century while Pacal Votan was on the Planet in a SPhere

    The YEARs between 1789 and 2009 now represent the number 220 …
    Is this the Volt’age number in many countries for Electricity?

    220 is in fact also the Long Count Kin for 1955 born Bolon Ik which is spelled by the Sound Name as a Label: Yellow Crystal Sun …

    This Sun spells … from the german language site:

    KIN 220 – Gelbe Kristalle Sonne
    Mein LICHT-Körper erfaßt die solare Fülle, die planetare Vielfalt unseres Heliokosmos.
    Meine Aufmerksamkeit ist auf meine Sonnenkräfte gerichtet.

    ~ Erleuchtungskräfte durchfluten ganzheitlich das Leben; Feuerkraft! ~

    Ich widme um zu erleuchten
    Leben all-umfassend
    Ich präge das Grundmuster des universellen Feuers
    Mit dem Kristallen Ton der Zusammenarbeit
    Ich bin geführt durch die Kraft des freien Willens

    in English this translates to:

    Yellow Crystal Sun
    Green Central Castle of Enchantment
    Earth family- Polar Clan- Fire

    I dedicate in order to enlighten
    Universalizing life
    I seal the matrix of universal fire
    With the crystal tone of cooperation
    I am guided by the power of free will

    Celebrate the Weavings Wisdom!

  4. i see the construction of the backbone of the cube as a good method to embody the catalytic agent at KALI … where K A is attracted to Kinich Ahau …

    the link to crystal moon supplied so carefully by TMQ sort of responds to the belief from Bolon Ik’s Spell the previous number 13 is in fact the backbone for the whole wavespell following …; in fact similar as being familiar to Seed4 where Mirror3 (DOOT-spell / planetary affirmation) reigns its essences in the backbone of every practioner …

    Having this Wonderful Full Moon in this wave is crucial to the end of it … Hand Seven as reaching for the Heaven as Haven 😉

    The Moon is a catalyser to let the sun burn from inside out into the night freeing all knights by cooperation in full moon trust …


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