Kin 103: Blue Crystal Night on Day 16 of Moon 4

The Code Spell/Affirmation for Blue Crystal Night states:  “I Dedicate in order to Dream.  Universalizing Intuition, I seal the output of Abundance with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am guided by the power of Vision.”    Today’s G-Force is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:   Spectral Serpent.

Book of the Timespace” says of Seal 3, called the Dreamer:  “Abundance is my nature, Intuition is my guide.  I serve all dreamers with Divine Remembrance and inspiration of Cosmic Truth.”

This is a Crystal Day, the day designated each Wavespell as the best day for Kin to communicate, gather and cooperate.  Since this is the 12th day of the Wavespell coded by Seal 12, Human, and a day of intution and vision, this is a great day for Kin to telepathically connect with each other.

Given the ‘double Crystal nature’ of this day, here is part of the Postulate for Crystal Night, 3.12:  “…Being the primary constituents of the preconscious inorganic projection of radiative geometry in the Third-Dimension, in form, crystals are closest to the intention of the original thought moment of the Galactic Brain….”

SELI 16 is the Red Radial Plasma(Type 1) that has the quality of FLOW.  Focus on your Root Chakra where it concentrates and say:  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  Today we mentally construct the Bottom of the Cube.

Moon Day 16 correlates to Seal Three (Gamma) and  to Kin 94, White Electric Wizard.  The 3rd lost generation is represented by Yellow Magnetic Warrior(16.1), the 3rd Solar Winess and Heart Oracle of the 3rd Bolon Tiku.  Today, “…Magnetic Warrior-13 Moons peace fill the cups of the castigated (punished) with Self-Knowledge.” (and Justice)

Cube Ten:  Love  “By my unconscious Dog power of Love, may Prophecy pacify the Victory of the Righteous!  “May the return of the Sacred Warrior bring Peace, Truth and Love to this afflicted Planet!”

On this day coded by The Dreamer archetype, let’s make that dream come true!  🙂

N. S.  1. 22. 4. 16


3 thoughts on “Kin 103: Blue Crystal Night on Day 16 of Moon 4

  1. “Today’s G-Force is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign: Spectral Serpent.”

    In Book V/VII -CHC Book of the TimeSpace- on page 224 (which number is in the whole serial N. S. it narrates on the importance of the 3 animals Serpent, Jaguar & Eagle; resp. Coatl/Chichan, Ix/Jaguar, Cauhtli/Eagle.

    The Trinity they represent reflect to Water, Earth & Air as in Love, Life & Void they work together in various receipts, one of them i like to articulate is the trinity spiral, sequence & vision. Why? Well i see the Spiral as the Vertical Way to near Themes, the Sequence is the Horizontal River that flows & the Vision is the crossing of diagonals as in X (“ix”) and Y (“why”).

    The 3 are the 3 elements represented by the 3 toes on the foot that have 3 bones …

    The Ability to “decide” upon a token way to partake in “the Dream” is the passionate spice of life we refer to as The Fire. That one is represented by the tiny toe , a “thumb” typo with 2 bones. Fire at hand has become 1 of the fingears where a gear is at hand to regulate ones speed in a stream (it even has a mode to get/fly back!). The 4 fingears at Hand represent the 4 Elements.

    The left Thumbs represent the Ether, the Field coördinating the whole vessel as in Tzolkin the last 4 seals Earth, Mirror, Storm & Sun represent that “Radar Love, Affection & Gratitude” to be receptive to that what is brought by any New Day in Abundance.

    224 is a clear Bolon Ik signature by the 22 number which is here affirmed by its sum into 4 – the signature of self-existing triumph from self-generation having digested the bigger picture into creations and the fulfilling of a true pledge where Pacal Votan & Bolon Ik walk together & talk to gather : always having the feet on the ground respecting the Y which represents the Trinity Factor and Opening Hands offering the X – the Intelligence Factor at Passionate Charge when the Situation is at Hand to Act upon That.

    Apart from 224 “N. S.” vibrates the 1 as Oneness.
    16 as the cube of 4 (which is a cube) – 16 is also the number of seals that work together from the 3 Navigation Towers -Earth, Mirror, Storm- at “the Thumbs” where the Sun articulates the overall motion – mostly just a regular breathing while change appears & radiates.

    16 is also the number of years where Planetary Art Networkers envision the 64 D.N.A. codons in 4 Quarters a Year. Right now we are in the second week of 13 where Quarter 2 in the 13th Year at the 13th Table is performed & transformed.

    Its label is (translated from Dutch into English) the Heart-Moon Crystal (see it is “CrystalNight” todaya!) and its pointer is “Space Circulates Cosmic Awareness” empowered by the Bridge Transformed Rune Triplet. Its I Ching number is 29 in the whole year serial 21-29-37-45. So the 4th Quarter is number 45 – the number that results from the sum of all 10 numbers 0-1-2-3…-9 … . Its spell is “Ocean of Presence” with the outcome “Dynamic Structuring Liberates in Time”.

    Here a way to see for I Ching number 29/64. (Lisa Heyboer is 1 of 4/5 wifes married to the late Artist Anton Heyboer)

    Good “N’eight Zaigone” 🙂
    represents the Glory to Surrender into Liberation

    Then the 4 elements all are as the fingers on the Hand

  2. G-force is actually a nickname to me 😉

    this is why i write my family name a G’root … the G~force from the Root , so to play a wordgame!

    “the” is in dutch written as “de”; that is why the whole familyname is “De Groot” as in Vincent van Gogh’s “Aardappeleters” – in english this is translated to “PotatoEaters” which is why the crux in “EarthAppleEaters” doesnt ring a bell at OnlyEnglishMoldedMindSets …


    then Crystal is MoonTone 12 which bridges 11 and 13 …

    here i indeed articulate the uneven Tones as Towers and the Even ones as Bridges; i is a 9 itself as A C E … are uneven character by number 1, 3, 5 …

    The second half of the alphabet teaches both the sequence style where A-Z is as 1 to 26; and the folding style where Z-N is 1 to 13 …

    Then we see that N is both 13 and 14 together 27 …; as Z is 26 and 1 also 27 …

    So having contemplated this we even can number M-A as 14 to 26 … Agree?

    Then each “double helix character” is “spaced” by number 27 … Okay?

    Then ENTER that in … 28 => bridging worlds

    This is the deeper crystal clarified meaning beyond 11/11 coming where the kweekspel exactly is on daya 28 of a Moon being 3 KIN/days in advance for Dreamspell 13Moon28 : Eagle11 – The Spectral Bird which is also the tenth GAP daya of the serial from Lunar Worldbridger KIN106 …

    Clear here, i hope, KIN103 is the vertical portal into KIN106 while it has a Trinity Distance – measure of PSI-interval.

    S’ace aka AHAU12 – Crystal Sun in LongCountMissionUnrolling

  3. someTimes the randomizer in timespell is very funny “on y’ur side”, so to speak:


    13 moons a year; 13 character in half the alphabet (of 26);
    28 as the ENTER key – invited by the Galactic Activation Portals – so often
    27 as the time-space attractor itself : the double helix trinity at nine tripled into 27 ((3×3)x3)
    +1 as the Creative Factor always on y’ur mind sharpening the feedback from ETZNAB, the mirror Galactic on the inside, Crystal Clear at G’Force … ForSee …


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