Kin 117: Red Cosmic Earth on Red Overtone Moon Day 2

Today’s Cosmic Kin number combines the number associated with the 9 Lords of Time  and the 13 Oxlahuntiki;  9 x 13 = 117.  The Code Spell for Red Cosmic Earth states:  “I Endure in order to Evolve.  Transcending Synchronicity, I seal the matrix of Navigation with the Cosmic tone of Presence.” 

“Book of the Timespace” by Votan/South  assigns the Archetype of  “Navigator”  to Seal 17.  “I am the Navigator, coded by the Red Earth…I hold the maps of Celestial origin and follow the signs of Synchronicity on behalf of Cosmic Evolution…I am the skilled Star Traveler, guided by Telepathic Frequencies that hold Stars and Planetary Systems in order…The Galactic compass is my steering wheel;  keys to the Knowledge of Galactic Navigation, whose signs are the directions for every Traveler of Time to know….”

This description is associated with our daily Telektonon practice, which is expanding to include working with the 10 planets.  Telektonon’s ultimate  purpose is:  “To provide the restoration of Universal Telepathy via the 28 day cycle consciously lived.”  As Valum Votan wrote on page 39 of  the “Telektonon Instruction Manual”  “Telepathic activity is Fourth-Dimensional mental action….you are exploring new activity.  Communicating and sharing your discoveries with others is essential in this process.”  (from page 14:  “…the Thirteen Moon Telektonon and the return to Telepathy is a universal antidote for all of Humanity.”

Pacal Votan is the man in each of us,  who takes the Sacred Warrior’s Journey, and Bolon Ik, his Heavenly Lover, represents our feminine aspect, who weaves the vision of our journey, and brings the Thirteen Moons to life again.  “According to the Telektonon, the current planetary crisis is actually the climax of an inter-dimensional, inter-planetary time wars, the War of the Heavens.”  “The ultimate challenge to these Planet-taming, Time Traveling Lovers is still happening“.

 Bolon Ik is Mayan for Solar Wind.  The combined Kins for this Day, Moon and Year equal 2.9:  White Solar Wind!  Seal 2 Wind represents Spirit, and today’s kin, Earth, represents Navigation.  The beginning and end of each 28 day journey is in the Spirit Tower (days 1 and 28).  The 16 day Cube Journey enters and exits through the Navigation Tower (days 6 and 23).

The 4 days in between each of the two Spirit and Navigation towers  (Days 2-5 and 24-27) comprise the vertical Galactic-Karmic Flow, and the  12 days of the  16 day Cube Journey (except the two middle days, 13-14) form the vertical Solar Prophetice flow.  These two flows are ‘Vertical Lines of Force’.

There are also Horizontal Lines of Force which are determined by the paired Planetary orbits which create 5 circuits.  These are determined by the Daily Kin, and today we are on  Circuit 3:  Uranus-Earth Spirit, Navigation, Accomplishment and Free Will.  This day is full of synchronicities, which serve to encourage us on this higher level of the Telektonon practice!

Telektonon Day 2 correlates to Baktun 2:  The Pyramid;   2718 B.C. when “Pacal Votan enters the Great Pyramid-vows to remain in Earthly tomb of materialism unti the return of Bolon Ik”.  This is the era of the ‘Rise of First Babylon‘.  Day 2 connects with day 27, so we focus upon the Telecosmic number 9.  2718 adds up and reduces to 9.

In the 7:7:7:7  Practice, Day 2 corresponds to Katun 2 which is coded by the Second Solar Witness: Kin 195:  Blue Cosmic Eagle.  This period of 20 years  began in 712  A.D.,   

 SELI, Radial Plasma Type  2,  FLOWS and it gathers in our Root Chakra.  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.” Build the Bottom of the cube.  Dali (top) and Seli (bottom) also define the  vertical Planetary Electro-magnetic Axis.

WHITE MIRROR WAVESPELL TEN:  Power of Endlessness, begins at Midnight.  It leads us into the Seventh Mystic Column of the Dreamspell Tzolkin.  A celestial show has been arranged for the occasion  🙂   During the evening of Kin 118:  Magnetic Mirror, there will be the Leonid Meteor Shower  Visibility for this once-every-33 years shower will be optimal due to the New Moon.

Enjoy the remaining hours of the  13th Cosmic day of Wavespell Nine  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 2    Kin 117

4 thoughts on “Kin 117: Red Cosmic Earth on Red Overtone Moon Day 2

  1. Yesterday -sometimes also to be referred at as “Jesterday” although i prefer that as the day after Yesterday and a Dream and TouchDown-, still here on the first day of this peacock moon a New Label entered my Mind from Noospheric Impulse Aspiring “the vocabulary” in resonance with “All we Know by Now”.

    That Label is Heartick27 also to be referred to as Sheartic27; the one referring to the Yang and the other to the Yin phenomenons and an entangled field where they weave -as one might guess here- : the KweekSpellSpice that is brought up on Earth on July23, 2009 => Dragon 1 in Dreamspell & REED5 / 13.5 in LongCount here.

    2 “seperated weavings” give a creative friction just as Yin and Yang are meant to understand.

    Kweekspell is handling both from a PSI-based friction at 3/72 in both orders. 3 in number of KIN; 72 as number of hours as a measure.
    In this TMQ i mostly just narrate on the reigning DreamSpell Reference. Just when it offers to apply (as here in a definition step) the “MAJIX” -alternative LongCount label- is also mentioned.

    This makes today in MAJIX Moon4 – which indeed is about measure and “universal water” as the power used to set the Flow at Purifying Ultimate.

    In DreamSpell we have the 2nd day – as 2nd creation reference – into the spicepot with Cosmic Flavor at Earth 😉 Navigating the Planet at Noospheric Alignment where Consciousness Sets the Prime Human Interval at God(S’).

    Kweekspell has its 5th day of the Moon (2+5) in the numeric serials: NESSdaya & elementary …
    1. as SUNSEAL Dragon1 year (SEED4 minus 3)
    5. as Moon-reference, here Peacock as Powerpet
    2.2 as Kwelle – also Quelle – 2nd trinity at its mid and mixture consideration.
    (2.1 as the Yang Heartick and 2.3 as the Yin Sheartick modes on the Quelle – the SubWave)

    In this Mix~Lib(eratio) the number 27 in s/heartick against the Biological28 makes the 28th Daya visable by its friction itself (+1 or -1). This also means they go in a Harmonic ~~~~~

    This could only happen by being at “sheart” with my TMQueenY: so Bow )))(((

    S’ close 138 in the table while the Square Among 138 has 117-137-157-158-159-139-119-118 , aGree TMQ?
    That makes 1104 , including 138: 1142 (any idea?)

    “one one four two” ~ con-G’ra-tulations

    • Hi S’ace, I resonate withthat sequence of numbers, which add up to1104.. But when we add 138, the total becomes 1242, not the number you sent congrats for. Re ‘Heartick 27: Today’s Greg. day and month11 + 16 equals 27. Is it Day 2 there yet? Return bow 🙂 .

  2. hi TMQ, indeed i make a mistake sometimes – it must be my angel who protects me and therefor stimulates the contact helping one another 😉

    I take advantage of this comment to add a happening last eve …
    i read a masterpeace for expressing the imaginary factor by a talented “mate”.

    By having that as an appetizer i suddenly saw the importance for a sweatlodge session in VinkeVeen at wednessday – WINDdaya (bolon ik is a wind9).
    The attractor is in its name – as a wrote on the VV number 22 and 5 before and its “Wotan”. My wondering is what “ke” spells … it might be “KA” of “KeY” and both refer to “CHI” and “KI” – Kinich Ahau?!

    Gooddaya ~ MonDay and NESS’daya }}*|*{{

  3. a few moons ago we had a look to a cropcircle …

    today i saw the peacock crop pop up on the screen …

    here it is in an article …

    which has 2009 as a scope …


    in 2004 i visited England on a Eagle DreamWave …

    2 great crops manifested themselves at the fields next to West Kenneth Long Grave … that was visited by us at 6 and a merkabah group at 18 …


    what tells the peacock and how does it align to Overtone?

    it radiates, doesnt it … and is there a link to seal 5 – serpent to?
    is that about changing skins?


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