Galactic Activation Portal: Red Resonant Serpent on Day 26 of Moon 3

The Occult/Hidden Power for today is Resonant Warrior (16.7) which is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign, and the G-Force of Resonant Serpent  is also a Pacal Votan Clear Sign: 7.9,  Blue Solar Hand.  But possibly the most notable feature of Resonant Serpent is that 5.7 is the ratio of Solar Spins (365 days) to Galactic Spins (260 days)

The Code Spell/Affirmation for Kin 85; Red Resonant Serpent is:  “I Channel in order to Survive.  Inspiring Instinct, I seal the store of Life Force with the Resonant tone of Attunement.  I am guided by the power of Navigation.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.” 

The Postulate for 5.7  states:  “The discovery of the Law of Time is the precise self-reflective trigger initiating the biosphere-noosphere transition.  The biosphere-noosphere transition represents the self-reflective transition from a purely Third-dimensional operating procedure to a purely Fourth-dimensional understanding and operating procedure.” 

Radial Plasma Type 5 is Chromatic Yellow ALPHA, which RELEASEs and concentrates in our THROAT (Visuddha) Chakra.  Place your attention on your throat as you say:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”   Today we visualize/manifest the Right side of the Cube.

On Day 26 (13 x 2) we summon the conscious power of the 13 Oxlahuntiku (the feminine counterpart to the 9 Bolon Tiku/Lords of Time). On her Heaven Walk Day Three, Bolon Ik receives the Galactic power of Time:  13, and telepathically sends the telecosmic number power of 13 to Pacal Votan, who is on Day 3 of his parallel Earth Walk.

Today‘s Kin number (85) adds up to 13.  This is the last Galactic Activation of Moon 3, coded by Seal 19 (Blue Storm), on Day 3 of the Earth and Heaven Walks undertaken by the male and female protagonists of the Telektonon cosmology. Resonant Serpent, inbued with the prophetic energy of 2 Pacal Votan Clear Signs, and carrying the ratio that links the Solar and Galactic Spins is a powerful time to be focusing on the sacred Thirteen, which links the two Spins.  (13 x 28) x5 = (13 x 20) x 7.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Galactic Activation Portal: Red Resonant Serpent on Day 26 of Moon 3

  1. one might say 085 is 084+1 and (12×7)+1=85 (13)

    then someone on united communities of spirits came forward with day 11-11-2009 11:11:11 to have an oracle psi reading … – which on Galactic Human in the Blue Galactic Spectrum by then in 27 days from now on …; interesting to see what that bowing energetic vector releases from the planet as a whole living creature listening to its living forces and minds …

    “the conscious power of the 13 Oxlahuntiku (the feminine counterpart to the 9 Bolon Tiku/Lords of Time). On her Heaven Walk Day Three, Bolon Ik receives the Galactic power of Time”

    This illustrates how the Galactic Power of Time is transcended and included by the Moon Phase of exactly 27+1 days. Having noticed the message on the comments on yesterday – Seed 6 – the Galactic Power of Time is within the intuition area that makes one clairvoyant! Just see how the Bastille argument is a timesphere functional vibration for november 11, 2009 … where still 09 is next to 20 – 4×5 (fingers and toes) although it sums to 11 too …

    11 has the shape of the twin towers illustrating the power of the country that was an outcome from the Bastille event and some happening with indigenous people over here … As lately – in this Moon3 channel – pointed in a video from the messenger Drunvalo – signalled those indigenous people survived some Ice Time Periods related to Magnetic Pivots in the Earth Module itself. While the time cycles carry their powerful frequencies it makes me wonder what vector carries 911 further …

    is it 9×365 or is it 13×260 ?

    (3285 – 3380)

    85 indicates this attuning resonant serpent … while 80 is the lunar sun challenging this wavespell of blue storm …

    32 and 33 indicate the Human Seal and Skywalkers Seal , resp. Rhythmic and Resonant … as here Seed and Serpent – yesterday and this day in a dance

    in this reading “the 13 Oxlahuntiku (the feminine counterpart to the 9 Bolon Tiku/Lords of Time)” appears on daya 1 in the 4th KweekSpell that is watched by the OWL – Owl-Moon 4 indicates the nightbird that flies most silent through the night and all knights aligned too …

    in la’kech ala kin … s’erpenT ace – 1 and 11

  2. being on 29th day of te 3rd moon in kweeksetting (26+3) made me see for the vow of a moon where 14 and 15 mirror and 28 mirrors 1 – all entries add up to 29 as a number where all days of that moon gather, so to say.

    this is a similar “checkmate” as the 522 fit for the magic squares …

    let us see for the numbers of this GAP day 085: 165, 176, 96
    Interesting to see for the Warriors here: Solar Serpent, Resonant Warrior and Overtone Warrior; seeing the 2 Resonant Seals grouped with Overtone and Solar spices.


    This day ALPHA got me in a mood for a day to see a little bit deeper in a transparant narrative on my kweekblog – to keep it clean here …


    The 1st day of each week is meditated upon to clean the last serial(s) from the bodily vessel by its Sirdaya fixed affirmation on the sound

    ))) ~ b i o v o i d ~ (((

    Note it is especially mirroring itself in lower characters that are at ROOT and the Earth Crystal …

    I again commit the fact ALPHA was all the time at the Throat Level … which might be all different after a flight into another dimension …

    In that last perspective i see that ALPHA is a ROOT … at first sight receiving that tipping point from the SEAL itself where the horizon is striking the V (“iktory”)


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