Magic Turtle Day: Overtone Eagle in Overtone Dragon Moon of Radiance

Kin 135:  Blue Overtone Eagle is described by it’s Code Spell:  “Empower in order to CreateCommanding Mind, I seal the output of Vision with the Overtone tone of Radiance.  I am Guided by the Power of Abundance.”

The Postulate for 15.5 states in part:  “Through the collective radiosonic mass, the purpose of  Galactic (and) Universal Time Travel is to increase the incidence of subliminal consciousness as a directed feedback effect on Planetary and Solar pulses….”

Seal 15, the Eagle is assigned the Galactic Archetype of “Seer” by Vol. V of “Cosmic History Chronicles”  by Valum Votan and Stephanie South.  “…Fifteen is my number-three gates of five are opened by my mind.  The Galaxy pulses with my luminous thoughts.  By the power of Vision, I slip easily through the dimensions and foretell the coming of the Shifting Times…”

  Blue Eagle  The Eagle is part of the Polar Family:  The Fifth Force which guards the North Pole and the Crown Chakra of our Planet Holon.  Eagle corresponds to Jupiter which occupies the Fifth Circuit, along with Maldek.

15.5, which denotes today’s Kin is also the precise alignment of Teotihuacan near Mexico City, which is  15.5 degrees East of North!  Remember the two crop circles in 1991 (blogged on October 21:  Kin 91) that pointed to, and were equidistant from, Teotihuacan?  The Pyramid of the Sun there (where Valum Votan was anointed the Closer of the Cycle ending in 2012) is the 3rd largest Pyramid in the World. 

The next largest (and more ancient) Pyramid in Teotihuacan is the Pyramid of the Moon.  This is believed to be a tribute to the revered Goddess of the Sea:  Chalchiutlicue, who was connected with Serpents, Maize and Seashells.  This powerful female diety was worshipped in Marriage, and was also the Goddess of newborns and young children-in other words, of everything held sacred in Mayan culture!  The letters (A=1, Z=2, etc.) of  Chalchiutlicue  =  135,  todays Kin number. 

5 of every 20 celebrations were dedicated to Chalchiutlicue, and she is connectedted to 5.5  (Overtone Serpent which is today’s Challenge/Antipode) and to the Trecena of 13 days (a Wavespell).  Kin 135 (15.5) falling on this Magic Turtle Day of the 5th Radiant Overtone Moon is the perfect time to become acquainted with this mysterious powerful Goddess Queen of Teotihuacan.  And, the G-Force for today is 13.3, Electric Skywalker which refers to Quetzalcoatl, whose Temple at Teotihuacan matches the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon in significance.

Overtone LIMI 20 gathers in our Solar Plexus chakra, and it PURIFIES.  “I Consume Dualistic thoughts as Food.  I Purify the Mental Electron at the North Pole.”  Today we build the last side of the Radion Cube:  the Left side.  Both yesterday and today, while we are on Circuit Five,   the Chakras for the Planet Holon and the Human Holon match two days in a row.

Telektonon Day 20 correlates to the Seventh and final Seal and Prophecy.  The Seventh Solar Witness:  Yellow Overtone Sun (20.5) codes the Heart Oracle for the Lord of Time who is awakened during Year 7 of  ‘The Mystery of the Stone’ (2010-2011). 

Cube Fourteen:  Timelessness  “By my continuing conscious Wizard Power of Timelessness, may Victory Discharge Prophecy of the 13 Moons Way as the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.”  “May Universal Peace prevail!”     Today we tone “MI”.

 On this Magic Turtle Day,   resplendent with so many Radiant Overtone “Five“s,   the Occult Power is Solar World-Bridger: 6.9, which is the 13 Moon date of the Harmonic Convergence on Solstice 2012.   In 1112 (=5) days, it will be Moon 6; Day 9:  coded by Blue Crystal Hand for which we are preparing.  🙂

N.S.  1. 22. 5. 20  /14   Kin 135

4 thoughts on “Magic Turtle Day: Overtone Eagle in Overtone Dragon Moon of Radiance

  1. Look dear Ones, simply while the LIMI PURIFIES it is the HEART actually and rhythmically doing that by digesting … SILIO DISCHARGES while it exchanges by KUXAN SUUM – the wire at SOLAR PLEXUS; which is the result that will shine at the ARRIVAL PORT(al). And this EAGLE’s Vision is in line with the 7 Padmasambhava Vows that we contemplate at the DEPARTURE station. Simply while the PIVOTAL Awareness Metabolism Strikes on the Flight Itself … while experiencing this “Great Ping Moment” – we all here and There prepare as Warriors.

    This i – Bolon Ik – transmit accompanied by this affirmation (oncoming WIND)

    White Crystal Wind – KIN 142 (“ONE for TWO”)
    Blue Western Castle of Burning
    Earth family- Core Clan- Fire

    I dedicate in order to communicate
    Universalizing breath
    I seal the input of spirit
    With the crystal tone of cooperation
    I am guided by the power of timelessness

    Why this One – well 138 -142 hold 5 seals – and KweekWarrior in on 135+3=138 and sensed this of importance while February 24, 1987 is the trigger that here on Earth spotted Q-1987

    Me personally has so much pleasure out of this happening “that i am overwhelmed by awe” at the human level – which also is in some control to simply publish about the happenings spotted and aware of in service for it-all, say us human beings and the planet as drag’on-dear. So i cartooned a picture on the medium we here use … The image was taken in December 2006 with Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys. <= Mark here this is about 3 years ago and Kweek'all – the ones experiencing kweekspell – is in a spell that has 3 as its measuring time-traveller form , as well as morf / morph.

    ~~~ on topic!

    "15.5, which denotes today’s Kin is also the precise alignment of Teotihuacan near Mexico City"

    brings me personally back in 1981 when i was sort of redirected from St Peterburg, Sovjet Union to Mexico City … Why? Well, an KAL (call?) airplane was shot down that had entered Russian Closed Air and therefor the Floghts on Russia were banned. So? … this brought me in the beginning of November 1981 on the two Great Pyramids in Teotihuacan : Sun and Moon .

    This was on November 1 … and see its Kin … o'22

    White Solar Wind
    Red Eastern Castle of Turning
    Earth family- Core Clan- Fire
    Galactic Activation Portal

    I pulse in order to communicate
    Realizing breath
    I seal the input of spirit
    With the solar tone of intention
    I am guided by the power of endlessness
    I am a galactic activation portal enter me

    This as a gift anecdote to this kin 135 – 9 to 15 ; also 5 x 27 ! a Handfull of Moons with 3 kweeks (15×9=135).

    How elegant and funny synchronization is … ThX The Mystery Queen and all the ones that inspire "her writings".

    ))) – 3 bows + 2 extra (( makes V (roman sign for 5 and Victory)

  2. Chalchiutlicue

    is to me a challenger vibration that invites me for a bivideotex inspection:

    3 8 1 12 3 . 8 9 6 7 12 . 9 3 6 5

    intermediates in: 27 42 22 => 91

    91 is the number for a Quarter Year Cycle at 364/4

    it is a sign toward this Quarter as i mentioned week 14-26 having hexagram 29 as its Portal and 30 as its spine (next week).

    as a shortY from Zwolle, the Netherlands, Europe

    • at a new cleared mindmoment i looked again at number 91:

      it is the second half of 9991 – the kweekmarker next to 7777!

      then what is 91 about it is about the transformation from the 3rd 9th day of the moon in number 1 – which is the moon-carrier all the time …

      and that number 1 functions as 28th and ZERO … “the bird with 2 wings of triple 9 teathers” … i represent this is a bird with 27+1 circles here

      then this insight is a pointer to the next transformation from 27 into 28 …
      the pionearing force has this in 5 days which is on SUN10, a polar kin:

      Yellow Planetary Sun
      Blue Western Castle of Burning
      Earth family- Polar Clan- Fire

      I perfect in order to enlighten
      Producing life
      I seal the matrix of universal fire
      With the planetary tone of manifestation
      I am guided by the power of elegance
      I am a polar kin I extend the yellow galactic spectrum

      This one is – in kweekterms – on the 9th daya of the 3rd kweek – also number 27 – SOULdaya . Then it transforms enduring the night into 28: Day of Moon Experience – DoMEdaya – aka GLORYdaya

      Mark the noise that number makes ))) ~ ONE FIVE FOUR ZERO ~ (((

      ( tip: say it again and repeat it when that fits spontanous )

      1 5 4 0 => 10 fingers / 10 toes ? in PEACOCK endding day …

      ~~~ what does this bring to DreamSpell – 3 days later?

      Well, while the Pionear takes advance from the POLAR DAY energy that one is transcended into the MOTHERship – so we will have that extra auric psi on Night13 – abundancy and cosmic presence in an embrace – which transforms & transmorphs into Seed1 in Seed4 Year.

      So this might need all DreamSpellers attention to be prepared widely and wisely (when VVRQ takes over). And as i noted before VVRQ denotes in number 29 which point to the wingstipping points regarding the quarterly rune meditations – now on number 29 and next week on number 30 as its center – its birdbody.

      Dear reader of this ~ see inside and decide how to play a role in this whole …

      And we will see how TMQ takes sparks out of “comments” from earth or outer space (i cannot tell on which quality standard another one decides)

      :{ … }:
      in peace at a pace, s’ace

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