Day 4 of Moon 4 in Year 4.4: Blue Cosmic Monkey, Kin 91

The last day of the Blue Storm Wavespell is coded by the Blue Cosmic Monkey whose Code Spell is:  “I Endure in order to Play.  Transcending Illusion, I seal the process of Magic with the Cosmic tone of Presence.  I am Guided by the Power of Vision.”   In ‘Book of the Timespace’,  Seal 11 is known as the Magician’.  “…I hold the magic tables and numbers that enter you into the Cosmic mind-play”.

The number of today’s Kin is special.  91  (7 x 13) is the number of day’s from Solstice to Equinox.  Many of the Mayan Pyramids, like Chichen Itza, have  91 steps on each of it’s 4 sides, totaling 364.  The platform at the top represents the 365th day, the Day-out-of-Time.  The end of this week (day 7 of Week 13) will be the 91st day of this Self-Existing Seed year, marking the end of the first quarter of the year.

The Mystery Queen was unable to view the Orionid Meteor Shower during the aptly named Cosmic Star Watch this morning,  due to rain.  Consequently, thoughts of Kin 91 and Pyramids led her on an interesting online exploration.  The identity of the ‘ultimate  Mystery Queen’ may now be known.  Through D.N.A. testing, scientists and archaeologists now believe they have identified the mysterious Red Queen of Palenque, buried in Tomb 13, adjacent to Pacal Votan.

Her name is Queen Tzakbu Ajaw.  She lived from A.D. 626 to 672, making her 46 years of age when she died.  She was buried with a Jade mask identical to Pacal Votan’s, denoting that she was his spiritual equal.  This makes her unknown story all the more curious and mysterious.  Her initials equal 20(T) and 1(A), which is the Codon (21) for this 13th week.  21 is also the square root of the 441 Matrix.  20.1 is the Pacal Votan Clear Sign of Kin 20, Magnetic Sun. Synchronistically, this is  the 21st day of the  month. The month and year (10 + 2 + 9) = another 21! 

Now, for more ‘Cosmic mind-play’ on the Cosmic 13th day of Storm 19’s Wavespell:  The Cosmic Star watch search also revealed two crop circles, roughly a year before the discovery of the Red Queen’s tomb,  both pointing to the massive Mayan complex in Teotihuacan near Mexico City On May 29, 1993 (Galactic World-Bridger) a crop circle was discovered in Kennewick,  Washington. (144 miles from  where TMQ lived from age 4 to 14).  On Kin 139, Solar Storm (July 21, 1993) another crop circle was discovered in   Herkimer, New York.  The two crop circles formed an equilateral triange with Teotihuacan which is exactly 2,160 miles away from Kennewick. (2,160 is the diameter of the Moon  and the number of years in an astrological age)   Valum Votan was named Closer of the Cycle on March 3, 2002 (Resonant Seed) atop the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. 

The area around Mexico City was the site of   ‘the most extensive and highly documented UFO wave in history (which) began in Mexico as  the July 11, 1991 (Kin 179:  Planetary Storm) Solar Eclipse reached totality around 1 (1300!) p.m.”  The day and hour of the Eclipse and the UFOs were recorded on the Mayan Dresden Codex around 755 A.D.!  We have chosen a most amazing time to be alive, and much depends upon our response during this long-predicted and unprecedented shift that is occurring. 

Today is  Catalytic Blue KALI on  Blue Cosmic Monkey.  KALI ESTABLISHES and gathers in our Secret Center Chakra.  Focus your attention there as you recite:  “My Name is the Glorious Lotus-Born.  I Catalyze the Light-Heat Within.”  Kali Establishes the connection between the Sensory Quantum we build in the first 3 days of the Week and the Telepathic Quantum we will build during the next 3 days of Red Week One.  Next, mentally construct the Back of the Cube.

Moon Day 4 is when we telepathically connect with Baktun 4 which began in 1930 B.C.  This is the 3rd day of Pacal Votan’s Earth Walk and his feminine spiritual companion’s Heaven Walk.  Tomorrow we will complete the first 4 day set of this Moon.  The 4  “Tower Days’ on Days 1, 6, 23 and 28 comprise the last 4 day set we complete each Moon.

From page 8 of   “The 260 Postulates of the Dynamics of Time and Evolution of Time as Consciousness” by Valum Votan:   “The Science laid out in the Dynamics of Time is immediately practicable.  It’s modest root is the deceptively simple tool of the Thirteen Moon 28-Day Calendar.”

At Midnight, we begin Yellow Human Wavespell Eight:  Power of Free Will. 

Enjoy the last ‘Magical‘ and ‘Cosmic’ hours of Wavespell 7,  coded by Magnetic Storm, Kin 79  which is known as the Noosphere Constant!  🙂


5 thoughts on “Day 4 of Moon 4 in Year 4.4: Blue Cosmic Monkey, Kin 91

  1. interesting to mention the pyramid of the sun at teotihuakan …

    where kan points at SEED – mayan KAN – and “can” is babelonic, so to say …

    anyhow i was at the same spot in teoti and received a bolon ik / Q’coatl medal from a stran’ger … in i remember 1981 … it was sort of serendipity while we were heading for st. petersburg while a korean aircraft was shot by russian? japanese? forces … so we had to reschedule by some interception … Mexico City, Taxco, Acapulco … & Teotihuacan Temples … as a sight.

    Indeed 91 is 13 to 7 but then it is also in formula: 10 to 9 + 1 …

    so what frequency is speaking to the body as guiding and governing ?

    goodnight sai”Gone” 😉

  2. synchronizing(inG) numbers and formula’s is a thing of elegance …
    simply while common beauty is at charge as the rainbow metaphore 🙂 🙂

    so 4×91+1 makes 364+1 = 365 kin / unities / cycles of about 24 hours

    this equals at the outcome …

    52 x 7 + 1 = 365 ; just slice it to 4 x 13 x 7 + 1 where 13 is number of weeks and 4 is number of Quarters … (2×2 elementary speaking of 2 solstices and 2 equinoxes: 1 in each Quarter)

    91 is also 2×45+1 makes it in refined elements 2x3x3x5+1 … as a number representing a quarter … getting this in the year formula:

    4x(2×45+1)+1 is 8×45+4 +1 … denser 360+5=365
    elemental; 4x(2x5x9+1)+1

    ~~~ how does this match the kweek setup?

    in kweek the moon represents 3x(3×3)+1 is 28 days …
    13×28+1 = 364+1 = 365
    but then we have the intermediary formula:
    13x[3x(3×3)+1] +1 = 13[27+1] +1
    where we have no numbers “2” as the challenge factor in

    equal outcomes in 2 variations as formula:
    13x[3x(3×3)+1] +1 = 4x(2x5x9+1)+1

    the first one is kweekbased; the second one is quarterbased …
    and then we have the 3rd one which is 13moon based:
    13×28+1 = 365 … extended: 13 x 2x2x7 + 1 …
    allow the 3 formula in a trinity equation A=B=C:

    13x[3x(3×3)+1] +1 = 4x (2x5x9+1) +1 = 13 x (2x2x7) + 1

    first one is based on 27 as 3x3x3 => 3 kweeks of 9 daya in a moon
    last one is based on 7777 matching 4 weeks filling the moon

    Exponent in kweek is that is doesnot fill the moon by the 3 kweeks, while it leaves 1 day(a) to fill as a celebration once every 28 “kin”. 13moon “forgets” this “open kin” as a common reminder set apart.

    Sensing the whole issue is about understanding the crux why we missed the kweek essential “all the time”. But then how to restore the memory lanes talent?

    An opportunity to bridge this is the Quarter / Middle formula … and labeling the Quarter formula as the Inner Year Memory BoX where the LeapYear is the External Quadruplet (/Tetra) Memory BoX: 4×365+1=4x(4×91+1)+1

    Let it be clear that these formula are known, i.e. by the HAAB , 360 based, calender – crucial point in time of crisis might be why did we choose for the “2” based formula (C): 13 x (2x2x7) + 1
    and we did not decide -at that decisive moment(s)- to have
    the “3” based formula (A): 13x[3x(3×3)+1] +1

    a suspicious mind pops up with the “pope” and “builder” mind … (church and state) which tends to build on comforting skills, which is building straight walls instead of round walls … seems time-managed logic where the work is “a penance” when you are paid to work for “another one”

    From the Quarter Formula we learn that the extra week Each Quarter is actually building the 13 turtle moon (also in kweek which fits 13Moon).


    Having contemplated the bigger picture … i – as BI~video channel kin022 charged – promote the solution having leapday in the 13moon setup centered in 13Moon13 Daya of Moon Experience (july 24) and Daya of Year Experience (july 25) making that Quadruplet Synchronizer Daya of Time Experience.

    First year that this is aligned … then … should be 2012 the next “leapyear” …

    Big Chance – now to agree upon so that commercial entities cannot “object against” the bigger picture for all humanity which happens to be governed on sovereign free will matching the navigation essence on wisdom where the heart is centered by digestive moods.

    AHAU mon key !

  3. A Magic Monkey Flight on the EnLighten’inG WINGS of Q … Reed1 …

    Inspired by TMQ – for quite some KIN – and on a mutual nooGuided Way the number 21 is linked to number 53 as well and 13 …

    This is what i happened to find in my chaotic files: BI~phasic matrix …

    What is BI – is it just 2 creatures in a relationship?
    And does it fit with BI as Bolon Ik and the BI~video acronym manifested in recent comments?

    Anyhow it goes with this guiding reference for the weekly meditations created by a Russian Wind ~ a boy of about 13 years say 8 years ago (21 by now? 🙂 )

    The image shows the number 13 for the week of the Quarter 1/4 in Seed Self-existing, the last week that builds the Hexagram Number 21.
    This I Ching reference of Lisa Heyboer is one of my favourite.

    On number 21 we read the headlines:

    ” Hexagram 21 – SHÌ KÈ – Biting through
    Biting through, expansion ; Harvest: benefit of lawsuit
    The great image says: Thunder and lightning: Biting through
    The ancient kings made the penalties clear to enforce the law ”

    On the BI-Phasic Matrix Sheet the number 53 pops up as the cell which makes 13+53 into 66 which is the maps cross-check by Harmonic Inverse.
    Linking this number 53 to Reed1 – the Feathered Serpent – is immediately there while it was also “Day out of Time” in 2006 (8) , similar as 5+3=8 => symbol that activated the Inner Child’s Intuition now for more than 3 years active and having roots developed in the Earth Crystal.

    On the Harmonic Index (backside of the BI-phasic Matrix) the tones 1-2-3-4 go with seals MOON – DOG – MONKEY – HUMAN : meaning SOUND expressed by the Universal Water Power at MOON1 (birthkin BI~video) – RHYTHM embedding the SOUND by the LUNAR DOGGY HEART – MELODY danced by the MONKEY MAGIC at the PARTY HOUR – FREE WILL POWER accomplishing the COMMON(key) WEALTH at SELF-EXISTING HUMAN …

    Which spells the next wave ignited by MAGNETIC HUMAN 92 – ninetytwo (to oneness). That daya in kweekspell is URdaya. And we know what UR is, agree?

    ~~~ (i really like this spell that crushed my mind for some minutes)

    TeoTiHuACan … is to me as DeoTiHuAhKan … catalyzing 5 entities in a whole Temple Manifest for what we all have to accomplish in our lifetime given:

    Deo … is as GOD ~ “Galaxy of Dynamics”
    Ti … is as the 7th sound just above the Head and within the Crown Chakra
    Hu … is Spirit ~ “Holy Universe”
    Ah … is the Heart sound that lives the common wealth
    Kan … is Seed ~ the Yellow Phase of the Input / Information as Intelligent Spice


    In Amity ~ S’ace aka BI~video , eh … BI~viTeo 😉

  4. for those biters in codes and decodes adventure this comment may be interesting to share …

    we see for the hexagram 21 on Lisa’s page here (and remember Mona Lisa! as Amon’s Lover)

    i had a focus from the The Sabian Symbols for the hexagram-lines :
    Above 9 corresponds to h 19: A forest fire quenched
    6 at 5 corresponds to f 19: Pelicans moving their habitat
    9 at 4 corresponds to d 19: A gang of robbers in hiding
    6 at 3 corresponds to b 19: A houseboat party
    Joy on the surface, carried by deep mystery: food for the heart.
    6 at 2 corresponds to ` 19: A large archaic volume
    Initial 9 corresponds to ^ 19: The magic carpet

    As a number oriented mind number 19 receives the attention, also because … day 19 of a yang moon is the reason why the Sabian Symbols refer to 19 … (a closure mark)

    What is the meaning of the symbols preceding 19: h f d b ` ^ ?
    Or do we look at them from ^ upwards (Right to Left)? Seems obvious given ^ …

    In numbers bdfh equals 2468 … 4 even numbers and referring to seals:
    wind-seed-worldbridger-star …

    But then what is ` in this perspective … that line spells:
    “A large archaic volume” ‘)

    Any Idea New Zealand?

    Back to “Down Upper” 😉 Y’ur S’húMan

    ‘) a wild card guess?
    hmmm … the whole planet earth in a pivotal shift, maybe? “)

    “) i sort of base this wildcardguess on this daya in kweek: WINDdaya which matches the Solar Wind at Charge in a Self-Existing Moon in the Lovekweek … and because t(w)o(o)morrow the Human Wave starts at URdaya … (with a large Arc’aiQ Volume Value from Un~clés Arc’thoros)

  5. well, maybe time to tell a little bit of my life on Earth and the work i am given to accomplish by the Oranges , so to k’eye …

    in 1975 i was called to Breda to Serve & Save the Queen …
    in 1977 i jobbed in “The Value Transports”
    in 1979 i flew in the pionearing airline company here in Europe
    in 1985 i switched into deeper investigations spying various societies
    in 1990 i was entering the political groundwater affairs next to “the Origin”
    in 1992 i – pretty lunatiQ – achieved some Sabbathical Years working the Home
    in 1995 i finished some studies in the Environmental Curare
    in 1998 i entered the Public Pride of Dutch Wateraffairs in the Capital City
    in 2000 i was called and honored by the Democratic Procedures to (Re)Present
    in 2003 the nominee for Managear of the Year honored me by Feathers
    in 2003 the Dr-ea-M~spell crew arrested me for having Pleasûr at Catch022
    in 2006 the Lucknow Mission on “Awakening Planetary Consciousness” ignited
    in 2008 the Central Justice Affairs pulls my hammers and teeth at T’ching 21
    in 2009 a Jewish YitZhaQ flamed my Bride & by that my Bright Mind
    in … (the coming yEArs) i’m off duty ~ maybe i finish an ur~tide ;-))

    so why this legenDa?

    hmmm , i have not the slightest idea … although … I MAG INE does …

    gooDdaya s’ace ~ BI~video biovoid’inG

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