The ‘Magic Turtle’ Moon begins in Week 13 with a Galactic Activation Portal

Yellow Self-Existing Sun (20.4)  codes Moon 4 of Self-Existing Seed Year(4.4).   The Self-Existing Moon of Form has the Power to Define, and the Action of Measure.  During Moon4 we ask:  “What is the Form my Service Will Take?”  The Totem animal for Moon Four is the Owl.

Red Week One corresponds to the Moon’s first phase of New Moon to Half-Moon.   This Thirteenth Week  corresponds to Codon 21:  Arousing Vision:  Way of Weilding Power Conforms to Truth.  21 squared is 441, the number of the Form (Matrix) that contains all.  In Week 1:  ‘Knowledge initiates View:  Claim Power of Prophecy”

This ‘Magic Turtle’  (the tone of the Moon matches the tone of this Year) Moon begins with a G.A.P.;  Kin 88:  Yellow Planetary Star.  It’s Code Spell states:  “I Perfect in order to Beautify.  Producing Art, I seal the store of Elegance with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.  I am Guided by the power of Intelligence.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

The Postulate for Planetary Star, 8.10 is:  “Meditation, clear seeing without thoughts or body attachments, is practiced with Yoga for the rehabilitation of the sensory order (which was) disrupted by the sequence of artificial (12:60) time.  Synchronization of the sensory order is the condition of the meditative mind which is the prerequisite for Time Travel.”

DALI, Radial Plasma Type 1 is Yellow, like the Kins coding this Day  and Moon, and it gathers in our Crown Chakra.  It’s power is to TARGET.  As you focus on your Crown chakra, feel the Heat of the Yellow  Plasma there, as you say:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Today, visualize/build the first side of the Yellow Time Atom/Cube:  the Top.

The first three days of Moon Four are coded by the Psi of G.A.P. White Rhythmic Dog, Kin 110, 10.6.

On Moon Day One we begin the 7:7:7:7  journey in the Spirit Tower called UR EARTH 1.  In the Telektonon, the Tower that initiates the 28 Day Journey is coded by Seal 7:  Accomplishment. 

Today encapsulates the 144,000 days of Baktun 1 which began in BC 3113.  During this period of time, Pacal Votan enters the Earth and beholds the Concord of the Wizards with Merlin at Stonehenge.  During the first few Moons of exploring the Telektonon, The Mystery Queen began verifying the information on the cards.  Because each time, it turned out to be actual fact, she persevered with this card.  Stonehenge wasn’t established in England until Baktun 2, but it turns outthat  the first 84  Bluestones (some weighing 4 tons)  were first  assembled in Wales,  during the first Baktun, and  were later somehow shipped to the site in England.  🙂


8 thoughts on “The ‘Magic Turtle’ Moon begins in Week 13 with a Galactic Activation Portal

  1. Dear TMQ ~ good Morning here means Afternoon at your HmeBase?
    Here it is about 06:00 in the morning – GMT+2 while it is still summertime it is 2 hours from Greenwhich / London / UK.

    “On Moon Day One we begin the 7:7:7:7 journey in the Spirit Tower called UR EARTH 1.” is the current 7 cubic approach at the departur station. based on the basement of the pyramid. And its opposite in compsite an octogonal power station perhaps with a goal.

    Last SILIO – yeasterday, ignited the test on URANUS as: “Planetary(10) Earth SP Uranus “second earth” object of the flux tube time tunnel experiment.”

    I took some data here where SP=Superconscious Plane … and i have the idea / pulse that Urane and Earth data tell Quite a simple Time Frame Story that is Grounded by Scientic Ratio Evidence (Geomancy Principles).

    Earth has 1 Moon and Urane has 27 Moons – total 28 , number of days a Moon in 13Moon calender and alikes in natural order.

    Then Earth has a diameter measure 12.755 km, Uranus 51.118 km … Say 13 and 52 where this is 1 to 4, as thumb and fingears 😉

    Uranus has an 84 Earth-year-cycle for a Uranus-year-cycle: 84 is numerical 12 and 1 is 1, both count as 12+1=13 ; similar as 84+1=85 and 85 is numerical 13. Then 85 is 5 to 17 (8) where 17 is as 16+1 : connect the 16 DNA codon years and see the +1 factor … as any living creature that matters the future wish.

    I agree 52 points to 7 as a numerical measure, but then 5-2=3 is also an elemental “barcode”. “27 moons to Uranus are the power of the superconscious being on planet Earth” is the message of BIvideo … (see how to mediate this? that is not my function! i am willing to cooperate – which is illustrated in free-human-mode)

    52 is pointing to the number of moons in 4 years : 4×13=52 which easily goes with 13 kweeks a year – similar based on 27+1=28 (moons on the +3 and -3 planet in Solar Circuit Token where 10 planet spheres form the fundamental map for rewiring memory banks).

    In the perspective of 27 moons in Uranus sphere it is also a fact that Jupiter – the biggest one, said to be a Sun-type – has 63 moons. Both numbers are 9’ers and count into 90 moons. Together with our Moon it makes 91 which figure has a 7 to 13 ratio which is toggled as the sum of 1 2 3 … 13 ; where 91 is the number of days in a Quarter.

    As BIvideo put this on the screen: DooT has been an affirmation for Time till this pivotal suggestion to the whole P.A.N. crew … say it is a Time-Fractal and we declare that one to Daya of Year Experience (DoYE)? Okay?

    Then the Time Axis to rely on is about a 4 year cycle as a base … which makes Leapday to Daya of Time Experience … and then it is promoted to have that day next to the previous one DoYE. By then we have 3 succeeding days each fourth year that make a celebration for the RainBowAlliance where all religions “collapse” / merge / en-vow into a unity in the telepathic realm where all people unite (without dis-ratio-nal proportions).

    The 3 succeeding days / daya are the 13th Day of Moon Experience (DoME), the Day of Year Experience (DoYE) and the Daya of Time experience (DoTE).

    Re-implementation of the Dreamspell with the arrival stations perceptions will speed up the acceptation from that great weaving to the superconscious plane the planet commands – so to saya 🙂

    In La’kech ala Kin BIvideo S’ace on Kin088 (5 circles and 4×22=self-existing BI )

  2. snapshooting the TMQ 088 from todaya … i allow myself a focus on the last words: “Today encapsulates the 144,000 days of Baktun 1 which began in BC 3113. During this period of time, Pacal Votan enters the Earth and beholds the Concord of the Wizards with Merlin at Stonehenge. During the first few Moons of exploring the Telektonon, The Mystery Queen began verifying the information on the cards. Because each time, it turned out to be actual fact, she persevered with this card. Stonehenge wasn’t established in England until Baktun 2, but it turns out that the first 84 Blue Stones (some weighing 4 tons) were first assembled in Wales, during the first Baktun, and were later somehow shipped to the site in England.”

    i put a ‘ – apostrophe – in Stone : S’tone and S’tones …

    then can you sense the thing happening in the body?

    is it a thing called love – touching the infinite S and all its Tones that encapsulate the Whole – the holistic uniQversal unity collapsing its peace education by having all refined things at pieces and also as a reference for articulation – when on an exchange in words maintaining contact with the Other One?

    Let me see the card – is it number 1/28?

    Aha, yeah , i on the similar perseverance mode …
    Above it spells: “Covered Over by Tower of Babel” …

    which is an expression before entering the Departure Station, Agree?

    Just pivot that in your laboratory – the chemical vessel delivered at Kin’ich Ahau – into: “Co-Overt through the Portal of BaPu” … and take as BaPu the life similar persons as Mahatma Gandhi Lived in advance to lead us all in that Overt Free Talent Given World …


    In a learning mode we sometimes see for the other wings end which was a start for the wing to built onwards 😉 so to say , inviting classmates to see for the previous 1st day in 13moon setup here KIN060 that accomplished in KIN086 & KIN087 as the bird/birth.

    A guy named Roberto popped up and i am curious whether this is AKBAL ? A fellow knight time traveller?

    Anyhow i seemed to have put the Concord on Card One as a memory link where i wrote: Con~C’order where C = See : 3rd character as 3rd principle , i.e. “to see” and observe without emotion and get the feedbackcurve from ur itself.

    back C ur V E … where V=5th from Z=1 and E=5th from A=1 … same value as VV – Valum Votan ~ but then something is pivoted at radiance … AGree?


  3. hmmm , i almost have to say sorry to unveil “an amount” thaqt might overwhelm … but then isnt that what happens to anyone of us when a sparkling pivot oc~curs (oc is heart and loyalty basement and curs is as cursor and currents, isnt it?)

    just seeing to the site linked through by Roberto exactly 28 daya ago here gives a link through the word the hagan site … simply while it is pretty similar as “The Hague”, the city in the Netherlands provided with the Peace Palace.

    Well, what is the Hague if not axactly what the Spice Pot shows at the Hagan Site?

    Can we get a link through the historic happenings in England where Mary Stuart and William the Silent planned their relationship?

    And isn’t this exactly why Queen Bea”ma”trix lives in The Hague right now in the time where she prepares the “Kongs Vej” for her successor Will- i-am who is married to an Argentinian woman named “Maxima”?

    Well, what is in a Name ?

    when i am right they visited mr. Barack Obama lately having cookies and big smiles on a couch … with Michelle … (“Ma Belle”)

    Something hot is fusing us all … dear TMQ, down above 😉

  4. While this is 13Moon4.1 it aligns by tHree to 13Moon1.1 Seed Self-Existing, Agree?

    Does it also align to Seed11 and from that onwards to Star10?

    Just see the numbers 004 – 024 – 88 and mark 2 gaps of 20 and 64.

    What am i either leading to or departing from or where both triggers active and who might judge on that? Which Star on Heaven that guides my Illus’ion?

    So, the last days and last moon experience endeepened some reveiling which gave this snapshot from “the serpent of light” by drunvalo (p.254) who allows me this shorty:

    “Suddenly, everything began to click into place. I could see the bigger picture, and yet I am not allowed to speak about everything quite yet. I will tell you what I can, but according ‘) to Grandfather Barney, the waitaha prophesy prdicts a pivotal moment in history on August 15, 2009. this event may or may not be known publicly, but it will be the beginning of a new human dream, a dream almost identical to the Mayan belief that the heavens will open and out brothers and sisters of the universe will reveal themselves.”

    ‘) also concording?

    then page/butterfly 254 is resonant wizard -enchanting- that preceeds galactic eagle -visioning- in starwave.

    Question to TheMQ: what comes up from your memory at charge what happened on August 15, 2009?

    In Moon lineup this is 13Moon1.21 … or 004.1.21 taking 004 for Seed Self Existing ; the alternative here is 003+1.1.21 expressing Electric Night as Occult Navigator.

    The psi-men-U revelation by kweekspell notes KINdaya as the name on the label given by baptizing it in the North Sea, Bakkum, the Netherlands 😉
    .3. indicates the 1st VOIDkweek where 6 identifies the 6th day …
    In elementary observing – where the kwell is active – it notes : third and last day of the 2nd kwell – the life kwell that pre-seeds the love kwell .3.1 at WINDdaya.

    I hope a clue from “down above” will help to unveil the multiplex into simplicity! The Waitaha seem to live there … opposite to my countreeside …

  5. While TMQ identifies this STAR10 seal as a SUN4 i reckon that is the RINRI map; but i cannot verify it yet. As for Turtle Moon this seems mixed up with OWL moon which all calls for clearing the several maps into a merging one …

    first 84 Bluestones are mentioned on Kin088 … which affirms 4 as the key number factor from year, moon and fravtal.

    4×21-84 and 4×22=88 …

    Lately i tend to spell 4 as :: – 4 dots as a cube …

    Then i watched for the whole alphabet inherited from ?
    (arabic calligraphy? monk-keys?)

    where Z breaks from the 5 x5 series …

    where the mirror might be active indicated by N and Z …
    well , and maybe AM as a stock to I where BE / BEing is the verb.

    Ante Meridium is the Latin Inheritance for 6AM etc.


    Reading Bluestones is also refering to Blues-tones … as a music from the heart.

    Gooddaya and listen to the nightbirds getting born by a birth … 😉 they might pop up as young turtles too …

    • Good Morning S’ace. Your confusion is understandable. Planetary Star codes the day. Self-Existing Sun codes the whole 28 days of this Moon 4. (Kins code days, Wavespells, Moons and Years) You are right, the Turtle is the totem for the 13th Cosmic Moon and the Owl is the totem for Moon 4. A ‘Magic Turtle’ day is how Valum Votan referst to any Day whoseTone matches the Tone of the Moon in which it occurs. There will be two or three ‘Magic Turtle’ Days each Moon. Once every 13 Moons, the Tone of the Moon will match the Tone of the Year. In her delightin finding synchronicities, she decided to call attention to the fact that this Self-Existing Moon matches this Self-Existing Seed Year by referring to it as a “Magic Turtle’ Moon. She surmises that V.V. would not disaprove of this use of the term ‘Magic Turtle’. To answer an earlier question (Sorry to be falling behind in response to your copious and appreciated comments): TMQ has two brothers, and they each had a child born on the same day (July 23, 1990) bearing the same Kin as your friend; Galactic World-Bridger. Again, TMQ used artistic license by referring to them as ‘Twins’. Synchronistically, the initials of their first names are J. and A., are the same as the initials of a real twin, Jose Arguelles! TMQ believes she is located ‘antipodal’ from you in Holland,both on the globeand on the clock. Noon here is Midnight where you are (give or take an hour depending on the Daylight Savings situation) Birds are singing here now, andthe 9.11(Spectral Moon)blog is about to be written 🙂

  6. thanks for this contact that makes me see the “rainbow warrior” as a greenpeace ship on high waves , so to say(L) 😉

    i understand this whole moon is as a magic turtle while it is moon4 in a year spices on 4 – Self-Existing Seed.

    Kins code days, Wavespells, Moons and Years in a formula (which?) deliver the outcome in KIN160 – Self-Existing Sun.

    The similar capitals give SES as in SESsion 😉 thanks again TMQ for this “BI-viDeo” Session , S’ace a Bivid BioVoiDinG – G is Galactic Gaia

  7. dear TMQ , i am just observing a saying, here … okay?

    “Your confusion is understandable” is a vibrtation that tends to be a fact , doesnt it?

    but then it might not bne articulated in the realm where we both are attuend … okay ? ~ that is do you allow any confusion state at the station declarig a thing/saying/offer? okay …?

    So while nog attuned in articulation we the sender and objec of that were not in any contact despite tzolkin awareness and lectures digested …

    when we were digested in some attuned clue … there simply would not ne confusion … So … confusion is a vibration that is virtual but then not real in collective realm; okay … accepting emotional things at individual sphrer to overcome as practice … okay … crystal clear station in state of any awareness to be measure at more collective interval?

    with all respect … blessings where these affirmations are wellcome …

    just affirm what is the case / axiohm … ?

    still human(e) s’ace

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