Kin 121: Red Self-Existing Dragon: the Galactic Signature of The Law of Time

20 years minus 20 days ago, The Law of Time was ‘born’ on Red Self-Existing Dragon.  Kin 121 (11 x 11) is the Galactic Signature of  this sacred revelation which was  discovered by 11.11 (Valum Votan-it’s chief investigator) and his partner Lloydine Arguelles (2.9:  Solar Wind).  Their combined Galactic signatures equal 13.7  (Kin 33 (20 + 13); Resonant Skywalker), while the G-Force of Self-Existing Dragon is the reverse:  7.13;   Blue Cosmic Hand: Kin 247 (13 x 19).  The numbers derived from the Galactic Signature of  The Law of Time and the Signatures of it’s discoverers affirm the  numbers of it’s 13:20 Frequency, the  Cosmology of 7,  and the 0-19 code.  Stephanie South’s “13 Moon Almanac” revealed the precise date of The Law of Time’s birth with this statement:  “Galactic Signature of the discovery of the Law of Time (12/10/1989)”.

Today marks the 28th Galactic Spin (of 260 days) since the  inception of The Law of Time.  This Galactic Birthday today reflects the 28 days of every Moon, and Red Self-Existing Dragon synchronizes with the Self-Existing tone of this year and with the Overtone Dragon  coding this Moon of Radiance.  The Kins coding this Day, Moon and Year total 6.13  which is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign:  Kin 26; Cosmic World-Bridger.

So, we are entering the 7th central column of the Dreamspell on a special day!  The Code Spell for Kin 121, Red Self-Existing Dragon is:  “I Measure in order to Nurture.  Measuring Being, I seal the input of Birth with the Self-Existing tone of Form.  I am guided by the power of Navigation.”

The Postulate for today,  1.4  is:  “Informing equally and uniformly the full spectrum of evolutionary possibilities of energy, mass, and consciousness, the constant 13:20 frequency of Time functions as the Law of Time:  T(E)=Art; Energy factored by Time equals Art. The quality of Beauty is the index of efficiency of the equation of the Law of Time, perceivable as the Synchronic Order of the Universe at any given moment.”

Telektonon Day 6 telepathically redeems Baktun 6:  1141 B.C.  “Imperial Seal”.    “Pacal Votan uses Free Will to claim the 7 Seals of Prophecy, storing them at his Uranian crypt at the centre of the Earth, where he prepares the Warrior’s Labyrinth according to the Law of the Cube:  4 x 4 (14)-“   Tower of Power:  “Triumph of the power of 12 over time in the old world.”  The first Tower Day on Day 1 was sealed with Kin 7, Resonant Hand (7.), and the second Tower Day, today, is sealed with Human Wisdom:  Kin 12, Yellow Crystal Human (12.12).

This is the second  Tower Day in the 7:7:7:7:   UR EARTH 2, Solar Earth,    The Prophecy Tower of Inner Earth.  Today we focus on Katun 6: which began in 791 A.D.  Katun 6 is coded by the Sixth Solar Witness:   Kin 199: Blue Self-Existing Storm.  Each Moon Day 6 is especially significant this year, because Self-Existing Storm codes the Heart oracle of this year’s Bolon Tiku:  Vast Awesome Blue Sky.  When we fully awaken this Lord of Time on the Day-out-of-Time (Kin 108:  Self-Existing Star, which is the 6th Lord of Time’s Root Chakra until the mid-year shift when it will become his Crown chakra ) , we are “Awakening the Evolutionary Cycle of the Planetary Human in Devotion to the Supreme All-Transcendent One.”

LIMI, the Red 6th Radial Plasma gathers in our Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra, and its action is to PURIFY“I Consume Dualistic Thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Today we manifest the Left side of the Radion Cube.  Yesterday’s Plasma (ALPHA) along with LIMI correspond to the Biopsychic Planetary Vertice.

Seal 1, coded by the Dragon (Memory) paired with Seal 18 the Mirror (Meditation) recapitulates Circuit Two which is formed by the planets of Neptune and Venus.

Let’s call upon Memory and Meditation in order to contemplate and comprehend The Law of Time more deeply, and to appreciate  it’s 28th Galactic Birthday, so synchronistically timed  in the Moon and Year which contain it’s Seal and Tone, and which all combine to make   a  ‘cosmic’ Pacal Votan Clear Sign (6.13).  Even this Gregorian Month and Year   make 11 and 11.  11+11= 22, Kin number of White Solar Wind, 11.11 = Valum Votan’s Galactic Signature, and 11×11= Kin 121.  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 6.    Kin 121

3 thoughts on “Kin 121: Red Self-Existing Dragon: the Galactic Signature of The Law of Time

  1. well okay … we have a Navi-Gate-Ion Tower Day … beautiful described in an inspirational edition for Kin121 …

    it inspired me – white solar wind talented – to set it in another form on the internet

    there i add the 20/20/20 20:20:20 portal on the 11 to 11 as a link to 9 daya ago …

    can you all see how 09 merges with 11 into the 20 vibration?

    then see again into 11/20/2009 … and there you are!

    mark the 20:20:20 timer telepathically at the spot and moment where you reside spontaneously in the grid – perhaps another GRAD GRID:

    Grammar Sensitive
    Rethoric Aligned
    Articulation Rhyming
    Dialectical on Courage

    Galaxy Resonant Intelligence Dependency

    😉 gooddaya! SOULdaya in PeaCockMoon

  2. in 121 another familiar number is vibrated by the great maya “wizzarts”

    that is … 1221

    the 2 “swans” were exactly as a venus transit covering “one another” at “a line”.

    this links us through to the coming 12/21 … here Gate144

    (i got this by a mysterious email – site not found yet: so i give it here as a whole:)

    Friday, November 20th

    Excerpt from ‘the Truth about Freedom’
    An article by Ekara about
    ‘the minor illusions’

    The major illusions of form, exchange, time, space and death are formed within the neo-cortex, which is the translator of your vibratory-based imagination into reality. If this statement holds true during the experiments that we will undertake together [later in this article] then this means that even your capacity for imagination is based on illusion. It is for this reason that, even within the realm of the nonphysical, human mind tends to create the final grand illusion: separation.

    The fascinating conclusion however, is this: proof for the fact that separation is an illusion exists within your biological make-up and the way you process reality! This cannot be emphasized strongly enough: it is your own imagination and how it has been manipulated by the personality parasite that is creating the five grand illusions (form, time, space, exchange and death) by changing the incoming translations of your senses and it does this by piping these translations through your neo-cortex for processing, which unfortunately has been set-up to generate a field of separation. This then becomes the sixth grand illusion and closes the loop.

    The good news is that this means you’re only seeing things because you imagine separation is real. Change your imagination, change what these vibrations are programmed to do and you change your life completely, evermore, without looking back. The same process exists in nature, by the way. It is no different to what the caterpillar does when it becomes a butterfly: changing its vibrational range completely, changing the way its energy DNA is affecting its biological DNA and thereby changing the actual reality of its own body. Growing wings is the result; it is biological fact and yet if you would suggest this possibility to most humans, they would not be able to process it mentally.

    You and the caterpillar are made up of one and the same ‘energy mass’ making up your energetic DNA strands. You can both ‘do’ the same things. Freedom is about fluidity.

    As you continue and deepen your ascension training, we will be going to places that are called ‘nowhere’ without going anywhere, where everything conditional cannot exist. It’s an easy ride when all is said and done, but there is a catch: you have to take everything that you are with you, even those things that you created from a conditional field. In our journey together, we will need to ‘deconditionalize’ the conditional.

    This process, beloved ascension student, is achieving mastery over the minor illusions, i.e. the conditional leftovers within that are often still active on a subconscious level – or that have remained dormant for years, waiting to reactivate at the appropriate time, usually a matrix-induced traumatic event created in concordance with the personality parasite, its controlling mechanism that YOU believe to be ‘you’. It is this mechanism, coupled with the examples and methods shown to you earlier in this article, which allows you to have your moments of fear about finding and/or losing love. It is this mechanism that, no matter how far you have gotten on the path, still has the ability to make you confused about joy and freedom and what their total expression in your life really is all about. In short, the left-over personality still lingers with its irritating and persistent leftover concepts, spots on an otherwise clean slate that just don’t seem to rub out.

    The truth is that you can only clean these last bits up akeneically; it cannot be done with the mind for it will be the last release of mind’s hold on YOU, the eternal consciousness. Taking this step is not easy. It requires tons of courage to stand upright in places where you were once told to be afraid, to walk there where you were told not to go. Finally doing it anyway will be a catharsis, a great liberation of strength and the coming of unending freedom.

    While you, as ascension students, are undergoing the process which I have now explained, you will learn Holophysics as you will remember the true nature of this hologram and how to properly navigate within it. You will once again discover how to change past events for yourself such as the restrictive ones described before, the sub-frequential realities. You will be taught Holoplasmatics, or the understanding how matter and energy interact together. It will result in the final reclaiming of your past and all of its unfolded potentials. You will reclaim one vibration of your totality after another, frequency by frequency, until you will discover that you are a being of endless unfoldment, existing as a tonal rather than a vibrational master of self.

    The true effects of this whole journey will only be felt in their totality when the last step is taken. It’s the big thing about multidimensionality that has puzzled many minds in other times: 99 percent still equals point zero. No dimension will form or open itself to you when you move into it with only 99 percent of your total self with you. As was stated before, you have to take everything that you are with you. It’s all wrapped up in that last 1 percent because you are holographic, you see. If there’s anything leftover from an older you that you are not accepting, it can’t go with you because it will end up in your new creation as well. All you create is you and you are all you create.

    Having explained all of this, coupled with what has been taught to you before by many others, we hope you will begin to grasp where this path will lead and what is necessary for you to take steps on it.

    I, Ekara, thank you because you are ready to step out of the mind box. While you do, ask yourself whether you feel love, joy and freedom; the universal and not the conditional kinds. The former are true, the latter is what we call the minor illusions that can only be properly mastered once you have achieved mastery over the grand ones. Ask yourself this simple question in every moment… because as it is, so it shall be.

    Ekara re-channeled by Yin
    Transcribed & edited by Jazz

    In ‘Mastering the Grand Illusions’ (MGI), to be released as a re-channeled e-book when goes live, Ekara and others discuss the six grand illusions of form, time, space, exchange, death and separation.

    As a special appendix to the e-book version, four extra lectures by Ekara, Adamus, Kuthumi and Yin will be added, discussing what they label ‘the minor illusions’ of conditional love, joy, freedom and truth. In 2010, MGI will also be released in print as an extended study- and work guide.

    Download the MGI e-book on
    Coming December 21st

    [ 32 days left ]

    … we might see if we had a 37 talk 5 days ago which by then will match this whole story as a noospheric aligned vision!

    at y’ur service!

  3. as a nightwatcher from psi-ed evidence i seem to get in an advance for the WIND5 edition ; which is to be understood to link-in a site that expresses a lot about all the 260 seals …

    i put it here:

    the spontane focus gave me this paragraph :

    “Examine and change these beliefs and programs! In your process of fulfillment, your beliefs are all that can limit you. There are many ways to work with these shadows of insuffiency. Subliminal tapes and affirmations are one means. Transpersonal approaches such as process-oriented psychology, gestalt, shamanism, or Jungian dreamwork can also help. Perhaps you project these feelings, believing that someone else is responsible for your lack. If so, remember that no one else can fill your cup. Only you and Spirit can do that. Look at how you can be more self-nurturing. Take inventory to discover what brings you joy and fulfillment; whatever that is will also bring you abundance. Working with Yellow Human can change your subconscious attitudes and bring profound insights.”

    A true thing here is that the Solar Wind “contra Overtone” (having 7 as its mid) happens to live with a Yellow Cosmic Human (52).

    This is a combination that sets 22 + 52 into 74 the Solar Wizard.

    122 minus 74 illustrates a gap of 48 …

    We know 48 as the number added to the 64 in the V/VII CHC.

    Those numbers are on my dreamy mind Questioning the Universal Souldears.

    😉 see you! leater in the aether

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