The Dragon Genesis is Completed: the Monkey Genesis of 78 Days Begins!

At Midnight, we completed the first half of the Dreamspell Tzolkin called the Dragon Genesis.  Today we begin  the Monkey Genesis and Wavespell Eleven of  Magic, coded by  Kin 131;  Blue Magnetic Monkey“I Unify in order to Play.  Attracting Illusion, I seal the process of Magic with the Magnetic tone of Purpose.  I am guided by my own power doubled. “

Seal 11,  which codes the Monkey Genesis and the 11th Wavespell,  embodies the Galactic Archetype of  “The Magician“.  From “Book of the the Timespace“:  “…I arise out of nothing, with self-liberated perception.  By means of the ‘double Eleven’,   I project multiple realities for the sake of Universal transcension…I hold the Magic tables and numbers that enter you into the Cosmic mind-play.”

The Postulate for Blue Magnetic Monkey; 11.1 is:  “All biological entities called Human possess a Holon, a fourth-dimensional double, dormant and repressed during 12:60 deviance from the norm.  Activation of Holon is an evolutionary development dependent upon release of organic instinctual consciousness into telepathic continuing consciousness.”

The Monkey  is a member of the Cardinal family which correlates to the Planet Holon’s  region located between the North Polar Region and the middle Equatorial band, and to the Throat Chakra.  Seal 11 corresponds to Venus which shares Circuit Two with Neptune.

SELI 16  “FLOWS” and this Red Radial Plasma concentrates in our Root Chakra.  “My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere.  I See the Light.”  Next, mentally construct the Base of the Radion Cube.

Telektonon Day 16  corresponds  to  Seal Three: Gamma/Peace, and the Third Solar Witness, Magnetic Warrior (Kin 196), who coded the 3rd Bolon Tiku of the White Electric Wizard Year, Kin 94 (2006-2007)  “13 Moons Peace fills the cup of the castigated with Self-Knowledge.”

Cube Ten:  LOVE;  “By my unconscious Dog power of Love, may Prophecy Pacify the Victory of the Righteous!”  “May the return of the Sacred Warrior bring Peace, Truth and Love to this afflicted Earth!”  On this second day of the second half of the 16 day Cube Journey, we toneTI”. 

Page 69 of “The Book of the Timespace“, co-authored by ‘double Eleven’ and Stephanie South offers more insight into the various cycles of the Synchronic Codes and how they/we are repairing our Solar System:  .  “The Bode Frequency Numbers for Mars (16), Maldek (28), Jupiter (52) and Saturn (100) equal 196, The Bode Frequency of UranusThe Earth being reconnected to Uranus re-activates the entire zone of consciousness that has been out of commission during the historical cycle.”  The  16 day Cube Journey integrates Mars,  the 28 day Moon re-establishes the Maldek frequency,  and 52 Weeks/Heptads  co-ordinate with Jupiter.  By re-establishing the connection of all frequencies, the 12:60 monetary system (Saturn’s Bode number of 100 is the basis of that), runs out of steam and dissipates.  With the most recent Dubai Debacle that process is accelerating.  Note, today we are energizing Kin 196, the Bode number for Uranus, on Moon Day 16 (Mars) and Cube Day 10 (Bode number for Earth)  That completes the ‘Magic numbers’ for today’s “Cosmic mind-play” on this first day of the Monkey Genesis of Magic!

The Video above, about the material world,  can be balanced by watching this spiritual video   regarding  Telepathy and Timespace.  🙂

N.S. 1. 22. 5. 16.  /10   Kin 131


3 thoughts on “The Dragon Genesis is Completed: the Monkey Genesis of 78 Days Begins!

  1. Good to have recalled the Lunar Wizard Year which was meditated upon KIN53 – Reed1 , aka Red Magnetic Skywalker. It actually was my 2nd Wizard while i happened to be a member of the DOOT team at Planetary Skywalker that initiated a Portal between Planetary Moon and Spectral Wizard Year.

    So, Reed One functioned as a Portal between Magnetic Seed and Lunar Wizard.

    Quite some changes happened on a personal level as well in the relational and relational typo’s …


    when i contemplate a line as “release of organic instinctual consciousness into telepathic continuing consciousness” … then it is about passing through the treasury of life on this planet we happen to track and in the mean time get along with one another as flowing as a stream can be …

    getting stuck(ed) is about the karma which is in the organic instinctual consciousness, ain’t it – but then each human relation member is a living thing (until it behaves as stuck on “me”?)


    I am surprised the monkey genesis is 78 days, while the dragon was about 130 days …; What is that systemic? Can anyone link me to an explanation?


    February 15 is its ending deal at : STAR13 – MOON1 starts by then … ‘)

    KIN 208 – Gelber Kosmischer Stern
    Heute schließt das vierte ZEIT-Schloß. Mein solares Feld hat sich um eine Stufe enger mit mir verbunden. Meine Größe wurde aus der Fülle genährt. Ich erfühle heute mein Wachstum zum Sternenwesen und mein Reifen.

    )’ crucial from my pinpoint wizardry as o’22 is that MOON ONE signifies my BIRTHYEAR carrier and was mentioned as the RED year before LUNAR MOONYEAR WIZARD … and WIZARD is “my” WAVE & WEAVE leader … in SEED Sprouting for its Perfect Ion … at the collective “areana” radiating crystal clear water in all living species as its ultimate source … a well

    gooddaya, S’ace

  2. i wonder about this BODE number Synchronicity : “The Bode Frequency Numbers for Mars (16), Maldek (28), Jupiter (52) and Saturn (100) equal 196, The Bode Frequency of Uranus. The Earth being reconnected to Uranus re-activates the entire zone of consciousness that has been out of commission during the historical cycle.”

    to get myself an angle i try the bvideotex on BODE: 2 12 4 5 : 23

    196+1 = 9×23 , hmmm can this be a clue? it shows the power of the +1 “ion”, and it makes some sense, okaY?

    ~~~ let it ripen … we have a riping Human Challenger Ahead , aint we?

    Tonight we have a gathering at our community …
    The issue is about “sleeping on the beach”; i.e. some lucky ones – as me – have a beachhouse there but the community owns itself a duty to protect us; while they think they cant meet normative they forbid the sleeping in the nice cabins … and “are on duty”. But then ~ times are a changin: people can manage self-generative discipline to take care for themselves – simply while they are very interested to meet nature at the beach. You know how simply the noise of the sea heals the body and mind and all that is lived in a mosaic.
    So ~ thumble a little bit? Pretty Human at High Lunar Moon!


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