Day 10 of Wavespell 10: Planetary Hand on Overtone Dragon Moon Day 12

The Code Spell  for Kin 127:  Blue Planetary Hand is:  “I Perfect in order to Know.  Producing Healing, I seal the store of Accompishment with the Planetary tone of Manifestation.  I am guided by the power of Vision.”

Here is the Postulate for 7.10:  “Personal celestial harmonics are the telepathic explorations in time based upon date of birth, which then defines the personal space-point and its Time Vector Potentialities.  Through celestial harmonics, the life process which had been unconscious can be experienced in the conscious order of its unfolding synchronics.”

As the excerpt quoted yesterday (from Valum Votan) reminds us, our date of birth (Galactic Signature) assigns us to one of 5 Earth families which each correspond to a zone of the Earth and it’s related Chakra.  Today, the Hand (with it’s Mayan denotion of two dots) is a member of the Core family that telepathically protects the Equatorial Zone of the Earth and corresponds to her Heart Chakra.  On days coded by the Core family, we can imagine  the Equator Zone as a bright band encircling the Earth.  By sending energy from our Hearts to the 8 sided Crystal Core in the Center (Heart) of the Earth, we can see the sparkling energy radiate out from her Core to spin around the Equatorial Band.  Since the Kins for this Day, Moon and Year add up to Rhythmic Human (12.6) which is also a member of the Core family,  here is a  beautiful brief  for inspiring our Heart Chakras and the Earth’s Heart Chakra  today.

The 2012 Harmonic Convergence will be coded by Crystal Hand (both the Seal and the Tone are ‘2 dot’).  In “Book of the Timespace“, Vol. V of the ‘Cosmic History Chronicles’, Valum Votan and Stephanie South assign the Hand the Archetype of  “Avatar“.  “…Descending from the cosmic heights of the seven Heavens, I hold the keys to the seven days of Creation…I am the constructor of the Worlds to come. For I am the keeper of the covenant binding all knowledge for the healing of the World Soul…” 

Seal 7, the Hand represents  the Cosmology of Seven, which includes the 7 Chakras and  the 7 Radial Plasmas which are the  ‘Building Blocks’ for creation.  The Hand corresponds to the Earth, putting it on the critical Circuit Three containing Earth and Uranus, whose connection via the Flux Tube we are meant to heal.

Telektonon Day 12 corresponds to Baktun 12:  1224 A.D.;  Hidden Seed  which contained the Triumph of the Third Babylon.   The Pope Nicholas V Doctrine of 1452, and Pope Gregory’s Gregorian Calendar put the 13 Moons in exile.  Today we telepathically redeem Baktun 12. 

Cube Six:  Death   “By my conscious warrior World-Bridger death power, may what has been hidden now be revealed!”  “May the Peace of the 13 Moon Way Prevail!”    Today, we Tone “LA“.

Radial Plasma Type 5 is Yellow Alpha.  It’s power is RELEASE and it gathers in our THROAT Chakra.  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  We have just created the first (of 3) parts of the White Telepathic Quantum.  Next we build the Right side of the Radion Cube. 

Each day we are working with the Kins of the 260 day Dreamspell Tzolkin which generate one of 5 Planet Chakras, and the energies of each day, while  the Telektonon and 7:7:7:7 practices  are based on the 28 day Moon and correspond to one of our 7 Chakras.  It is the daily overlay of these two Synchronometers that creates the Synchronic Codes and synchronicities which will guide us through the times ahead.

This Week (also called a Heptad) 18  is coded by Codon 49 Revolution of Time; Revolution of Telepathy.  Today, coded by Seal is a good time to begin exploring this ‘key’ Codon which is 7×7 (=49).  Beginning on Page 58 of the ‘7:7:7:7 Instruction Manual’, Valum Votan discusses  “4.  Crossing the Corpus Callosum of History, Codon 49 (7×7), the Seventh Moon and the Seven UR Earths of UR”.  It is a fascinating account of the process of the Prophetic Revelation of the 7:7:7:7, the Cube of the Law and the Kins coding the  critical period  during 2012-2013 when we cross the psychic corrider (Corpus Callosum) leading us from History back to UR (the coming Universal Religion on Earth).  UR could also refer to the Earth of Heaven (URanus).  Tomorrow we’ll explore the Seven UR Earths, because it will be UR EARTH FOUR which happens every Moon on Day13, Cube 7.  

 “The Seven UR Earth qualities  represent a return of the senses  to the key aspects of the natural order informing our senses, and by whose correct timing cycles the Soul is to be Perfected.”   🙂

N.S.  1.  22.  5.  12.  /6    Kin 127

7 thoughts on “Day 10 of Wavespell 10: Planetary Hand on Overtone Dragon Moon Day 12

  1. ThX for the RYSA clip; i often see and enjoy them (too).

    In the number 127 the “ONE TwentYSeveN” sound is included and vibrates.
    Note is the “even” sound in Seven ; but then i am not quite right because even is in the script but not in the sound – it is articulated different.

    ONE is the Bird flying with 2 wings that both represent 27 feathers as KIN/daya:

    So by this way of seeing the number fitting “a Bird”, i declare Hand10 as the L’ordener of the KweekSpellRevelation ~ which some relate to as “just another” a postulate popping up in the flood of creative noospheric thinking.


    The ALPHA seal is for me a weekly birthdaymemorial simply while i was born on an ALPHA Friday … Day 26 in Moon12 in KweekSpellNotation makes it x.12.3.8 ~ URdaya … URanian-Daya as i follow the hint by TMQ.

    Today relates to kweek ~ KINdaya ; and the Yellow Turtle Warrior is 3 cubes ahead to the lovercouple at Cube 10 (16th cell) – SELI marked on the TELEKTONON infrastructure. SELI is the ROOT spot activated at Departure Station where Pilots Gather and are Instructed in Trinity Modes as Basic Configuration for a Reliable Crew.

    See for the SELI symbol and try to see 3 themes that symbolize the 3 waves!


    • Hi Cees, I don’t understand completely all that you are writing.
      Because I’m not totally familiar with the subjects you write about.

      To begin I have a simple question:
      Why do you call the turtle warrior “yellow”?
      In the manual of Telektonon it’s called “green”, isn’t it?


      PS Are you dutch?

      • yes Marije , i am dutch …
        some label me as their “zonnewind” ~ solarwind, as peter caeb t.

        why do i call the turtle warrior yellow?

        by studying quite some dreamspell stuff, and having a focus on Pacal Votan, =Bolon Ik and the Warrior Turtle … i realised myself Pacal Votan and Bolon Ik together symbolize the Masculine and the Feminine in every human being as a Warrior Type Questioning its existence and practise ones search by being a part of the whole game … on courage.

        Ths original Warrior Turtle is Green however it fits Pacal Votan while he represents the Hunab Ku L’ordener acknowledged by anyone at instance when he is seen with his Lover from Urane.

        Yellow Warrior is the 16th seal and the most honorable role for each human being serving the One that binds us all by grand offer …

        Well, anyway clothes and colors and times are a changin! as Cindy & Bob Sing …

        It is good to put the questions forward: the best way for me to treat them as i hope this comment does …

        from Bakkum. Nederland

      • hi Marije,
        i send a second responding on your signal …

        a total new revelation within the dreamspell itself happened …

        it is narrated on at 2 blogs who can be found on a page at my website

        in short it re-installs the ideas of Pascal where triangles form a “Dome” and the Dome is a great metaphor and infrastucture for TIME.

        It fits perfectly in the DreamSpell / 13 Moon when we people are able to shiftleap our minds in the other dimension … shortly said leave 7777 into 9991 frequency which unifies all people all religions and the whole idea that the DreamSpell is created for …

        What can i say when the premise of Bolon Ik has been fulfilled in the crucal third moon of the self existing seed? which at the same time is the magnetic dragon year from a kweekspell perception while this spell is 3 kin ahead as a psi factor … (mass grid/mankinds intuition power).

        I am a special servant of the Water Affairs all over the world … and am pretty aware of the waterfactor within our bodies … that is (to be) purified in a rapid waterfall rainbowww … 😉 “tgajegoed” s’ace

  2. ”The Seven UR Earth qualities represent a return of the senses to the key aspects of the natural order informing our senses, and by whose correct timing cycles the Soul is to be Perfected.”

    What happens when our senses are renewed informed on the intelligent order beyond that what is ordinary represented to us as a “true world” ?

    How can one imagine what is behind the shut door when it is not in a catalogue ?

    Is it important to be sure what might be there for sure ?

    Are we that far comfortable taken care of it fails the guts to have a stand ?

    … as the premise speaks: the Soul is to be Perfected by the Seven UR Earth Qualities here at Hands Planet Aria … , each uniQversal song, rhyme, hymne

    here a Guide Healer Teacher clip by rysa5 i received from SKY:

  3. Thanks s’ace;
    That was a beautiful video– Rysa’s video are all so inspiring and relevant to these times!

  4. Thank you Cees, for explaining the Green Warrior Turtle.

    And thanks for the link of your website. Never before I had heard of “kweek”. I will go there and see if I can understand some of it 🙂

    Hartelijke groet

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