Red Crystal Moon: the Beginning of Harmonic 33; the Heart of the Tzolkin.

Today is unique in several ways.  Kin 129, Red Crystal Moon is the only ‘Crystal Day’ in the Seventh central column.  It is the first day of Harmonic 33 which holds the mystic center of the Dreamspell Tzolkin.  It’s Kin number:  129 contains it’s Seal (9) and it’s Tone (12).  It is also the Galactic Signature of Dane Rudhyar, the Cosmic Astrologer to whom Valum Votan and Stephanie South devote several pages in ‘Cosmic History Chronicles Volume IV:  Book of the Initiation.’

A book that Valum Votan refers to in several of his Reports and books is the “The Knowledge Book” by Mevlana.  Mevlana is the pseudonym of Bulent Corak, whose Solar Birthday is today.  Here is a quote from her, found in Stephanie South’s “13 Moon  Almanac”:  “Genuine missions are only given to those able to undertake the responsibility.”   On page 77 of  “Vol. IV:  Book of the Initiation“, Votan and South write”  “Vedia Bulent Onsu Corak is an incarnation of the Sufi mystic …Rumi…”  (Rumi is discussed in an earlier post)   Mevlana/Coruk  was Kin 199;  Self-Existing Storm, which is the Heart Oracle for this year’s  Lord of Time,  Awesome Vast Blue Sky’.

The Daily Affirmation for Kin 129, Red Crystal Moon is:  “I Dedicate in order to Purify.  Universalizing flow, I seal the process of Universal Water with the Crystal tone of Cooperation.  I am guided by the power of Birth.”

Postulate 9.12 states in part:  “…the release of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridgerestores and activates the planet’s dormant magnetic polar flux tube regulators.  Its successful completion augurs the triumph of sensory teleportation (the ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge) as an established evolutionary possibility placing the species and the biosphere once again within the spiritual evolutionary trajectory of the Galactic Brain

From Valum Votan’s message received on Kin 123; Blue Rhythmic Night:  “The Rainbow Bridge Meditation. This practice is at the heart of the purpose of the Galactic Synchronization Crews. At its simplest level it involves visualizing a rainbow connecting the Earth’s magnetic poles. The Bridge is in two parts each 180 degrees apart. It also involves weekly practice of creating a time atom, and on the seventh day telepathically placing it in the Earth’s crystal core. Visualizing the rainbow bridge as a group practice is an excellent way of bonding the Galactic Synchronization Crew. So meetings on Silio days (7,14,21 and 28 of every Moon) are recommended. This image of the Rainbow Bridge we will want to imprint in our heart, remembering it at all times.”

This special Crystal Day  (when Kin are meant to connect) on Silio which corresponds to the Heart, when we are also at the Heart of the Tzolkin, indicates this is the perfect time to begin this weekly meditation, and with at least two other Kin (they only need to know their Galactic Signature) if possible.  Let’s all take the time today to initiate the  practice of performing the Rainbow Bridge Meditation every Silio:

Visualize yourself inside the Earth’s 8-sided  octahedron Crystal Core. See a pyramid  with two Red and White sides above you, and a pyramid with two blue and yellow sides below you, pointing downwards.  In the center of the Crystal  Core is an intensely blazing point of white light.*** An etheric column extends North and South from the blazing center to the tips of the octahedron.  Coiled around the etheric axis like two strands of DNA, are the Red and Blue flux tubes. The spiraling Red Tube is carrying Positive Ions  down from the North Pole, while the Blue Flux Tube brings Negative Ions  upwards from the South Pole.

In the Crystal Core are four Time Atoms, all appearing as  7-pointed Cubes.   A Red Time Atom is above you on the Northern point, turning clockwise.  Then see the  Blue Time Atom  spinning counter-clockwise below you  on the Southern point of the Polar axis. ***The White and Yellow Time Atom are along the  Gravitational Plane which extends horizontally from the center of the Earth.  The White Time Atom on your left and the Yellow one to your right  turn like paddle wheelers making a slow counterclockwise motion around the earth’s core.  Imagine these two gravitational Time Atoms stabilizing our beautiful Earth.

Now visualize that from the center of the 8-sided Crystal Core, a great stream of multicolored plasma-filled light flows along the Polar axis  and your central column, shooting through the top of your head on through the North Pole, making a huge arc in front of you, which is the Earth’s Day alternator, always facing the Sun.  Then imagine the Earth’s Night alternator as the Rainbow colored stream of Plasma flows through the bottom of your feet, and out through the  South Pole,  to form a Rainbow behind you and the Earth.  See the sparkling colors of  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet and Indigo as the two streams merge into the Rainbow Bridge, and remain  constant and unmoving as  the Earth revolves on its axis.

Hold this  vision within your Heart, and feel the Peace as the Rainbow Bridge surrounds you and our Earth. Now you and the Rainbow Bridge are one. The Rainbow Bridge of World Peace is real.  There is a science behind this, and what you are visualizing now will be seen by all in 2012.  🙂  As your meditation ends, feel energized by the Rainbow’s energy as you Radiate Love, Healing and Wisdom to all of Creation.

On SILIO 14, we become the Heart of the White Telepathic Time Atom we have created, and DISCHARGE it to the Center of the Earth.  “My Role is to Accomplish the Actions of the Buddha.  I Discharge the Mental Electron Neutron to the Center of the Earth.”  We Tone “DO” as today and tomorrow we are in the Center of the Overtone Cube Journey.   At Midnight, we begin Blue Week Three and the second half of the Cube Journey and the Fifth Moon of Radiance.

Telektonon Day 14 corresponds to Seal One, coded by Kin 144, Yellow Magnetic Seed, and DALI.  “Song of the 144,000 redeems the First Lost Tribe:  White Crystal Wizard.”

Cube Eight:  Art;  Today is Bolon Ik’s First weaving.  “By my unconscious stored Star power of Art, may Prophecy target the victory of the Righteous.  May the beast of ignorance be slain.”  “May Free Will, Peace, Art and Harmony Prevail!”

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 14.  /8   Kin 129


8 thoughts on “Red Crystal Moon: the Beginning of Harmonic 33; the Heart of the Tzolkin.

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  3. kin 1 2 9 is the key number where MooN elegantly weaves its tapestry as a harmonic Mandala …

    1 is the source for a doing, an act, each decision … it represents each human being who is aware of its membership of Mother Gaia, Ki, Earth …

    May it strike here that KI is the similar sound as Key and also CHI – enerGY …

    2 is the number that represents relationships to You and also to him of her … 2 kind of relationships both 9

    while also 9 is the representataion for a wholly “me” , we all represent the number 27 … (number of space)

    we all go through a passage (a lock?) that is number 28 – number for time

    and then we arrive at the Arrival station which is represented by number 29 (11) …

    Do these steps make sense to you ?

    Then try to get a focus on the second 11/11 this month – tomorrow 11-29?

    See also that 2 9 is pretty similar as the 3rd 11: 2009 …

    May we align to a Divine Providence as a real Telepathic Dance weaving the Lover Couples Tapestery at the center of the Taolkin Calendar at both number 130 and 131 (the ultimate magic square – vibrating the number for all magic squares 522)

    Actually you might say to TMQ occured a smalle error noting 128 for this KIN while the serendipity factor was illustrating its effect in this coöperation – or as i “tease” it in the creative friction word : co-opeerraTion … while we often make contact in a peer-to-peer eye contact … So, when there is no other eye at all we telepathically imagine lovers eyes in our peer-to-peer communication with the world / a timecycle (closing).

    in La’kech ala kin, S’ace ~ bolon ik at ix9 & muluc1 mission; parallel to ahau12 – crystal sun burning portals as a laser …

  4. (some slight adds are on my comment here)

    On the 2 great human beings that forsaw out doings right now …
    i have some notes from the book i read last year …
    (thx for recalling that, dear TMQ)

    * Bulent Corak notes to start receiving message on 11/1/1981 from celestial authorities; i like to check the dates for their KIN …

    What do you think ? it has my KIN! 022 – white solar wind
    Seal of the Year? SEED2 – the challenging SEEDLING
    “Yellow Seed (KAN) Targets and emphasizes Flowering (ideas).
    The seal of the year is the basis of life destiny, with the power of the solar tribe.”

    * Mark 2 on Bulent is what strikes me in The Knowledge Book …

    KWEEK is in that whole description as a title …
    (i looked what was left behind thenoldgboo : E-nooboldgoth ? 😉

    * Dane Rudhyar (other spell there – where Rudhyar is on [39] value)
    died on KIN133 – Skywalker3 Electric tone in MONKI wave in about 4/5 days by now … ; it is 80 kin behind KIN053 – REED1; 180 KIN before the next KIN053

    Are SUN2 – 080- and SUN11 -180- in an occult pairing string guiding the Quetzalcoatl God(dess) which by then is believed to be alive in our world – at a pivotal moment.

    A quote on page 76: “There is need for a new mind, a new way of thinking. There is need for the rise of new feelings, detached from the exlusivistic values of our particular cultures and geared to the needs and aims of humanity as a whole – understood as a spiritual being within which we all have particular funtions to perform. …”

    Is that needed to be accomplished at your side and insight , dear TMQ?

    “participation in the Pleroma” ~ bye , s’ace

  5. Greetings s’ace;
    Thanks for noting the misspell/misnumber today 🙂
    Impressive that you’ve read The Knowledge Book, and cool how
    you’ve isolated KK (11,11)
    Good quote, though it’s not on page 76 of my copy.
    “…We all have particular functions to perform.”

    • hi TMQ – good to verify one another pinpointing the similar spots in the Noospheric Book we are actually training to read, agree?

      Maybe you mixed up my quoted page in CHC IV with the Knowledge Book …

      My challenge here is to read the Noosphere by a serendipitous method to practise what you are preaching! 😉

      Often i have books here that i never read, actually … Just having the Title in my scope makes me understand the whole book … Maybe i will read them in the future as a grin-process on the beach here close by …

      When you are in Holland we have to date and you are welcome in “The Larch!” … maybe fill Dreams with “just an invitation as a card to play once”

      Then i might have isolated 11/11 but then that might not have been my intention ~ i am in a love embrace with KK where this might be the sleeping indication of “VW” 😉 cryptic closer of the cycle who presented me a tahirih medal from beyond the central sun in december 2008 – Crystallah-meshdaya 1 about 209 days before Dragon1 started to walk the Bolon Ik Walk …

      VW is a German Automobile Marker for “VolksWagen” …

      They have the V above the W … and i promote the idea to put the V below the W … by then you see the Pascal TriAngles how the emphasize Time!

      The Pascal computer language actually might have been one of the skills that took away the attention from the real topic at charge – i.e. meant by BLAISE …

      Are you familiar with the term “it is blaisé, the way you (verb)”?
      (here it is “bla-sé” – maybe from “blabla-say”)

      Some idea that came in mind full of suspection from introspection healing my ancients – is that former shamans linguistically “framed” intelligent people so that they were banned without really banning them ( the collective field was “fed-up” with some individuals – who align to a guy named Galilei and to all the other ones who were a thread for moneymaking-professions / elites / academicals )

      we learn to behave for the better collective / world / timecycle, aint we (alll)

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