Galactic World-Bridger on Electric Storm (19.3) Moon Day 27

Exactly 19 years and 3 Moons ago, a Daughter and a Son were born to the two Brothers of The Mystery Queen.  On Galactic World-Bridger (6.8),   Cosmic Moon Day 27  of Planetary Seed Year (July 23, 1990), Cosmic Skywalker (13.13) and his Wife had a Daughter, ‘J‘., and  G.A.P. Lunar Dog’s Wife bore him a Son,  ‘A’.  Her Nephew and Niece  (2 out of a total of 13  wonderful Nieces (4) and   Nephews (9) 🙂 )  were born 13 days after TMQ’s Galactic Skywalker (13.8) year began.  13.8 is today’s Analog, and 13.8 + 6.8 = 19.3!    Happy Galactic Birthday to these ‘Twins  who  each have an  apptitude for the Law of Time material.

The Affirmation for Kin 86, White Galactic World-Bridger is:  “I Harmonize in order to Equalize.  Modeling Opportunity, I seal the store of death with the Galactic tone of Integrity.  I am Guided by the Power of Heart.”

Postulate 6.8 states:  “The Dreamspell formulas of Time, inclusive of the harmonics, the chromatics, Earth families, wavespells, castles and pulsar geometries, while demonstrative of the pure radial holographic mathematics of the Law of Time, have immediate social application in the creation of the Dominion of Time.  The Dominion of Time is the autonomous self-regulating system of telepathic governance of the Fourth-Dimensional order of reality.”

Here is a quote from Llewelyn Vaughan-Lee, found in “The Mystery of 2012“,  regarding  ‘Bridging the Worlds’:  “We have lost sight of what the ancient priestesses and shamans knew, that the forms of our visible world have their roots in unseen dimensions…When we are consciously present,…when we allow life to unfold according to its own inner principles, we open up a doorway between the worlds”. 

LIMI, Radial Plasma Type 6,  PURIFIES, and it gathers in our Solar Plexus Chakara.  Focus on the red plasma inside your power center as you recite:  “I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food (which means you purify your mind by erasing thoughts of ego or lack of compassion).  I Purify the Mental Electron at the Center of the Earth.” 

Moon Day 27 (9 x 3) is the day we focus on the telecosmic number power of  9, and acknowledge Bolon Ik receiving the power of the 9 Lords of  Destiny and Time, known as the Bolon Tiku.  Tomorrow, on the last day of  Moon 3, we awaken the 3rd articulation (Right hip)  of this Year’s Bolon Tiku:   Awesome Vast Blue Sky. 

Blue Sky reminds one of when the skies of Australia turned red, and 3 Million  tons of the red dust fell into the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand.  Miraculously, scientists  reported recently that since that event  on September 23,   phytoplankton (microscopic plant life) has tripled!  This is wonderful news, since  more phytoplankton means more stocks of fish, and this unusual event  has shown  marine scientists how to facilitate this process in the world’s oceans.

251 years ago today, (in the Red Cosmic Moon Year) Noah Webster was born on Blue Self-Existing Monkey…Kin 251!  Today,  The Mystery Queen pays tribute to the man who wrote the large volume she consults almost daily:  “Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Galactic World-Bridger on Electric Storm (19.3) Moon Day 27

  1. Good to have a special focus on a day for things to celebrate ~ as dogs and other related animals do have their special energy … from a birth.

    From my sphere and relation memory book sparks Arun Gandhi, who was my guest this year in may(a) … . I heard he was visiting Mexico and sense the whole Gandhi tour in Holland was special for all of us here – simply because he is a Galactic WorldBridger and he slept a night with a huge Crystal built by 2 Brazilian Lovers on a Hayloft. This means the crystal mountain with water, shells, various stones, lots of crystals, plants & fish is about 2,13 meter high in the air – so it spreads better all over the country. By this whole act it is also interconnected with the Gandhi TOur here – think on supporting that!

    Often i just dense World-Bridger to Bridge … this is because of an act on the internet in 2002 where i played a game of cards: Bridge with people interested in the Treaty of NoordwijkaanZee facilitated by Ode Magazine. It was a great event on 1 & 2 december 2000 in the Netherlands. For me a personal World Bridging New Thoughts about how to pivote into the dimensions wished to be happening on this planet as a whole integral living sphere. Here the Rainbow thought and all teachings from VV et all are well-co-me and thereby JoY !

    This very site is a biG part of that, so thanks again TMQ and beyond TMQ 😉

    Of course you are a member of the Galactic Crew where Serpent125 and Human112 have received special attention … in the cells to pass in 2 next moons … Galactic is spinning as a Tornado and writing on integrity strings as the only stream that vibrates from the heart and the heart-beyond – the solar plexus unwiring its complexity in just some words that spark truth and therefor depth and inspiration.

    “acknowledge Bolon Ik receiving the power of the 9 Lords of Destiny and Time”

    this is my legacy vibration where i narrate on kweek as a new frequency that gives the ultimate opportunity to step in from all bonds deep down understanding the peoples mission that only the souls level matters in our smiles – which actually are our bodily rainbows from the unique faces.

    “Mercy for Bapu” 🙂

  2. Enduring this DreamSpell 13Moon3 i was very inspired with a focus to see deeper in all codes and affirmations in words gathered by my mystery queen.

    I also happened to change my blog’s title which is why i post this short one.

    I wanna dedicate the being born of that blog to TMQ as a butterfly that stimulated a metamorphosis ~ so to you T M Q !

    Y’ur S’ace

    (the kweekspell blog is linked-in right under my name from now onwards)

  3. “a daughter and a son were born to the two brothers of The Mystery Queen”

    this calls for a celebration in amity and telepathic friendship, dear TMQ.

    but what is the relation to you? are the 2 bro’s yours or are they to the twins?
    quite a happening when yr 2 bro’s each get a baby on the same day – which makes them a sort of twin! very special, indeed … and the they are also in the same energetic cell as Arun Gandhi, who campaigns for his Fathers Legacy of Love (the title of a book from his hands). While the Gandhi Walk started in New Zealand i even get close to the idea 1 of both is on the non-violence trip … and the other one does it by telepathic cooperation 😉 😉

    Twins are also to Veronika, a lady from Germany who handed me Tahirih medals – she bared 2 twins … which gives a sort of magic square on the Tzolkin weaving because they represent 4 cells that relate to 1 – the Mother. There we also see “the Hand of God” when we see 41 as the shadow for 14.

    41 is the Lunar Dragon ~ maybe the human being being born again by the challenge to break out of a popeular calender!

    This also relates to 86 (14) in a mystery weird method that breaks rules from that perspective; but then it may strike a fire / spark … as illuminating thought to be laughed at with love … from “up above” to “down under” / or vice versa!


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