Week 13, Day 3: Kin 90: White Crystal Dog

Today’s Affirmation for White Crystal Dog  is “I Dedicate in order to Love.  Universalizing Loyalty,  I seal the Process of Heart with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am guided by the Power of Heart.”  Seal 10, the Dog (reversed = God) is also known as the archetype of  “The Compassionate One“. 

A quote by James O’Dea (President of the Noetic Institute) from “The Mystery of 2012”  expresses the qualities for today, Crystal Dog:  “Our consciousness is most deeply perceptive and lucid when it is spiritually immersed and compassionately involved in the full range of experience.”  “Our ability to develop an inclusive compassion is greater now than it has ever been.”

Postulate 10.12 says in part:  “Harmonic rearrangement of the Synchronic Order is prerequisite to the creation of the Circumpolar  (Rainbow) Rings and the restoration of the Interplanetary Flux Tube system…”.  So much depends upon humanity co-operating peacefully and sychronizing through the 13:20 codes.

GAMMA PACIFIES, and this White Radial Plasma gathers in our Third Eye Chakra.  As you focus your attention on your Third Eye, say:  “My Lineage is the Union of Intrinsic Awareness and the Ultimate Sphere.  I Attain the Power of Peace.”  Today we telepathically build the Front of the Cube, and we complete the 3 part Red Sensory Quantum.

Moon Day 3 correlates with Baktun 3, The Wheel, which began in 2324 B.C.   During this period,   “The conscious power of 7 is telepathically sent to the people of Earth.”

Today is the 12th Crystal tone of Wavespell 7, coded by the Storm which represents ‘God’.  We are meant to connect with each other, gathering when possible, and/or meeting telepathically, on each Crystal day.   Today we have the added loving energies of “The Compassionate One”.  We also have numbers (7 and 12) reminding us of the Kin which codes the December 21 Solstice in 2012:  7.12, Blue Crystal Hand.  Let’s gather and use this Crystal Day to focus our powerful  compassion and cooperation to visualize a United Humanity gathering on the ‘ultimate Crystal day in 2012′!

The Father of Geometry,  Euclid of Alexandria, once wrote:  The Laws of Nature are but the Mathematical Thoughts of God.”

Today’s Gregorian date (10+20+2+9) adds up to 41, the number representing the ‘Interval of God’.  Hurricane Rick (=41) is threatening Mexico.  Also in Mexico,  41,000 electrical workers were fired when the government nationalized the power company.  Perhaps this triple appearance of this special number is indicating the Orionid Meteor Showers, http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2009/19oct_orionids.htm?list1012199  which will be most clearly visible during the Cosmic Star Watch of Cosmic Monkey tomorrow.  Enjoy! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Week 13, Day 3: Kin 90: White Crystal Dog

  1. Somehow the Crystal Dog is related to the Crystal sun ~ but then having this clear at the intuition side and insight … how to proof & is there a need to proof …

    Anyhow this week is the last week of 13×7 days contemplating the Arousing Vision DNA codon … as it is here on an image where KweekSpell arouses the whole DreamSpellTribes and Co~Pilots into another Spell which indeed is guided by Orion (, ma Dear Queeny : ).

    Poor Proof, however elegant, might be offered by the 11th Bivideo symbol at the 7th day in DreamSpell week 13; it is also starting daya 1 of Kweek11 which is labelled by a name from both Sirius and a Gentleman (“Sir”). I , BI~BolonIk dedicate this 1st daya of each kweek of 9 daya to all Gentleman that ever were on the Planet and will be & their Lovers in any set-up for a relation that is affected by LoveLife. Here is where Bapu is a powerful embraced vibration stimulating all my cells and newborn ones.


    90 is a 9’er and daya 9 of the 10th kweek is day 6 in this week 13 … it has LIMI on the departur station which symbolized 2 hu’man aligned by a guiding wave – by then it is the HUMAN wave SEAL 2 – lunar skywalker – challenging our whole specie into the planes – the plain memory lane that matures so elegant in our hearts. The Electric Wizard speaks his voice as ))) ~ bioVoid ~ ((( symbolized with a harmonic simple breath – white dot, white circle, black cube, heath -the orange glow- within fusing visions “Oc’to-be-R 2 4” … experience that in the groups and spaces where souls allow free vibrations … arousing whatever comes up as elegant expressions …

    Crystal Sun is Kin220 – 10×22 – which may be the relation DOG-SUN while 10 is indeed SEAL10 – DOG and 10 is 20/2 : TwenTy shared by Lovers.

    Mark TwenTy has 2 T’s , symbol of WIND – Spirit – seal 2 …

    In La’kech ala Kin , KIN022 ~ white solar wind S’

  2. as a nice site here shows the partnear-orient as a compass each seal has this reference to facilitate the intuïtion from deep inside the heart : how te decide in a fast flow what to do ?

    some say : “best to do is let it go: go with the flow”
    other ones are firm in : “you have to act before the drama happens”
    maybe somebody has a statement as: “in general you don’t act however observing is acting and just do that what is your destiny talent for acting”

    hmmm ~ so what does the orientation of the crystal clear heart power – dog12 – communicate by guide IK-wind; by analogue MULUC-moon; by antipode AHAU-sun & occult partnear CHUEN-monkey?

    what is the sequence from a start that gives the clue and what color is the center seal to be considered?

    Last Question seems obvious to me – Bolon Ik – while the SEAL charged is the GREEN color that is “the Matrix Navigation Tower/ Horse” : Tower while observing 4 Winddirections and Horse when the Diagonals are jumped, so to say when the (mon)key act is manifested and liberating the heat built in the Matrix Self.

    Then the first question may be two spirals of LOVE & Compassion charged as a double helix, so to say. See the 2 spirals as this:


    It is possible to label the one with Yin , the other Yang; but also other Polar Sets can be attached to the spiral in an attuned gathering that gives anchors to the speak in similar entities as common wealth values (also M/F?).

    So in the setting we translate that to the SEALs in the COMPASS WINDOW, resp.:


    When M=mmasculine & F=feminine which one is F that makes the other one M?

    Lets see for the Sun as prime reference then it makes Moon as Natural Alternative – agree?

    Action Sun Enlightens the situation by empowering the Monkey Magic breathing the Winds Communication Talents into the Moon Power Objective as Universal water which -out of nothing- shows a revelatory thought from a star on heaven which pivots the direction to the Universal-fire of the sun that digests the Life Force Factor. On that way back WindSpirit informs the Monkey Play for its memory lane at Human (monkey seal ends his legacy in human seal: wisdom).

    Try the other way around by experiencing that?

    How is that as a line that gives script to the task at DOG today?

    Well, anyway crystal dog does vibrate 9 as clear tasty wine … Santé!

  3. Your intuition is correct, S’ace. Crystal Dog and Crystal Sun are Antipodes. Crystal Sun (20.12!) codes the 3rd watch, from Noon to 6 p.m. Thanks for mentioning that. 🙂

  4. having targetted 220 as a gift from the longwave time-reference …

    and while it is activated in telektonon med’s at manymany stations on the planet …

    i – BIvideo Channeling – focussed on the rising 220 in the dreamspell which differs about 38 kin to LongWave … till first “leapday” occurs (2012).

    The Gregor XIII reference (3 years gap to JC’s birth) gives a pretty radiant clue on february 27 … in the DreamSpell vision awakening Pacal:

    Yellow Crystal Sun
    Green Central Castle of Enchantment
    Earth family- Polar
    Clan- Fire

    I dedicate in order to enlighten
    Universalizing life
    I seal the matrix of universal fire
    With the crystal tone of cooperation
    I am guided by the power of free will

    ~~~ having mentioned february 27 :

    we know it is the standard month that is the 13MoonKey to the Religion(s), for it counts 28 kin as a day-unit-measure. Given 27 to the 220 kin has already ignites the KIN022 by the Magic (MonKey) Square … here the :: (4 dots guiding the intelligent X-factor) is vibrated by 41-201-220-60 which includes Galactic Sun … about the starting KIN for the whole bilateral conversation where the Qu’een fires her K’ing 😉 in a funny collaboraT’ion having pleasure … launching the kweekspell on VelaTropa 24.3 …

    Mark both the sum in the serie 41-201-220-60 which is the constant 522(9 and the pentagram on 22 as a product for a matrix child being born) and mind the gaps: 160-19-160-101 that sum into 440 (11x2x5x4; 22×20) which destiny is 441 (9).

    How deep do we diGGG ~ where 60 spells Galactic Sun … as PC-awakened 😉

  5. 2.5 hours on kin 90 .. in Brazil i think …
    Seminario Picarquín, Día 4, Completo – Las Enseñanzas de Don José Arguelles.
    Kan Valum – 11
    62 views .. Nov 1, 2015
    Seminario Picarquín, Día 4, Completo – Las Enseñanzas de Don José Arguelles.

    24 days to go

    claudio arenas vergara

    18th minute she talks about ‘open times’ …. but had she and her hubby taken me seriously circa 2002 she’dabeen telling yuzallz about opening ROCK (or giving it a shine at least) AS openING time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All followers thus far are stubbornly resistant to making this the complementary message of what remains a miser’s grudgebeancount bookgrabber (as ‘opposed’ to keeper, a metastatization in fact, as numonotionalismz are of ‘mere’ ‘alphabetoxication’) without ‘it’ – FT would fit the IT like white fits black and green tries the grey on in too many ways to even fucking catalog … heeeelllllooooooohohhooooo ?!?!?!!?!?

    21st m has a reading of 10.12 (‘time dynamic’ notation for the day’s kin .. and as you will see neutered and abstract compared to whatever the hell i am on a’bout’ all the time, though fellow eagles fall by the wayside before i even approach them – Victor Thorn for instance, suicided on his birthday … cause they managed to bribe his bro ahead of time about a plausible sounding denial tale …. his friendship with Freeman would no have been a deterrent much longer)
    postulate 10.12 is half the story, about fruit and not about root; it waffles about a restauration program as the social glue towards reharmonization, repair of ‘instepfall’ with synchronic orderlies … like my late mom … kin 90 [???]

    Harmonic rearrangement of the synchronic order is prerequisite to the
    creation of the circumpolar rings and the restoration of the interplanetary flux tube system. Restorative chromatic functions of time are social as well as telepathic or mental functions. Conscious restoration of the biosphere creates a harmonic social order whose fourth-dimensional patterns resemble the harmonically rearranged organic order.

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