14.4: Self-Existing Wizard during Week 19 on Moon Day 19; Cube 13: Prophecy

 The G-Force for today is 20.13:  Cosmic Sun, Kin 260.  The  Guide is a Pacal Votan Clear Sign, 10.4; Self-Existing Dog, and this year, 4.4 is the Challenge. The Code Spell for Kin 134:  White Self-Existing Wizard is  “I Define in order to Enchant.  Measuring Receptivity, I seal the output of Timelessness with the Self-Existing tone of Form.  I am guided by the power of Heart.”

The Postulate for 14.4 states:  “Sum process of activity from A.D. 2000-2013 demonstrates a symbiosos of excitation of the planetary and stellar pulses.  Excitation of planetary pulse is experienced as Biosphere-Noosphere Transition.  The revelation of the Planetary Psi bank, is actually a function of stellar excitation.”

White Wizard The Wizard is a member of the Gateway Family that guards the South Pole Region and the Root Chakra of our Planet Holon.  Seal 14, coded by the Wizard corresponds to Maldek (whose orbit is held by the Asteroid Belt)  and shares Circuit Five with Jupiter. 

The Serpent, who also corresponds to Circuit Five, goes back to the origins of Maldek.  Valum Votan and Stephanie South relate something germaine to the Serpent and today’s G-Force of 20.13, in “Book of the Timespace“:  In 1942, a Mayan named Jose Dias Bolillo, published many works which “showed that all the Mayan mathematics came from the Serpent, specifically the rattlesnake.  The rattlesnake gets new fangs precisely every 20 days.”…”The rattlesnake has 13 labial scales, a skin with a type of diamond pattern that makes a cross, each point with 13 scales.  So, we have 20, the 13 and the 52.”  This is followed (on page 224) by an interesting discussion of the Feathered Serpent, Quetzalcoatl.  In The “7:7:7:7 Instruction Manual“, we see how the Super  Nova Quetzalcoatl 1987A is responsible for the ‘Stellar Excitation’ discussed in today’s Postulate.

The synchronistic link between the 13 Moon Calendar and the Tzolkin Module (Dreamspell) continues:  The Kins coding today (14.4),  this Overtone Moon (1.5) and this Year (4.4) equal 19.13, mirroring the 13 Moon Day (19)  and Cube (13).  Postulate 19.13:  “All is number.  God is a number.  God is in all.”

ALPHA 19 has the action of RELEASE, and this Radial Plasma Type 5 gathers in our Solar Plexus Chakra.  “My Country is the Unborn Ultimate Sphere.  I Release the Double-Extended Electron at the South Pole.”  (Note this is also the day of the Guardian Family of the South Pole)  Today we build the Right side of the Radion Cube.’

Telektonon Day 19 corresponds to Seal Six(Limi) and the Sixth Prophecy, coded by Kin 149:  Red Rhythmic Moon.  Of the Seven Kin coding this special sequence of 7 days, Kin 149 is the only one that is a Galactic Activation Portal.  Also, 9.6  the 13 Moon numbers coding the Unprecedented Solstice of 2012 on Day 9 of Moon 6.  Day 19 also corresponds to Kin 199; Blue Self-Existing Storm which codes the Heart Oracle of the Lord of Time we are awakening this year (4.4 which is today’s Antipode):  “Vast Awesome Blue Sky”.  Today, 19/13, we have several powerful and rare synchronicities occurring!  🙂

Cube Thirteen:  Prophecy  ” Bolon Ik’s 6th weaving, Victory of the White Horse purifies the Biosphere.”  “By my continuing conscious Skywalker Power of Prophecy, may Prophecy purify Victory of the 13 Moons Way as the Triumph of the Religion of Truth.”  “May Peace regenerate the Biosphere!”   Today we tone “FA“.

Treasure this Overtone Day 19, Cube Day 13 during this 19th Week of  Year 13 of the 16 Year Cube.  The Kin number of this synchronistic day, 134, can also be interpreted as 13.4 (Self-Existing Skywalker), whose G-Force is 19.13!  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 19.  /13   Kin 134

7 thoughts on “14.4: Self-Existing Wizard during Week 19 on Moon Day 19; Cube 13: Prophecy

  1. again this seems to be a “lucknowdaya” …

    I see a friction in the old-habit of regarding the self-existent tone that the wizard sets and defines and the new, forseen habit of being open to the wonderful world we manifestate in the open and among all our free-end minds.

    Here i illustrate this free-end wonder in the number 29 that yesterday had its synchronization on wizard motions from the fact that the bivideotex method for calculating numbers from Charactersettings as VV/RQ deliveres a vibration similar as Bolon Ik: 29 and 2.9 and also 2 o o 9 … And now i deliver as living in the psi-wave in front of the ship of today in the next week daya 19+3=>22

    This means we get into the 7th column of the weekcodons with Galactic Runes. This started in week 14 and end at week 26 with the Quarters Hexagram on 29! Having still 7 days in column 7 this sets a double energetic alliance for day 22-25 in week 4 of this moon 5 – Peacock. And this applies to the Chromatic 35 – Earth – Mirror – Storm – Sun where we have our representative Galactic Mirror in the URsoup at Kwekspell day 8: URdaya 😉

    Have a break have an Oracle Reading!

    So we see for the hexagram we will meditate on in the 7th week – week 20 – of the DreamSpell year … which is hexagram 30 … . To get English readers in the world from another language perspective , i give here a shorty from an austrian partnear:

    30 Das Haftende, das Feuer (2x Fire Hexagram)

    Das Licht verlässt den Makrokosmos und dringt in den Mikrokosmos ein wie ein fruchtbarer Blitz, wobei sich zwei Schimmer folgen.

    Here a link i recommendate to have some depth on this Hexagram 30.

    Maybe it is good to have a glimpse on week 14 and 26 too, while 29 is the hexagram we are transpassing in this 2nd Quarter.

    I reckon this will bring us optimized and optimystic readings in those daya ahead … maybe also delivered by the measuring wizard of this “ener-chi”

    gooddaya! S’ace – aka wizard~9 (<=sunwind9)

    • Hi Marij;

      Thanks for asking that question.
      N.S. means New Sirian cycle ( A Sirian cycle is 52 years). 1987 commemorated the end of 22 52-year cycles with the return of Super Nova Quetzalcoatl and the Harmonic Convergence.

      1. means that we are in the first (New) cycle which began on the first day of Galactic Wizard year, July 26, 1987.

      22. = how many years since this cycle began in 1987.
      5. = the Moon we are in now.
      19. = the 19th day of this Moon.
      I also add the day of the Cube (/13), and the kin number (Kin 134)
      There is a fascinating explanation in Rinri Report III.3.1 at lawoftime.org Scroll down to heading: “New Sirius Cycle Chromological Dating System”
      In La’Kesh, TMQ

      • It is good to have the origin meaning for the Abbreviation …

        still it may add to have some elegant altear’natives:

        Noosphere Serious
        Noomy Sound
        Nutrified Serendipity

        ( aways give space to Sirius “C” )


        Sirius “C” sounds as and implies “Get Serious and See *!”

        * = “what is to be seen from open mind and attached skills”

  2. Once every moon the FA sound – at day 19 – is synchronized to FAdaya – the 4th daya in the kweekspell – a 9991 frequency firing compassion in all the acts a human being performs especially in relationship with other beings.

    Then this day is also synchronous to daya22 which is 3 psi-kin ahead of the current dreamspell walk. It -22- is the last day of the 16 cubes and sort of prepares the better entree for the lover couple at that day on their walking trip on Earth, the Earthship. That is actually why i as an enroled warrior-pionear spoke on the hexagram 30. And mark this spot again while the numbers 29 (week 14 & 26) and 30 (week 20) have a special storypage to share here.

    It would be great when kin aligned share their personal (in)sights here …; but then when it applies better to let the silence “rule” – then that is also very elegant ;-)15 (3×5)
    15 is a trinity on 5 – the gathering centerpoint which is in service for the 9th Lordenear of Time – who navigates it all through the lock that actually is just a hole that gives “the whole bunch” an awakening expierience at awe – which is why we long to that – often hidden in holydays.

    (the full moon was hidden here last night; luckily the night before was starbright!)

    ~~~ on thursday

    we know that this day refers to Jupiter which sounds as in “Hey You, Peter!” … “uh, me – the Rock?” … “no, you – the PAN!”

    anyway, me was told without the protection of that big giant we could not have life on earth … which is a funny way for saying words while it could not have been said by then after all.

    What opportunity to unity pace & peace we have together and what makes it work smoothly ?

    ))) ~ neu~ree~bah ~ (((

  3. Hi s’ace,
    Just came indoors after meditating under a still-round Full Moon.
    Yes, it will be great when others begin sharing more here-insights, questions, opinions are always encouraged.
    Looking forward to sharing some items related to the 15(3×5).5 you referred to-in fact tomorrow has so-o-o many 5’s! 🙂 TMQ

    • so-o-o many 5’s make me very curious and sharp , dear TMQ …

      by first electric responding vibrated noomany 5’s in a handjive …

      as we kkk’now those hands are 14 and 41 merging about a circle around the planet …

      let me measure this by 7 billion people and 0.8 meter …

      this makes meter is about 5.600.000 kilometer

      that is many fold 40.000 km!

      how much percent of the population do we need?

      40/5600 well lets give it < 1 percent , hmmm that is less than 70 million!

      x 2 hands

      ~~~ well this was just having a dream notated in a "fantasea" , which is a word that starts as FA – the 4th tone … which is also in "Fabulous" ~

      a noom(an)y ')

      ') noom is shadow of moon where 14 is shadow for 41 and the other way around … Y is a galactic mirror and a T-shell (as two venus transitions in 8 year)

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