Yellow Human Wavespell 8: Power of Free Will

Yellow Wavespell 8 begins in the ‘Yellow’ Seed Year, during the ‘Yellow’ (Sun) Moon on ‘Yellow’ Alpha 5.  Yellow denotes the ‘Ripening of Power and Wisdom’.  Having a convergence of ‘Yellow’ energy during the 13th Week, coded by Codon 21 (Wielding Power Conforming to Truth) feels like a powerful and good omen.  This Wavespell is coded by the Yellow Magnetic Human whose Affirmation is:  “I Unify in order to Influence.  Attracting Wisdom, I seal the process of Free Will with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.  I am Guided by my own Power doubled.” 

Seal 12, the Human is also described by the archetype of Sage.  From Book of the Timespace”:  “Twelve is my number:  Perfect order  and root of the mystic 144.  Benevolent, kind and wondrous,  I am the wise one, the judge and discriminator.  My way is spontaneous conduct.   I speak with the voice of the Noosphere, announcing the return of all things good.”

Today’s Postulate for 12.1 is intriguing:  “The Purpose of Time Travel is to expand and accelerate the kind and quality of spiritual experience accompanying evolution into the hyperorganic super conscious.  The quality of the experience of Time Travel is in direct proportion to it’s beneficial usefulness.”  Two top Scientists associated with the experiment at Cern, Switzerland declared they believe their efforts (to basically create a Black Hole there) are being thwarted by Time Travelers from the future!  This certainly feels like a good reason to time travel–so many scientists sued to stop this experiment because they believe it would be devastating-far beyond this world.  They lost their lawsuit, so it’s great to hear that beings from our future seem to be stopping it.  It’s also good to have the idea of Time Travel showing up in the mainstream Media via highly repected scientists.

The G-force for Kin 92; Magnetic Human (12.1) is Self-Existing Wind, creating  extra Harmony and Spirit  during  the next 13 days of this Self-Existing Year and Self-Existing Moon.  Also, today’s Occult Power is Red Cosmic Moon (9.13), adding extra Cosmic energy to the day coding this Wavespell.

 These 3 days are coded by the Psi Crystal Monkey (11.12), which is the Galactic Signature of Madame Blavatsky, a very powerful proponent of  Spirit, Wisdom and Benevolence.

Self-Existing Alpha 5 has the power of Release and it is Yellow.  It gathers in our Throat Chakra, synchronizing nicely with the “Voice of the Noosphere” and today’s G-Force of Spirit and Communication.  Place your attention on the Yellow Plasma in your throat as you say:  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  Today we build the Right side of the Cube.

Moon Day 5 corresponds to Baktun 5.  Today we complete the first of 7 sets of four days.  This is the conclusion of the 4 day Heaven Walk and Earth Walk undertaken by our Feminine and Masculine Protaganists, Bolon Ik and Pacal Votan.  Tomorrow is the second Tower Day, which is coded by the Human:  Free Will, making this a  powerful 16 Day Spirit Warriors Cube Journey we will begin during the Yellow Human Wavespell!

Scientists were amazed this week, when they discovered that our Heliosphere (the giant magnetic band around our Solar System, extending far beyond Pluto) is bisected by a bright winding ribbon of unknown origin.  “This is a shocking new result” says the principal investigator of N.A.S.A.’s Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX), Dave McComas.  “Our previous ideas about the outer Heliosphere will have to be revised.”  The ribbon (of surprisingly small filaments of Energetic Neutral Atoms {E.N.A.s})  runs perpendicular to the direction of the Galactic magnetic field just outside the Heliosphere.  This discovery might be related to our telepathic work with the 7 Radial Plasmas and Magnetism, and more.

  We have an unusually powerful synchronization of Power, Wisdom,  Spirit and Free Will  during this particular Wavespell and Cube Journey, so let’s use it beneficially, for the empowerment of Humanity and the welfare of our Earth. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Yellow Human Wavespell 8: Power of Free Will

  1. as an anecdôte of the day from here … “uu9qu9” popped up as a keyword to type while having pushed a text to a site …

    this scribble: “since 1985 from the memory lane ignited to brightness i work the hunab’ku . it might be interesting for people to orient out of the cubic 7 formula which is reference offered to us by many religions as “a fact for orienting as humans”.

    The half of 7 is a box: 4 … and the half of nine is still a powerfull number : 5 …

    Signalling to shift to a week of 9 days … all together.”

    The linking label includes: “2008/11/day-35—hunab”

    ~~~ no reason to vibrate from “uu9qu9” ; but then it might give pleasure:

    “you you nine Queue you nine” – then what is nine? Human1 at a destiny = Omega Point?

    When it ever happens ~ we will be a part of that happening , wont we here in a contact?

    we are the ones we have been waiting for …

    you are the one i have been waiting for …

    i am the one you have been waiting for …

    and he or she or that one over there … are all on board and relational given to relate with … at a free will and catastrophic interval when it happens … because it simply ignites an brightens the whole mission charged without a “Q” …

    “the state of the art at the edge of what became us, we all at the Great Ping Daya”


    Is it relevant to see this EB1 – magnetic human seal – starts on the 1st seal that is member of the trinity serial concerning the telepathic realm?

    ALPHA is also related to the Omega … isnt it?


    In the pionearing assistance for the dream – kweekspell – this day is the 8th in a serial of 9 and its label is URdaya.

    to this day a 1/3 kweek spice as variation is given … lovekweek is affirmed by an “excalibur” sound typo which is )))~LIMIMAH~((( at the hearth chakra …

    Here is noted that the LIMI seal and SILIO seal switched chakra-spots at the arrivalstation – so enduring the flight something was unwired and wired on another script/receipt … (on any trust experienced) …

    “uu9qu9” can be sliced down by the bivideocodex into 6691069=>46 (2×23)

    maybe 46 is to be written as 45+1 to see its spell …
    Remember all numbers counted result in 45 (0+1+2…+8+9); 4×5=20; 5-4=1; 4-5=-1 & 4+5=9 … poetically and philosophically:

    “Human: be a 9 and you are perfect!”

  2. In the astrological spiced narrative of dogon the number 108 pops up … as a red mushroom in the woods …

    “The 18:18 as thirty-six locations becomes one-hundred-eight or three at each location. In the pre big bang view, the setup is both star and planet trinities. The three stars share a center of gravity for location, with three planets orbiting in loops that cross each other. All is organized for precise timing in motion, in compliment with the greater circle motions as well. This trinity style is also a part of the 19:19 setting to open the dream matrix with.”

    and 108 is 9 to 12 … isnt it … and it has a ratio to 144 simply while that one is 12 to 12 … crux?

    9 to 12 and 3 to 12 work together to achieve 144 in the ration 1 : 3 … one to three (sounds as one two three) …

    and then 144 is on the “three of life figure” that popped up in the middle of now~here ( “now hear!” ) …

    is this how the interval of code illustrates its self-existing responding?

    then what about 540 (9 x 6 x 5 x 2) …

    aha someone calls to slice 9 into 3×3 … but then there will never be a nine again in the 10 numbers reigning simplicity …

    The range of 9652 results in the gaprange: 313(3) …
    (9-6=3 6-5=1 5-2=3 12-9=3)

    Is this wisdom that the gaps reign as Galactic Activation Portals ?
    Where does this bring our common mission …, lads ?


    what is the 1:3 ration in 540 ?

    135 : 405 as 15 : 45 and the many more
    while 45 is again the sum of all elemental -10- numbears


  3. living day 22 is as aligning to the Key to Intelligence …

    That is Cube16 in earth Ethical Curriculum : RINRI

    its vinal is “respect yourself and do the same to others.”

    Applying the Key is as opening a tin of Sardines ~ which mostly is attached to the Key that is an Instrument to open that Tin : opening that is as “Now you are the Warrior.

    In RINRI those 16 cubes of the Warrior align to the 16 DNA hexagrams where we end up in the 16th cube from july 26, 2012 to july 24, 2013 …

    Here it informs us we are now in Year 2009-2010 at Table 13 … and we are about entering the 2nd Quarter in week 2 of Moon4. This year 13 the Key of Prophesy spells: “Now you are the Skywalker” its vinal “Do not forget the origin, nor neglect the competition”. RINRI Cube 13, Day 19

    Note the margin of number 6 that represents both 22 minus 16 and 19 minus 13 which is a systems logic because they cycle synchrone.

    The Kweekspell cycles at synchronization point as day 1 ignited by day 28 which aligns to 4.0 ~ “for zero” and by the fact its daya 28 is 3 days before number 25 as representation for that very day in DreamSpell (5 to 5 is 25 and the correspondance to Baktun 5 and Seal 5 too: ALPHA).


    Here day 22 is a Gregorian Spell aligned to the 8th Moon as an original reference where March is the first Moon … and February is its key moon 0 / zero. January is then number 11 ~ the mirror moon … .

    How applicable and reliable are the origins as aboriginals at the Table of Year13?

    This is 13Moon4day05; in kweekspell URdaya , in kwell:
    S’ as an OWL

    • Yes, please do! I’m honored to have readers in Russia, land of the scientists who initiated knowledge and exploration of the Noosphere. In La’Kesh, The Mystery Queen

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