Blue Spectral Eagle: Last day of 10-in-a-Row G.A.P.s and of ‘Magical’ Moon 4

The code Spell for Kin 115:  Spectral Eagle is:  “I Dissolve in order to Create.  Releasing mind, I seal the putput of Vision with the Spectral tone of Liberation.  I am guided by my own power doubled.  I am a Galactic Activation Portal.  Enter me.” 

Today’s Challenge/Antipode is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  5.11;  Spectral Serpent and the G-Force is 5.8:  Galactic Serpent, reminding us we are nearing the end of the Red Serpent Wavespell.  (Also, today’s date 14+11=25; -20=5, and 2+9=11, for today’s PV Challenge;  5.11)  Today’s Kin number also reflects the 11 (Spectral) and 5 (Serpent) of this Pacal Votan Clear Sign.

This is the end of Week Four in our 7:7:7:7 practice.  The purpose of this daily practice is “to rehearse for this momentous occurrence, the closing of the Great Cycle” on Rhythmic Moon 9, Kin 207 Blue Crystal Hand.   Week One marks the return of the Seven Solar Witnesses, and in Week Four, they code the Seven Mystic Moons, which are the last 7 Moons of the Great Cycle.  Starting with Week One tomorrow, we;ll explore the Time Compression aspect of this practice, along with our telepathic entrainment with each of the Seven Radial Plasmas, located in our Chakras and the Center of our Earth.

SILIO 28 is Radial plasma Type 7, and it Discharges.  Focus on this White Plasma in your Heart (Anahata) Chakra as you say:  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron at the Center of the Earth.”  (The film ‘2012‘ refers to these ‘neutrinos’ in the Heart of the Earth)  We have now completed the Unified Field Telepathic Time Atom, which along with the Occult Time Atom, creates the second Tetrahedron we have made this Moon.  We now become the ‘Heart’ of the Cube, it’s Center, and from within the Center (Heart 0f of the Earth, we DISCHARGE LOVE, WISDOM and HEALING to all of Creation.    “Become the Victory of Prophecy”

Moon Day 28, is the final of the 4 Telektonon Tower days (Tower of Power:  Bolon Ik’s Spirit Tower) and the 7 th (UR EARTH 7) Tower in the 7:7:7:7 Practice.  On this day, we rejoice in Bolon Ik’s Palace of Heaven at the vision of Uranus Unveiled. ” The Tower of Babel is redeemed as (the) Spirit Tower of the Telepathic Redemption of the lost Planets.”  This deeper aspect of the Telektonon will begin tomorrow.

The final day of each Moon, we rehearse the Rainbow Bridge Meditation, knowing that our ‘performance’ of it on Solstice 2012 will create the Rainbow Bridge by extending the Plasmas stored in the Earth’s Octahedral Crystal Core.  (Imagine the Aurora Borealis and Australis –Northern and Southern lights– shooting out of each Pole and connecting in a spectacular Rainbow)  🙂

This is the last G.A.P. of this run of Ten Galactic Activation Portals, and the last day of the  16th week (coded by Codon 3), which contained the Gregorian date of 11/11/11, and ‘Friday the 13th’.  Today is also the 28th day of  the ‘Magic Turtle Moon’ of the Self-Existing Seed Year.  There is an abundance of powerful magical energy for our transition into Moon 5, the Red Overtone Dragon Moon of Radiance.  Let’s use some to telepathically awaken the (Right Wrist) 4th articulation of this year’s Bolon Tiku, Awesome Vast Blue Sky.  

The Kins coding today (15.11) this Moon (0.4-Sun is 20 or 0)) and Year (4.4) equal 19.19 which reduces  to 19.6.  Tomorrow will all add up to 21.21 (1.8).  These are very special numbers in the 13:20 Synchronic Codes, for our ‘Transition from Moon 4 to Moon 5.    The Moon Transition, synchronized with a  global meditation  (discussed in the post on Solar Skywalker- Nov. 12th), is organized to begin around 11 p.m. on Spectral Eagle-Saturday, EST., which might be Sunday where you are)  Here you can see what time the Moon-to-Moon Transition meditation will begin where you are.  Here in New Zealand it will be 3 p.m. on Yellow Crystal Warrior.  That day is meant for Kin around the world to connect, so it’s a wonderful synchronicity that a Moon-to-Moon Transition and a Global Meditation for Peace and Consciousness Upliftment will be uniting us with so many others for the beginning of Crystal Warrior and the Fifth Overtone Moon of Radiance!  🙂

N.S.  1.  22. 4. 28

3 thoughts on “Blue Spectral Eagle: Last day of 10-in-a-Row G.A.P.s and of ‘Magical’ Moon 4

  1. A nice synchronization in TMQ’s handling the DreamSpell and her Dutch (?) / Noospheriq Relation – me – takes place; and might be good to have attention to:

    DreamSpell “Moon Day 28” matches Kweekspell “Moondaya Kweek1” …

    This will happen all year where KweekSpell Attracts DreamSpell into the Ascended Weaving Pulsed by the Many Fused in just “One”.

    One “What” ?

    Well, how to articulate, dear Questioner (WarriorTypo)? Give a Menu that has the 100% right entry in it!

    As for me ~ Bolon Ik SoulMate ~ the Spectral Eagle is the most needed Spice Right Away to stimulate the Rainbow Bridge Adventures & see in that word the word AdVent where Vent is a Wind-pointer including the Spirits Eye that also is embedded in the Birds as Eagle and Condor and the many more knowing the spots where to land and observe … what about the Black Birds – messengers’!

    In this perspective of the birds the Kweekspell is the bird that includes 2 Moons on its DôME daya nr. 28 ! Which is Todaya.

    here a picture that even holds a complete year as a flight! What about a birds vision?

    gooddaya! S’ace

  2. What is the meaning of a gap between the GAPs?

    Say between GAP 1 and 20 as 260 and 251 we have 18 days of no-GAP.
    What does that mean ?
    Is this to be understood as a period of “silence” – no contact ?
    When this is a “dead period” then what is its viviality?

    So now right after 10 GAPs we have a pretty wide period as a gap: 30 days noGAP!

    This is holding 2 wavespells in its embracing mid as “myth” …

    MIRROR & MONKEY (is this similar as myCLUEs?)

    2 M’s as M&Ms both have a V in their Mid; do you see that?

    And both “v” have a VERTICAL(endar) holding the “V” … of Victory Viviality Virginity (add your favorites!)

    V V :: as said before is also Valum Votan and numerically 22 & 5 (27 & 110) …

    110 is the pre-paring KIN for 111 ~ Resonant Monkey ~ which is in a Magical Square with 151 – 150 – 110 holding the centre of the Tzolkin Square Twins: 130 & 131 :: the ultimate focus pivoting what has to be pivoted / done !?

    Have a nice opening to the 30 KIN coming! in Moon5 :: PeaCock …

    Is there a RainBow in Peacocks “EYES”

  3. a vision can be to merge …

    let’s be clever all together gathered …

    we have a DreamSpell which is sort of Catalysing the LongCount in the ReInstallation for Human Memeory – the UlTiMate Gift for being Human :{ (NooSpheric / Galactic/ 2ndCreational / (whatever label) }: as a pretty fact …

    then LongCount is represented by another Group Grouping Men as Well

    and Kweek irritates the Believers at Both Sides?

    Hmmm, no we are all in for the similar Pivotal Change on the Same Planet … Sensoric Speaking and then Open Up everyone ABoard into the Similar Sight for what it is to Be Human (After All) …

    ReadY to Illustrate a Similar Friction is about the Creational Creation Ion(s) …

    See how Manik ** (Two / Lunar / Dual as Two Eyes Endeepen The 3th One)

    at Eagle11 – Spectral … (is 11 as dual as roman II?)

    then in Kweek it is about MOON the 3th daya a kweek … Electrifying the 6 following of a kweek of 9 daya …

    but then that 6 are in 5th MooN : Peacock “eye for an eye” masking to attract …

    “how challenging life is on being human, agRee?”
    😉 s’ace ~ a Bolon Ik Typo (BIT) for a BYTE (B…. Y… T………. E………T)

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