Self-Existing Star in Self-Existing Sun Moon of Self-Existing Seed Year

Kin 108, Yellow Self-Existing Star is the second (and last) ‘Triple Magic Turtle Day” of this year.  Today’s guide is Self-Existing Seed, which codes this 13 Moon year.   Kins with the Self-Existing tones always have Cosmic G-Forces.   Today’s G-Force is Cosmic Wizard, while the kin coding this Moon (20.4) has the  G-force of P.V. Cosmic World-Bridger, and Self-Existing Seed’s G-Force is Cosmic Dog.  The Kin numbers of these three Self-Existing Kins   add up to 12.12, Yellow Crystal Human (which is the G-Force of  White Galactic Mirror 🙂 )  The Kin numbers of the G-Forces for today  (14.13) and this Moon (6.13) add up to another G.A.P., 20.13, Cosmic Sun!   Add in the Year’s G-Force and we get Cosmic Sun’s Challenge/Antipode:  Cosmic Dog.

The Code Spell for Self-Existing Star states:  “I Define in order to Beautify.  Measuring Art, I seal the store of Elegance with the Self-Existing tone of Form.  I am guided by the power of Flowering.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.”

Here is what Stephanie South relates about today’s Kin number, on page 93 of her “Star Traveler’s 13 Moon Almanac”:  “…GM 108 X is code for Galactic Mayan mind transmission.  108 is the Cosmic standard 108 is the measure 4 x 27 (27 is the Heart of 93x3x3…)  There are 108 beads in a Buddhist mala” (rosary).

SILIO is Radial Plasma Type 7, which DISCHARGES.  This White fluid gathers in our Heart (Anahata) Chakra.  Focus on your Heart as you say:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”  Today we have completed the Third Week’s Occult Telepathic Quantum, and we go to the Center (Heart) of the Earth  where the 7 Radial Plasmas and the 4 Time Atoms (one for each week) are stored.  From here, inside the 6 sided Cube we telepathically built this week, we RADIATE LOVE, WISDOM and HEALING to all of creation.  Feel the Cosmic Love fill your Heart.

Moon Day 21.  Today corresponds to New Heaven-New Earth, which we are creating now through 2011.  Today, with the added power of this G.A.P.,  let’s feel ourselves enjoying the kingdom of Heaven on Earth:  Imagine how it feels to have attained full 4th-dimensional self-understanding, to be living in Nature, having restored the original garden with sweet-smelling flowers, butterflies, singing birds, cascading water, surrounded by beauty, with the sun on your face.  Your galactic memory has been restored;  what do you remember?

Cube Fifteen:  Vision   Today, Bolon Ik’s  Eighth Weaving matches today’s Seal 8, the Star.  Tomorrow, the last day of the 16 day Cube will conclude a series of 9 days of the Seal of the Dreamspell day match the Weaving of the Moon/Cube Day.  The more we acknowledge various daily synchronicities, the more  aware of them we become.  In her 8th Weaving, the ‘Victory of the 144,000 becomes the measure of New Heaven, New Earth.”  On this most Magic Turtle day possible, it’s Day, Moon and Year combined equals 12.12, and 12 x 12 = 144, giving extra meaning to this magical 8th Weaving of the 144,000.  “By my telepathic conscious Eagle power of Vision, may the 13 Moons Peace Way restore the kingdom of Heaven on Earth as the promised Second Creation Peace!” 

It is up to us, those who choose to be one of the 144,000, to manifest the Biosphere-Noosphere transition, which restores Heaven upon Earth.  Valum Votan wrote on page 74 of  “The Mystery of 2012”   “We are precisely at the point where the difference between a considerable amount of people waking up and taking command or not waking up, is the difference between the Planet going into self-destruction or continuing on it’s evolutionary path.”  With the power of our strong intent (fueled by the knowledge we chose to incarnate for this unprecedented shift, as demonstrated by the fact you are reading these words) and our incredibly powerful minds, we will successfully accompany our Earth on her transition into the Noosphere and The Second Creation! 🙂

N.S. 1.22. 4. 21



2 thoughts on “Self-Existing Star in Self-Existing Sun Moon of Self-Existing Seed Year

  1. we have a special 7 day – today while we see 2009 breathes 7 by 9-2
    and 11/7 breathes 77 from GregorXIII and we know why 13 breathes 7 too: it is the centre number of 13 …

    Then Silio is the 7th Plasma Seal as the Heart Accommodating Vow at the Departure Station where many people as souls gather the 144.000 all at least as 9’ers. The last formula is getting us in a T’urBowSTream while we need 1/9 the of the number of individuals projected by 144.000: 16.000 whole warriors will simple install “the Renaissance at the Portal”.

    This Kweekspell also prepares the pionearing pilots to be aware of the total pivoted world as the body communicates that : SILIOhm is the Kuxan Suum Thread and LIMImah has become the Heart Image: 2 lovers at a wave walking their talk …

    Here the plasma symbols in a serial of 9 … LIMImah on 7 and SILIOhm on 8.

    9 is the Daya of Moon Experience Destiny as the birds body representing each 28th daya rebirthing procedure which equalizes as “death” giving opportunity to all “aboard” in the task at hand on the elegant measure provided by the Self-Existing Star – Kin 108 (9×12)

    Day 21 in a 9991 year translates to 1.4.24 => KINdaya

    Here the Unity Factor KIN goes on the 4th Moontone Self-Existing on the 8th Seal (double4). Let this figure shine in that Formula and a synchron ion will radiate our common miss’ion …

    1x4x3x6 gives 72 as an outcome; this is similar as 3×24 hours – the difference in hours where kweek informs dreamspell …

    (next year in Moon5 this is totally synchrone while KweekSpell and DreamSpell walk as Pacal Votan & Bolon Ik not just 2×6 cells but the whole 2×14 board on the Telektonon Circuits – imagine that as a journey fixed from enterprizing our CommonHealth)

    😉 )))~NeuReeBah~((( <- simply say that from root-crown-heart transpiring the media at charge

  2. on command vs. comment:

    let us focus on this pinpoint where history may vow into “hearhearstory”:

    ”We are precisely at the point where the difference between a considerable amount of people waking up and taking command or not waking up, is the difference between the Planet going into self-destruction or continuing on it’s evolutionary path.”

    When “one” takes command it might be a change that goes in phases …
    meaning we raise our voice and get attuned to our new voice being a part of the whole speaking “true” and “through” …

    By then it is a matter of Grammar, Retorica, Dialectics & Articulation … changing the sequence : G-R-A-D

    That is ripe for a rhythm and rhyme: GRAD on the GRID

    Maybe it is actually also an invitation to shift “Democracy” to where it belongs … for those who see that as an essential, use: GRADD on the GRIDD …

    Where Democracy is in both … and the I replacing the A of Articulation is Intelligence as the prime force speaking from the GRID …

    Some might even replace Grammar by God where Grammar is a Controlled Cultural Dogma mostly represented by Scientist ; we might promote Godzilla’s in this theme where they rely on the Living Linguistical Creative Ion picked up by the Antenna / Radar within the DNA Spirals Themselves.

    Just having been waked up is not a guarantee for the better approach … “weak” up as well: that is : appreciate the weak forces while at the end they often present themselves as Life Force Friendly. Balance the forces at the stage and train the decision arena for the personal healthy way of thinking and beware the judgement moment … have patience ~ knowledge ~ power ~ humility at your side … they present themselves in different constellations (left hand and right hand? and someone in the middle receiving & giving (a)way)


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