Red Spectral Moon day (9.11) on Self-Existing Moon Day 2 (Seli)

Kin 89; Spectral Moon‘s attributes are described by it’s Daily Affirmation as:  “I Dissolve in order to Purify.  Releasing Flow, I seal the process of Universal Water with the Spectral tone of Liberation.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Rather synchronistically, the Postulate for 9.11 refers to a celestial event occurring on day 4 of  Moon 11;  Spectral Moon:  “The lineup of all the planets, except Earth, on the other side of the Sun, Spectral Moon 4, Red Self-Existing Earth (May 5, 2000), provides a collective telepathic test for the activation of the electromagnetic polar flux tube regulators.  The object is the creation of a telepathic field of magnetic resistance to stabilize the Planetary poles.”  The last line also describes part of the reason for manifesting the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge.

If one  adds the numbers of the Kins mentioned  together,  Red Self-Existing Earth=17.4.  plus Spectral Moon 9.11, the result (after reducing the Seal by 20, and the sum of the tones by 13) is 6.1; Magnetic World-Bridger, which describes what was happening that day.  That number is mirrored by the latest earthquake wich was a 6.1 Magnitude, striking Java in Indonesia, a few days ago at 13:08.

Because today’s Kin is composed of globally recognized numbers, the 9th Seal and the 11th Tone,  it warrants extra attention.  The G-Force for Spectral Moon is 19.8:  Galactic Storm, Kin 99.  When we multiply 9 x 11, the result is 99, Galactic Storm.  Today’s Gregorian date (19th of Oct., 2009) can also be added to make 19.8.  19 stands alone to be the Seal, Storm.  10 + 2 + 9= 21.  When we subtract 13, the number of tones, from 21, it equals 8, yielding the Galactic Storm 19.8 in a 3rd way    🙂  19.8 can also be construed to denote Kin 198:  Electric Mirror, the 5th Solar Witness and the Kin coding the 5th Bolon Tiku:  Supreme Golden Maiden.

Number is the language of Telepathy.  Postulate 19.13“All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”  The initials of Spectral Moon are S = 19, and M = 13.  When we add 9.11 to the the kin coding this Moon (20.4) and Year (4.4) it equals 13.19, before we reduce the tone by 13 to make it 13.6.  13+6=1913 x 6 = 78, the sum of the 13 tones of the Pacal Votan Clear Signs.  These numerical synchronicities are noted in Week 13.

SELI, Radial Plasma Type 2, a Red plasma that FLOWS and gathers in our Root Chakra.  We focus on our Root (Muladhara) Chakra as we say:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  On day 2 of each week, we build the Bottom of the Cube.

On Telektonon MoonDay 2, we telepathically encounter Baktun 2 which began in 2718 B.C. and is characterized by The Pyramid.  Pacal Votan enters the Great Pyramid, and vows to remain in the Earthly tomb of materialism until the return of Bolon Ik (the Divine Feminine)  The “Prophecy power of 7 is placed in the unconscious as revelation of measure” (4). 

This 4th Moon  is the perfect time to be focusing on the 4 Weeks of 7 days,  and the 7 segments of 4 days, which make up the structure of our 28 day Moon.  For this reason, we will be delving deeper into the ‘7:7:7:7’  practice during  Moon 4 when we ‘Measure’ and ‘Define’.

5 thoughts on “Red Spectral Moon day (9.11) on Self-Existing Moon Day 2 (Seli)

  1. let me assist this day SUNdaya in Kweekspell, Lovekweek sequencenumber have a focus on 3 properties in the TMQ article:

    “1: Red Spectral Moon day (9.11) on Self-Existing Moon Day 2 (Seli)
    19 10 2009

    2: Kin 89; Spectral Moon’s attributes are described by it’s Daily Affirmation as: “I Dissolve in order to Purify. Releasing Flow, I seal the process of Universal Water with the Spectral tone of Liberation. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

    3: SELI, Radial Plasma Type 2, a Red plasma that FLOWS and gathers in our Root Chakra. We focus on our Root (Muladhara) Chakra as we say: “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere. I See the Light.” On day 2 of each week, we build the Bottom of the Cube.”

    1: shows the 911 vibration when the II pillars symbolizing the IInd millenium Power Victory fell down within an hour … ; God Bless the victims of that loss! The “DreamSpell” signal was Self-Existing Monkey ~ Kin251 in the LastWave of the 20 Waves. Looking at the Gregorian date 11 19 2009: it includes “9.11”.
    The Self-Existing characteristic is in this whole moon as a whole and as a wing to the bird (87) that is given a pivotal wing in the Electric Deer Moon3. Mon Key and Ma Key might be good names as nicknames for those decisive 2 moons that facilitate the Spectral Bird as a Phoen’IX Rising the Human Gathering: think at both the Global Gandhi Walk till january 2, 2010 and the Gathering in Kopenhagen, Denmark.
    The Spectral Aspect is the 3rd Aspect from beyond: counting from 13 as 1; in that perspective it is the RAINBOW as healing factor within the shift at charge for humankind.
    8 and 9 are symbolizing the “new chakra centers” that embedded the human “built so far”. 8 is as the Inner Child awakening from a nightmare into a Better Dream; 9 is the Human Being remembering the Dream as His Final Cosmic Destiny. We have labelled this as the Second Creation; where Bolon Ik labels the 1st one as the Prelimenary Version that was for some centuries in the Global Market to test its endurance; by now we all know (“Time and Technosphere”) : we have to pivot by a Planetary Shift by Solar Intends that Mobilize.

    2: Shows a Power Doubled on “the process of Universal Water with the Spectral tone of Liberation” ~ which means we do not have a fixed output on the process at charge except a total new situation that we all have to give its best chance (change) stepping in the process as skilled and motivated warriors.
    The Rainbow glores at the Horizon of our Human Free Will that Targets Unifying Wisdom in a Third Milllenium Mental Mind Map.

    3. Vibrates 3 waves in the SELI seal, which reverberates both at the Third Tone Electric – Service – and the Eleventh Tone Spectral – Liberation – . Bringing those two spices together in the Rainbow we stimulate from North and South Polar Kin we accomplish the shift into the Unifying Big Apple : a taste of the fruit brought by abundance (Night 3 – Electric Feminine Spice leading Seed4Year).

    From kweek perspective at the arrival base SELINOO is the sound that affirms the rewiring where SELI is the 2nd Sacral Chakra : the Content of the Grail.


    Thanks Again at the Challenging Tone 2 by DaySequenceNumber 2 (Lunar Tone doubling Moon as Sunseal) ::~~~::

  2. As a shorty BI22 repeats the sound )))~SELINOO~(( and asks fellow mates to do that at the Earth Spots we all gathered embody.

    Express it from the Root Chakra and sense the Vibration of the Sound through the Pelvis Area …

    Can you also see the vibration “SAIL IN NOO” ?

    Isn’t this as the course we navigated on all the time since 1987, the Harmonic Convergence, since WoodStock 1968, since Atomic Bombs 1944, since Bastille 1789?

    Course NOO targets NooSphere.

    “Sail” is the verb that moves on water by wind-spirit: communication by acting from the heart as Say’LorDs 😉

  3. On an early morning hour here – 05:00 AM – it happened to me that i fused DreamSpell and KweekSpell on number 2:

    “let me assist this day SUNdaya in Kweekspell” i wrote in the first comment …

    but then the Kweek is 3 kin ahead – where kin is meant as the measure of 24 hours in total 3×24-72 hours … This corrects the Kweekspell dat to NESSdaya …

    Maybe it is as if the SUN burns in the NESS of Bolon Ik to experience this Planet at the moment. A happening in Holland – probably not known in the foreign countries – is the Fall of the DSBank, who has a single director as Builder and Owner named “Dirk”. Over 1000 employees and maybe many more clients are sort of “bailed out” and have to suffer what the legislators make out of the spaghetti as a whole network complex of responsibilities. (hmmm i wrote responsAbilities, why?)

    The weird thing that happens is that this man is the CEO of the Year in 2008 and … his football club AZ was dutch Champion in 2008-2009. And … all my life i grew up and was loyal to this focus of either “war on grass” or “peace on grassroots”. What is the Bigger Picture?

    An answer is not there , although it immediately flashes to the reason why an idea came in my mind in 1990/1991 which is documented on the Generation Binding site. Cross Reason of this idea is that the life benchmarks we install should lead to the better human out of our “cultural systemics”. Here i throw all my dimes for stopping the idea “to point with a finger to one single person as a leader”. Why? well that iconizes and thereby puts a man in a box.

    Actually a similar idea happened to mr. Barach Obama when he was “accused” for being the Nobel Price Winner for Peace … (can you sense this f’act?)

    for the moment … in moon rainbows )))

  4. just be:: the crystal dog starts on day 3 in 13moon4 i -BIviDeo- share this idea:

    use this as enter’T’aintment 😉

    on the word that pops up : Reason …

    is that reality son?

    is that re as on … or see “re ass on” as in repetition basement …

    well, anyhow this – passed Ian – has my sympathy … where ever he lives right nowwww 😉

    black hole “big bang” might still be “great pingdaya” … intertransconnecting the multiplex universe charged on may – about 7 billion nearing – planets as human beings ;-))

    goodDaYa … S”ace

  5. well , simply because each moment contains more and more flashes of the re-all-i-T (T is wind/spirit) returning back … this part 9/16 (remember the DNA cubes – now living 13/13-part 13/16) – sets a focus on night 5 the mid of 9 which tells about FIRE …

    hmmm or was it 5 of 6 nights …

    anyhow from a BI-viDeo perspective 5 is servant to 9 …

    to be signalled as ignition to the whole human being enlightened into full ice above the waterlevel – so to say …

    clearedwater = pure water = crystal”iced” HOH …

    where HOH = 8-12-8 makes 28th … as an ignition birTH …

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