Yellow Crystal Warrior begins Moon 5: Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance

This Crystal day of Cooperation ‘links’   Kin around the world as they observe the Moon 4-to-Moon 5 Transition and the Global Meditation for Peace and Consciousness Upliftment.  The Code Spell for Kin 116:  Yellow Crystal Warrior is:  “I Dedicate in order to Question.  Universalizing Fearlessness, I seal the output of Intelligence with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am Guided by the power of Elegance.”

Sir William Herschel,  the astronomer who discovered Uranus, was born 261 years ago today, on October 15, 1738 (Magnetic Dragon)      This bodes well for this Moon during which we begin exploring the significance of the 10 Planets in our daily practice.  One of the main objectives of the Telektonon practice it to reopen the Time Tunnel between Earth and Uranus.  Day 23 telepathically correlates to Galactic Sychronization in 2013, when the ‘Earth Uranus Time Tunnels Complete’ and we ‘Fulfill the sounding of the Galactic Chord of the Fifth Force!”

Sir Herschel also invented the term ‘Asteroid‘  which is relevant today, considering that the “Asteroid Belt’ is actually the remains of the 5th Planet out from the Sun:  Maldek, which is one of the ‘Lost Planets’ we are redeeming. Here are two quotes from William Herschell, who died on Blue Electric Storm 19.3, in 1822:  “All human discoveries seem to be made only for the purpose of confirming more strongly the Truths come from on High, and contained in the Sacred Writings.”  “The undevout astronomer must be mad!”

The Peacock is the totem for the 5th Moon of Radiance, which is coded by Kin 161: Red Overtone Dragon.  The Psi Chrono kin for the first 3 days is Crystal Seed, containing the Seal for this year and the Crystal tone of today’s Kin.  During this Moon, we ask ourselves,  “How can I best Empower myself?”  This Moon’s  Power is:  Empower; and it’s action is:  Command.  In an essay in the book:  “The Mystery of 2012”, Valum Votan writes in part:  “We are at that precise point… where a considerable amount of people waking up and taking COMMAND (is needed for) the Planet continuing on it’s evolutionary course.”  Knowing why we need to empower ourselves will help us answer the question of  ‘How to best empower ourselves’  for performing our most important mission.

Today is the first day of the 17th Week of Self-Existing Seed Year, coded by Codon 63:  Accomplished;  Galactic Octave Universalizes Space. 

DALI 1;  UR EARTH 1  begins Red Week One of Red Moon 5, when we  “Initiate Knowledge” and build the Analog Telepathic Time Atom.   “Week One, Primal Matrix Heptagonon of Mind”.  We build a different aspect of the Heptagonon of Mind each week.  It is ” the evolved, purely mental form of the Primal Cubic Parton“, which has 3 axes.  “The pure Heptagonon of Mind axis conforms to the Planetary Electromagnetic Axis and runs from Dali to Seli  (Respectively, the Top-Crown’ and ‘Bottom/Root‘ of the Cube, relating to (today) Blue G-K Earth and (tomorrow) White G-K Venus.)

Yellow DALI TARGETS Luminic Force.  Crown Chakra.   “My Father is Intrinsic Awareness.  I Feel the Heat.”  Telepathically create the Top of the Cube.

During this week, through Fractal Time Compression, each day = one Katun of 260 Moons (20 years).  Today correlates to the Katun coded by the First Solar Witness:  White Crystal Wizard.   Katun 1: 692, contains the ‘Dedication of the Tomb of Pacal Votan’.  It’s encouraging to see the synchronicities between Day 1 of this Moon and the Dreamspell Kin coding today.

Telektonon Day 1 telepathically correlates to Baktun 1 which began in 3113 B.C. and lasts  for 144,000 days.  Each of the 4 Tower of Power days (Days 1, 6, 23 and 28) is coded by a Kin.  Today in the Spirit Tower (which in Baktun 1 has been covered over by the Tower of Babel)  Kin 7:  Resonant Hand represents the Hand of Prophecy:  Power of 7:  Accomplishment.

On this Crystal Day of Cooperation, during the week we Initiate Knowledge,  all Kin and Earth Wizards are encouraged to contribute their knowledge and understanding of the deeper levels of the Telektonon and the 7:7:7:7, which we are beginning to explore during the Overtone Moon of Radiance.

The Kins coding this Day, Moon and Year equals 21.21 (which, when reduced by 20.13 becomes Kin 21, Galactic Dragon).  In Vol. V of the Cosmic History Chronicles,”  Stephanie South and Valum Votan (whose G-Force is Kin 21) make a new addition to the 20 Solar Seals and their newly introduced Archetypes:  Hunab Ku 21.

“Of all the hidden treasures come to light, none exist vaster than Hunab Ku 21;  Unity of Totality-secret of the 441.    Lords of  the Cube, we emanate  and Radiate the powers of Seven.  To know Totality is to know Peace.  To know Peace is to enter fully into the awesome, endless splendour of Galactic Unfolding”  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 1.

3 thoughts on “Yellow Crystal Warrior begins Moon 5: Overtone Peacock Moon of Radiance

  1. strange sync: “October 15, 1738 (Magnetic Dragon)” gives KIN001 as vibration.
    this alignes us with last july 23 the last KIN. That KIN001 was the birthday for the KweekSpell as a baby that kept silent till Late Galactic Sun pulsed the baby to speak with a New Sound in the World at a certain State of the Art for Sharing the Abundant Earth.

    At his birthday it was according my math a MOON6 – year …
    What was the KIN at his day passing away?
    August 25, 1822 gives Electric Storm – KIN159

    The rhythm of number 159 is in number 4 while 1+4=5+4=9
    When 5 is the center 1 its left wing, then 9 is the right wing of that “birth’.

    STORM is a very rich word which can be seen sharper when we write it slightly different: S thor M … see how JUPITER pops up in the word which is similar in English and Dutch; the German say “Sturm” – i remember it from the Scrabble Hit word “OberLeutnantSturmBahnFuhrer” 😉

    In my fantasea the Electric Storm is catalysing the Spirit’s Viviality into the EarthSphere right now in this TimeSpan. Urane is Servicing the Planet as a Whole and the many are awakening into their sovereign mindsets to seed this wholly “Second Creation” as a Self Generation at a Proper & Propelling Ratio.

    I saw Ma great reading that gives trust in the cooperating influences from Jupiter, Neptune & Chiron at UCS – united community of spirits. Its title “Object triple effects!” is in resonance with number 3 …

    Having the Crystal Warrior here, we might say Tone 12 also resonates 3 (1+2)

    This gives me a link to the character Y …

    Often i took this symbol as a following of lines and seeing how 2 from above gets into 1 again … at the root ; then it struck me yesterday (Spectral Eagle) that the “V” above the “|” (stem) is about the TRINITY while the space is organized in 3 sections by “2 slices” … This implicates “the father/mother/elder”, “the sun/daugther/child” & “the holy Spirit” ~ “Amen”

    “Amen” is similar as the sound “a man” incl. the “woman”.
    From Latin translated it simply means “I belief” …

    And there is always a good reason to belief … in (what you sense is your decision to act/speak/exchange/…)

    The Crystal Warrior is Crystal Clear in Queesting a Spell on Great Spanned Wings

    Gooddaya, S’ace

    • Beautiful description of the Storm, s’ace! For me it’s more that fantasea. Namaste TMQ

  2. the 3rd important and significant day/kin in the TMQ message of the day is march 13, 1781 – the discovery date for URANE.

    i was informed by a dutch wiki which gives that day as a 72/73 number : 73 in a leapyear! And we know this number very well in the Dreamspell as the 52×365=260×73 synchrone number …

    73 also resonates with 37 as we saw that pop up at the resonant monkey

    Yx3x37=111 (Y=1) and it repeats itself varying Y from 2 till 9 getting 222 – 999 (1+8 trinities in a row) ; Interesting to see how it proceeds at Y=10/11/12/13: resp. 1110 – 1221 – 1332 = 1443 (?)

    here is its spell – KIN109
    (5th tone in this Serpent Wave! 12 minus 7)

    Red Overtone Moon
    Blue Western Castle of Burning
    Earth family- Gateway Clan- Blood
    Galactic Activation Portal

    I empower in order to purify
    Commanding flow
    I seal the process of universal water
    With the overtone tone of radiance
    I am guided by the power of navigation
    I am a galactic activation portal enter me

    Then … still the number 73 also reverberates the Tables of Moses where the 10 Commandments are given in the number 7 and 3 …

    For the moment i see the 7 as the whole human body illuminated from the 7 chakra centers propelling the human body as a vessel and giving resonance to its skulls that give the human a “thinking mode” and therefor self-consciousness as a talent to express in mutual affairs. The 3 is within the time interval twined : 3×3 = 9 L’ord(erners) of Time … And L is the symbol as GAMMA and change (always be prepared to see it different as what it attracts at first sight)

    3×3 tripled gets us all into 27 as the “YeLLoW SubMarine” – and there the W (double U) and M symbolize the Whole huMan BeinG(alaxy) …

    in la’kech ala K’in

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