Day 5 of Moon 5 of Radiance and Empowerment: Electric Sun; Kin 120

Yellow Electric Sun completes the 6th column of the Dreamspell Tzolkin, and Harmonic 30:  ‘Electric Matrix; Self-Regulate Universal Fire of Service“.    The Code Spell for Kin 120 says:  “I Activate in order to Enlighten.  Bonding Life, I seal the matrix of Universal Fire with the Electric tone of Service.  I am guided by the power of Flowering.  I am a Polar Kin.  I Establish the Yellow Electric Spectrum.”

Two years ago, Linda who is  Kin 120 Yellow Electric Sun,  visited New Zealand.  A  few Moons earlier, she had helped to organize Europe’s largest Day-out-of-Time Festival, in Holland.  While we were walking on a  beach in Golden Bay, Linda found a piece of driftwood that looked just like a Dragon, her Occult Kin (Red Spectral Dragon).  When we decided to meditate on a deserted stretch of Sun-filled beach, she said her intent was to focus upon her Galactic Signature’s 5-part Oracle.  Our meditation was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a large Dog, the Challenge/Antipode for the Sun (10.3, White Electric Dog).  There was not another soul on the beach, as we each resettled into our own meditations.  Then, the Dog dropped a pine cone at our feet:  Voila- There was the Seed which Guides Electric Sun!  As we marveled at the appearance of  Electric Sun’s  Occult, Challenge and Guide,  we remarked  that the only part of her Oracle not to appear was her Analog:  Seal 19, the Storm.  Just then, the Sun disappeared, and the winds whipped up  a Storm.  Looking back now, it seems that Linda’s magical meditation focusing on Yellow Electric Sun was the first  of several signs signaling the following special year which was coded by today’s Analog:  Blue Electrical Storm.

That leads us to a more recent ‘sign’:  the two crop circles that seemed to suggest the appearance of a Comet or Coronal Mass Ejection on the evening of Magnetic Mirror.  (Link is in earlier post)  Besides the Meteor shower that night, shortly after Cosmic Night Watch ended, a massive Meteor lit up the skies of Utah in the Western United States.  On this video, they are raving about this ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ occurrence, leading one to conclude that this was the event the crop circles were indicating.  The location feels synchronistic, considering that yesterday’s search for “Sacred Mountain of the West” produced the location of Flagstaff/Sedona,  Arizona, which is very close to Utah.

Telektonon Day 5 is when we telepathically redeem Baktun 5:  “House of Chang”, when the I Ching of 64 Hexagrams was developed.  This day concludes the 4 day ‘Earth Walk’ between the first two Tower days.  Today we also focus on the Telecosmic power of number 4.

The Storm (19) and today, the Sun (0) hold the most extreme positions in the 0-19 code, and they correspond to Circuit One with the nearest and farthest planets from the Sun:  Pluto and Mercury.

Moon Day 5 in the 7:7:7:7 practice, correlates to Katun 5: (A.D. 771) and Baktun 5 is coded by the Fifth Solar Witness:  White Electric Mirror, Kin 198.  Electric Mirror codes the Heart Oracle of Supreme Golden Maiden, the   Lord of Time for Blue Electric Storm Year.  As you focus on today’s Solar Witness, remember that she holds the center of the 9 Lords of Time, and is the only Feminine one.

ALPHA 5, Radial Plasma Type 5, is Yellow, gathers in our Throat Chakra and has the action of Release.  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”    Today we have created the first part of the Red Telepathic Quanta, which forms a downward facing triangle.  Next, mentally build the Right side of the Radion Cube.  “The Primal Cubic Parton runs from Alpha to Limi and corresponds to the Biopsychic Planetary Vertice.”  As we practice, these concepts will become more familiar and real.

The Large Hadron Collider in Cern is starting up again.  Here is some interesting speculation regarding it.  Volume Five of the Cosmic History Chronicles, by Valum Votan and Stephanie South, is called “Book of the Timespace“.  Since scientists are warning that this facility has the ability of tearing  TimeSpace  apart, this is a topic we will follow.

May the Electric Sun radiate Enlightenment, Empowerment and Joy upon you on this 5th ‘Overtone’ day of the 5th Overtone Moon of Radiance  🙂 

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 5.  Kin 120

5 thoughts on “Day 5 of Moon 5 of Radiance and Empowerment: Electric Sun; Kin 120

  1. That day at Golden Bay was magic! When I found that dragon, I asked dragon to guide me through my meditation. To show me my hidden powers!
    I still have it with me when I travel!

    Thank you for writing down the experiance.

    Linda, Yellow Electric Sun

  2. (later i pick up this Linda & the Dog)

    I handle this Precious Electric Sun with another document which includes many spices in the cauldron active in burning One Hunahpu to a born & living thing inthe heart of potentially all human individuals aboard. The key chi that matches in the “keylock” offered by TMQ is in the PRINT mode of that page : at my station here with its instruments as cockpit(fallseeker) it gives 37 pages at a density i propably use 70 percent at the Mozilla Print Function, so to detail.

    And 37 was here recently setting focus on number 9: 9 trinities on a row by having 37 , 3 and a factor Y travelling One to Nine in a formula: Yx3x37.

    Then the many valuable narratives on that 37 page printout give XIBALBA BE as another KEY at CHI … here discovered by your “free-end” S’ace from Holland as a down to sealevel place to live … because of dunes and dikes and poldering (big heart pondering).

    The bivideotext decoding procedure from that vibration gives:
    3 9 21122125 => 37 (sorry to have skipped some spaces here 🙂 )

    3 9 heads for 27, agree?
    and the outcome ends on 25 : todays focus having 25 at the other side and on many boards pacal walking with bolon ik again on cell 5 … where the warrior beadhead goes on number 8 – URdaya in kweek …

    Electrifying the warrior ahead – the beadhead – we might use a label that sprouts its meaning; considering s/he has to be a twin – a galactic twin – i offer the label One Hunahpu …

    Let me here – live on the screen – discover its bivideotext’UR:

    12 12 5 ~ 8 6 13 1 811 6 => 29 27+26 => 81+1 (82/10)
    Tzolkinwise it spells WIND4 – the selfexisting One FormGiver to the New Era.

    In the Magic Square 82 goes with 162 – 179 – 99 (galactic storm)

    The midpath for that magic square is about to enter on KIN121 …
    So here is another great moment within the birthing calendar itself …
    where 120 hands over 120 cells by 20 in the 7th column into the other 120 cells … Consider each cell in that center column as a pure twin where the mouth of both the jaguar and the serpent speak as an eagleseye …

    Have a good night passing this BRIDGE / TUNNEL / Fa(i)rY 😉

  3. as a free-end of seeing how energies merge i offer a game in having frequencies from KIN: Linda 120 ; TMQ 138 , Me 22 … (try for me someone else as VV of PV?)

    120+138 => 258 , last mirror in the cycle: Spectral Mirror
    120+22 => 142, Crystal (clear) Wind ~ clarifying spirit at the Temple Governed
    138+22 => 160, Self Existing Dog 10.4 ~ setting a form for loving from the heart
    120+138+22 => 280 = 20, Resonant Sun ~ attuning enlightment

    Take the last one as an entry for the 7th column?

    What do we get? What are we heading for? Any idea?


    • Hi GoodKnight,

      We ‘felt’ Kin 11 with us that day. When we add him to Kin 158, it becomes Kin 169: Red Cosmic Moon (9.13), the 13th Cosmic day of the 13th Cosmic Wavespell! If we add Pacal Votan (Kin 60) to 258, we get Kin 58, Rhythmic Mirror, a Pacal Votan Clear Sign. The terrain around Golden Bay is rather reminiscent of Palenque. 🙂 Kin 138

  4. okay ~ you felt with 11 … and we did not think 11+22 (a pair of lovers)

    258+33 makes 31 the Overtone Monkey playing its Radiant Magic?

    also Pacal Votan and his Lover Bolon Ik could be a good tryout:

    258+82 => 80 the Lunar Sun, challenging the Dog?

    i point here at the lectures learned from book IV/VII … as one might recall …

    ThX for having all the fun ~ it fills more dreams!

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