Spectral Wind: 2.11 on 1/11. Moon Day 15 begins Week 15

Today is the first day of Blue Week Three and of the 11th month; November.  The Codon for Week 15 is Codon 60:  ‘Measuring;  Galactic Octave Limits Space’.

Kin 102:  White  Spectral Wind tells us:  “I Dissolve in order to Communicate.  Releasing Breath, I seal the input of Spirit with the Spectral tone of Liberation.  I am guided by my own power doubled.”  The G-Force  for today,  Galactic Human (12.8),  mirrors this Wavespell:  Human (12) Wavespell (8).  Today’s Occult power is Blue Electric Storm, which coded the year that ended on July 24, 2009 (White Lunar Wind 2.2)

Book of the Timespace” by Valum Votan and Stephanie South assigns the archetype of High Priestess to Seal 2, the Wind.  “I am the holder of the Spirit of Prophecy.  My every thought sent by Divine decree, my command is always directed to your Spirit essence alone…”

During  Week Three, each day = 13 Moons, and each day, by the Seven Powers of the Mystery of the Stone, we are telepathically invoking the second creation of Earth.  According to page 25 of  ‘The 7:7:7:7 Instruction Manual’: ‘…the fractal time compression per day makes the creative power of the Earth co-extensive with the Thirteen-dimensional Universe, or the Cosmic power of Time itself-Oxlahuntiku (13)”.

Today we begin building the blue Occult  Telepathic Time Atom.  DALI 15 TARGETS, and this Yellow Radial Plasma concentrates in our Crown (Sahasrara) Chakra.  Focus there as you say:  “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Visualize construction of the Top of the Cube.

Moon Day 15 corresponds to Seal Two, coded by Kin 249, Red Lunar Moon, and to the Second Solar Witness;  Blue Cosmic Eagle which codes the Heart Oracle of the Second Lord of Time.  The Telektonon card for today states:  “Last 7 Calamities rouse  the Army of the Righteous to the 13 Moons.”

Yesterday, Cube 8  entered us into the final 9 days of the Cube and the Realm of the 9 Lords of TimeCube Nine:  Purification  “By my unconscious Moon power of Purification, may Prophecy flow the Victory of the Righteous!  May the terror of the karmic error of Babylon Planet be forever cleansed.!”  “May the Cosmic Eagle fly again!”

4 years ago today, The Mystery Queen arrived in New Zealand 4 days earlier, hours after having found a house to rent in Ashland, base of The Foundation for the Law of Time, she had a strong sudden urge to call Air New Zealand.  40 hours later she was boarding a plane to Auckland!  While waiting for a flight on to Christchurch, she was reading a booklet about the 9 Lords of Time and the 13 Oxlahunti.  Something caused her to look at her boarding pass and she saw she was about to take flight 517 (=13) on 1/11/2004 (1+1+1+2+4=9).  This felt like confirmation that she was meant to suddenly move to the other side of the world, to the land that is “First to see the Light (dawn)”, and first to see the long-prophesied unprecedented Solstice of December 21, 2012.  🙂

N.S. 1. 22. 4. 15




6 thoughts on “Spectral Wind: 2.11 on 1/11. Moon Day 15 begins Week 15

  1. 517/13 makes 39.769…

    39 is the number of kweeks in a year : 13 moons of 3 kweeks make 39

    76 is 7 days and 6 nights as narrated by ian lungold where 9 phases of exhilarated evolution phases for mankind are leading to “an accomplishment”.

    76 is 13 and 4 numerically spoken ~ which expresses 4×13 moons in a 4 year TimeCycle ; not – in my spell – to be mixed up with number of weeks in a yearcycle.

    9 is the number of daya in a kweek – indication why we are having this bi-planetary exchange on knowledge and moving through the lectures learned.


    1/11/2004 must be januari 11, 2004; it might be interesting to see this moon januari as the 11th moon having march as number 1. In this ancient Roman (?) way of counting the months SEPT, OCT, NOV, DEC fit as on 7,8,9,10 …

    11/11/2009 was lately shared in a narrative by me, while it seems to correlate with nov11, 2009 which is in week 4 the 4th day(a). In kweekspell that daya is a DôMEday … a GLORYdaya where all individuals celebrate the planetary abundance from shared “potluck” …

    here the vinal from january (11the moon) 11, 2004:

    Blue Electric Hand
    Blue Western Castle of Burning
    Earth family- Core Clan- Blood
    Galactic Activation Portal

    I activate in order to know
    Bonding healing
    I seal the store of accomplishment
    With the electric tone of service
    I am guided by the power of magic
    I am a galactic activation portal enter me

    😉 quite interesting because that kin is nearby:

    “Blue Hand (MANIK) Knows and emphasizes Accomplishment (heals).
    The seal of the day is the basis of life destiny, with power of the solar tribe.
    Kin 107 of 260 day cycle(20 wavespells of 13 tones).”

    That one is the 4th day in the week coming …; 3rd day in the wavespell SERPENT (LifeForce) … : might be interesting to fuse that in your lectures … of TheMagicQueenForce

  2. Thanks for the interesting comments. To clarify: the boarding card was 1/11/2004, which in N.Z. means it was Nov. 1, 5 years ago today. You mention Jan. 11, 2004, which was Spectral Night. Nov. 1, 2004 was Rhythmic Earth. 🙂

    • i see i made a mistake … but then it was indeed interesting to “dwell a little bit” with some wrong tokens 😉

      while TMQ signals me the ticketdate was not january 11 but november 1 – exactly 5 years ago … it lead to the KIN217 of EARTH6 – Rhythmic.

      Simply while i also integrate the previous kin as a very relevant/interesting oracle for a day (+1 and minus one factor: 216+1=217-1) … i hint co-dwellers to the Warrior5 – KIN216 , a GAP!

      Yellow Overtone Warrior
      White Northern Castle of Crossing
      Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Sky
      Galactic Activation Portal

      I empower in order to question
      Commanding fearlessness
      I seal the output of intelligence
      With the overtone tone of radiance
      I am guided by the power of flowering
      I am a galactic activation portal enter me

      216 is a NINE / 9 from numerical approach …
      it fractals into 24 – 2×12 – 4×6 – 3×8 : number of hours/day as a WHEEL
      :{ i think all clocks should be redesigned into the order of the sovereign trinity: they would cycle 3 whole rounds iso just 2 – which is dividing in polars as oppisites while the trinity method breaths unity as Father, Mother and Child}:

    • (this period of a week “autumn almanack” was that clearing – that i have a very creative emptyness which mushrooms “lucid”)

      “… which in N.Z.” triggers here / hear and listen!

      NZ is a crucial in my codex as AM …

      why is that?

      Well: AM is in the capital city of my country: AMsterDAM
      (and ster is as STAR and on the KEYBOARD shift8: “*”)
      DAM is as a BRIDGE closing the gap between two shores / edges

      AM is connected to the verb BE: I AM, You ARE, S/he IS

      In the Bivid-decodex AM is 1-13 … as Z-N …

      So NZ is as 13 to 1 and is a perfect planetary bridge … here todfay bridged by yesterdays spice Red Planetary Dragon within White Spectral Wind …

      Thanks! TMQ … for Bridging a Planet into a “WHOLE” 😉

  3. 2nd comment on 11/1/2009 ~ ( 2.11 ~ KIN102

    in kweekspell we have a SOULdaya ~ 9th & final daya of a kweek
    its number is ; elemental identification:

    this last approach may need the systemic area (map) where the element is a part of, simply while 4 can be sliced into 2×2 where 9 is sliced into 3×3 …
    in kweek i consider it of crucial function to have the both expressions and next to one another; the first one moderates speaking language and the world at a ratio level; the elemental approach facilitates the seeing inside that accomodates the memorylane as an integrity base for decision making – that what life is all about (most preferable on a spontaneous -intellectual teamwork- stream).

    In a systemic map the number can look as:

    1/260 represents the cycle of the tzolkin based on 20×13, clear here
    4/13 represents the 4th moon out of 13; ‘) remark here is this is a kind of manitou weaving which may need a layout to accomodate the presentation of that complex multiplex. => then having the kweek at charge we see the Quarters disappear from the scene in a setting of 39 kweeks : by then we have 3 Triplets of 13 kweeks ! (i – as bivideo in KIN022 kinethical suvuya – would toggle the word “tripleads” for that!)

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